Long Range & ELR Shooting- 225 ELDM – Athlon Optics

Long Range & ELR Shooting- 225 ELDM – Athlon Optics

hey I want shooters got the weekend off took to the range and did a little gear testing my goal for the weekend was to hit a mile since I'd be shooting uphill on a 22 mile an hour wind I checked my zero mm yard target before moving out to the next position 1910 yards just a touch over my one mile goal running a Kronus BTR and a 40 my rail I had more than enough elevation adjustment to center hold for this shot with this gun I'm typically capable of a half MOA group at a hard yards in this situation I'm more concerned with getting low ES and sd numbers than I am shooting a bug whole group in the neck I saw the light out to one thousand nine hundred and ten yards we were able to arrange a silhouette with the Cronus ten by fifty range-finding binoculars we were also able to arrange a bison target out to 2060 these would also work exceptionally well for spotting within your typical p RS distances I had a confirmed hit on the fourth round after checking the target we found two impacts within our first four shots all right guys go back we check the target we actually had two hits on target and four shots so nineteen hundred and ten yards if you're interested in long-range shooting or extreme long-range shooting visit Athlon optics calm

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  1. Bad ass shooting.
    I just recently purchased the 4.5-30×56 Ares ETR I hope I can shoot as well as you sometime spon

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