Long range daylight fox shooting

Long range daylight fox shooting

[Applause] don't gotta box of goodies for right a test with the Catalan the guys have a look through the toys bear crow this looks like some kind of creature in this Wiggles about Tom leaves us to it and we head off after those foxes between the sunshine and the showers we want to make the most of the day farm number 2 gives us Fox number 1 from behind a plow he appears and Roy wastes no time time for a field Roy has been watching for a while but he has only just got permission to shoot foxes on it there has been a vixen and he thinks he spots her on the bank we crawl to get a clear view Roy calls her in another clean kill and to his surprise it's yet another dog Fox we've had three dogs foxes in this field in the last week and a half and I was sure that was going to be a vixen out hunting at the moment but it's another dog Fox so just goes to show how many there are about so she'll have to carry on for the Vixen there Roy has saved the best location until last lying on top of an old quarry we get a fantastic view we spot one under one of the large bushes but it disappears before Roy can get a clean shot then another darts from below the cliff where lying off Roy squeaks it but it accelerates to the far edge of the quarry he stops and Roy takes a 220 yards shots and it looks great from way above the quarry on top of the quarry we decide to fire up the new electronic call to see if we can entice the other Fox out we see movement and after a few minutes out pops Fox number two and number four of the evening again another great shot made all the more impressive by the location all it needs now is for obedient ear and to descend the cliff face and retrieve the Foxes the first one came out and the latest on the bottom of this Bank here but he'd unfortunately that one had scented us where we're on the top he had obviously come round behind us and our winds blowing right down there so he sent us and then took off like a scalded cat across the the opening of the quarry here and just stopped over in the distance there it was just on 220 luckily I've got a shot off on him so he was down carried on squeaking and it's amazing even after the shot has gone off and echoing all the way around the quarry you would have thought it would be finished but then the other Vic's or the the other Fox I'm not sure if it was a vixen or a dog came trotting out from behind the bushes and it was very very cool she's slowly working its way around behind the bushes here wasn't quite sure if it wanted to come in or not and then just showed itself at the top there and we got her as well so for foxes in one evening I think we'll call it quits on that [Applause]

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  1. How u feel if u were casualy running about and get shot for no fucking reason by sick twats amazing fuck all yees that hink this is fun and aye im but hurt in but hurt about ye killing animals fer no reason its a fucking tiny fox the most it can do worst case surnaro it bites of a few figurs

  2. I'm totally not against hunting, but sometimes I don't get you Brits. You shoot all the foxes, then have to go and shoot all the rabbits and rats because there's nothing to keep the numbers down. Like if there's no farm nearby, getting raided, then why bother?
    Here in Canada we shoot to protect the farm, but foxes are a fur bearing animal and can only be shot or trapped for fur, or when they're causing damage to property.
    Good shooting though.

  3. What a bunch of pussy"s, these losers think they are in a war zone with their sniper rifles and dramatic background music. lol

  4. Roy, do you think that the “ban on fox-hunting” has increased the population for “shooting”; and what are your thoughts on domestic dogs being blamed for lamb deaths?

  5. I don't fucking care which one you're gonna kill or hunt, but you shot fox that cuttie catty innocent honey pie, fuck you!

  6. Fox hunting is only done to control populations in rural areas, you cant just go out to local farm pay the owner a few quid and hunt them. You need permits off authorities like everything. These authorities count the number and determine that the population needs to be reduced, alot like dear hunting. But many people see these as cuddly animals thats your opinion, its just a pitty todays world is all about keeping everything in cotton wool and socially correct.

  7. I've tried using a Nerf gun but the fox chews the darts it was costing me a fortune so I've called it a day. I've taken up fishing without using a hook but not having much joy if I'm honest.

  8. hey guys what was that country that banned fox hutning was it ireland or scotland or something anyway is it hard for you uk people to get suppressors because i know it is for gun but every gun i see has a suppresor

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