33 Replies to “Long Range Shooting: 300 blackout 1000 yards!”

  1. How bout that corioilis effect. Did ya take that into account?? FYI…. No I am most certain you did not, because the earth is a flat plane, not a spinning ball with water sticking to it, and that's right…. the earth does not spin, it is stationary. You might take in the effect of barometric pressure, temperature, wind direction and speed but you don't take account for no earth spin did ya? And be honest.

  2. Not to knock you or anything but reloading wasn't smooth and seen the rifle move numerous times, that and the wind of course!

  3. 155gr ELD makes 600 yards look easy with 300blk. Iā€™m interested in what Trom Tech does with their 900meter projectiles.

  4. So fucking stupid.. ya.. I'm gonna buy the slowest most innefective most expensive round and convert my ar15 to run like shot with an inferior round.

    Good shot tho… but big waste of money on a useless round.

    Now smarten up… if you want a different AR you get an AR 10 in a .300 win mag.. or 7mm mag… or .308… you know… a real fuckin round you can one time a moose… bear… elk.. deer.. bad guy… buffalo… or you can empty the clip on a charging elephant and drop it… I'd go .300 win mag if you want to try the elephant..

  5. How much drift did you have in all that wind? Not to mention the 50 feet of drop the 300 blackout has at 1000 yards.

  6. Windham Weaponry AR15 chambered in 7.62×39 NO PROBLEMS and can put a
    suppressor on it and to make it subsonic Just take some powder out and
    BAM SUBSONIC. & they make 7.62×39 rounds that are more than
    3000 FPS. LOOK IT UP

  7. The name of your channel would suggest that you have (or are offering) knowledge in the area of ballistics and firearms…
    Why, under any circumstances, would you feel the need to 'establish' that subsonic ammunition (any caliber/any chambering) is not suitable for 1000yard shots?? That information would be in the general 'duh' category for a range reporter.. and pretty common assumption amongst the average shooter or hunter.
    Perhaps you should have quantified 'xxxgr subsonic loads' are not suitable, instead of declaring an entire cartridge which has loadings from 70gr-230gr isn't suited for this or that..

  8. Nice P&W shirt. I work at H&D, your seal supplier. Just bought a .300 actually by mistake (was using filters to buy my first ar, so I didn't know sig made the exact same gun in 5.56 and .300), so I've been watching vids to decide whether to keep it or switch it out

  9. Was he using Sub-sonic rounds with the suppressor or supersonics? That would make a large difference in accuracy especially at that range

  10. I'm surprised by how hard that round hits the target at that range, I still wouldn't want to use it in a sniper duel though…

  11. most 300blk rounds out of most guns are going subsonic around 6-700m. So yeah, crapshoot. Good to see someone has the time and money to do this though…I don't lol.

  12. I dont kno why people are so obsessed with their rifle shooting 600 yards+. what in the hell are you actually gonna shoot at 600 yards?

  13. Lots of misses I guess it just proves that you COULD shoot @ 1000 but doesnt seem like an effective range of that round.

  14. So what bullet do you recommend to shoot in 300 blk out for max accuracy and terminal ballistics though say an 11 inch barrel using the caliber for what it was intended for? cqb ranges to 500 yards…say. There is so many choices right now from 110g. to 220g subs…but which ones really blow up the watermelon??? any ideas???

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