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  1. how to receive a side spin serve?
    when i push it, it become loose and my opponent hit a smash or flat.
    & when i hit the ball, it goes outside…

  2. This move only works for weak ass attacks. Anything stronger than that and the ball will lob outside the table

  3. Hello! This video is awesome! I have a question. I am a new chopper who has been playing with long pimples on my backhand and normal rubber on my forehand for about 3 months and your videos have help me a lot. However, there is something that has been bugging me. Of what I understand, Joo Sae Hyuk has long pimple rubber on one side of the paddle, and on the other he has normal rubber just like me. However, I have seen on all of his videos that he never changes the side of the paddle to chop from long pimples to the normal rubber when he chops with the forehand. When I am playing and I have to switch from chopping from my backhand to my forhand, I switch the rubber to the long pimples to chop. This normally takes a lot of stamina, and I notice that Joo Sae Hyuk chops with normal rubber when he has to chop with his forehand. Have I been doing it incorrectly? Should I chop with the normal rubber when they are attacking me and I have to chop with my forehand, or switch the paddle to the long pimples rubber side? Thank you and sorry for this long message!

  4. Loosing matches to players in my brackets who run long pips. With normal inverted, I'm finding that I must work harder to win a point and pips players are able to rudder the ball around the table effortlessly. I don't mind a challenge, but I do find my frustration level goes up quickly when I have to play against pips. One thing I notice lately is that chopping into pips doesn't always bring back topspin. Sometimes ball comes back dead spin or very light topspin which I then hit into the net… Is it possible to play with a flat angled bat against pips, then wait for them to pop it up so it can be attacked with topspin? Thx Gents.

  5. Dear pingskill, thank you very much for this video, its very inspiring. Do you use OX long pips or you have sponge under the rubber? And what is reason for the choice? Thank you very much! I used a pip rubber with 1mm sponge and it doesn't work quite well, the ball bounces a bit far off the table, I wish to find out if this is the problem with the rubber.

  6. I have a long pimple rab on backhand side.
    what can I do with a heavy/light chop shot on my backhand?
    please answer me ,thanks for the video

  7. I've had lp's for a while now. And I think I'm going back to regular rubber on bh. I like being able to generate my own spin, and there is much more chance of a future with attacking. I have so big dream. If only I could train 40 hrs a week. My dream

  8. Hi Master! And congratulations on your lessons! for me are very important THANKS.
    I have a question for this topic: I would like to answer with a ball Very very very much cut (a Inverted effect). Which rubber long pimple advises me to buy??

  9. Coach im looking to buy pimples for my tt bat which is better long pimples or short ones… pimples for back hand

  10. If I can't afford pimple rubbers, can I take the pimples off my face and superglue it to a normal rubber?

  11. I see this tecnique during a Mizutani's match, and is very effective. Is a chop, but not too much high/long. Can be called "Short backhand chop" 🙂

    But, why the defenders players tend to use a normal chop instead of use this one ?

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