21 Replies to “Long-Range Archery Shot: 100 Yards With a Recurve Bow”

  1. I'm convinced that the only way to go is instinctive pointing that comes with practice, look at that Olympic shooter so ticked by Lars Anderson it's sad, if I need that much gadgetry I might as well just use a rifle and not call myself a bow hunter.

  2. I bought this Genesis bow for my grandson as he is in the archery program after school, now he doesn't have to use the generic bows to train with.>>>ur2.pl/936 I have also bought a bow and we practice together. He enjoys shooting his own bow now and his placements are getting better.

  3. You dumb fuck, it is unethical to shoot at an animal with a bow at that range, for obvious reasons……..or do you think it OK to simply wound an animal, or give someone that idea?

  4. the real goal of shooting at long range is to make it less nerve racking in real life at half the distance…happy hunting.

  5. Yo dude thats awesome keep trying. I use a 65lbs recurve no sights or accessories. But we have diffrent styles I am an instinctive archer I never aim down my arrow nor hold my bow straight up and I ll hit 6 out of 10 at 100 yards and in all reality its the first arrow that counts lol

  6. If you were actually shooting at an animal at that range (recurve or compound) there would be way to much chance of maiming or  gut shooting the animal. , which only gives anti-hunters more ammunition to slam our sport. The animal deserves better. I have found too many gut shot animals in the woods to try those reckless actions

  7. +kylemcgeever Do you understand that real bows have existed for some 40,000 years? They have an outstandingly long record in human history used for both survival and weapon of war. Your silly training wheel contraption has been around for 40 years, and its mark in history is that of a toy used for sport. Compare track records.

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