Long Range Hunting kill shot- 547 Yard Washington Deer – Extreme Outer Limits

Long Range Hunting kill shot- 547 Yard Washington Deer – Extreme Outer Limits

alright Chris here's the deal call you coming alright seriously we got we got a dope at it up right she could be the one that busts us cuz she's facing us okay but then down below there's two dough's that are out feeding and there's a crowd and when I first got here to the left side he was kind of looking around the ground just look at those dough's but then he sunk back behind it so he can't see it from right here now and the grass is too tall so we're gonna need to get up there another 20 yards we're kind of asking for a lot but that's the only way that she'll be able to shoot prone it's probably 500 yard shot because all this is in the way so should we do the same thing you want me to go up and then I'll bring you up and then we go so just that behind you you want to come in behind me okay so I'll just do the snake and then we'll get there and then we'll bring you two guys okay your cars gave me the gun okay got it just sneak up real slow here's your rear back okay he's right there still got him he's coming out you seen Camila no he's done he went down in there he's done you got him buddy and you got him shot you just clean him yeah I saw his leg breaking I'm usually used to being in the spotter so I could tell you a little bit more but all I seen is the bullet go right dead in the shoulder and you just broke him down coming at me and I was like how about that stock we don't get to do that too often and there's no no cover no cover but so Washington mule deer I'm thinking I'm thinking he's like a half mule deer well I have to rely on these guys because I've never been to this area so I have to rely on coal to let me know you know what's a mature decent decent buck for the area and you said go you said hey all right I guess we gather up our things in this in this rain and go get my hands on punch you're tagged already

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  1. ต้องยิงที่หัวถึงจะจอดสนิทในนัดเดียว….

  2. この動画は「トロフィーハンティング」ですか 食べるための狩猟ですか。遊びで動物殺して良い理由は無い。

  3. "Long Range" shooting is always more than just clicks to compensate for point of impact in azimuth and elevation. Making a solid kill shot on a living, breathing, moving game animal from rock-strew, rolling terrain after a long crawl stalk, takes practice, skill, dedication and a guide that knows how it's done. Good Hunt!

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