Long-Range Shooting: Making a 1,000-Yard Shot

Long-Range Shooting: Making a 1,000-Yard Shot

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  1. Only good things are the use of the towel and spotting scope. Did you go and check the bullet inpacts by helicopter?

  2. Good thing those Elk were fake or they would've high tailed it out of there with all his noise moving that tall ass bi-pod in the brush. That was a knee slapper.

  3. Jesus mate you are trying too hard to be great , relax and have some fun . Mentally relaxed shooters shoot better . Sitting position with that long flexible bi-pod is not the best for long range but I guess that's the common position used in the particular field conditions . It's much harder to start at a mature age so he is doing very well .

  4. I wanna see someone make a shot into somethign in the mountains in the background THAT is worth a video……. this is lame….

    Also down range video with a slow motion camera.. I wanna see the bullet travel :> and if it is a shot that takes 8 seconds for the bullet to get there then you should be able to see it.

  5. This old man is just selling the school. Acting like he hasn't been shooting his entire life. Like if he just showed up to class and can now pull off 1000 yard shots hahahaa

  6. Man this dude acts like he is about to kill a person. Breathe and relax old man don't shit your pants its just target shooting

  7. I hope Eddie feels as stupid as he looks doing everything that has been in his magazine the past 30 years about shooting totally wrong.

  8. Check out the Coke Zero series with a .22 rifle. Adding 50 yards a day started at 100 yards.


  9. A fudd with a dogshit hunting rifle spends thousands to be showed how to shoot a target the size of Chris Christie's lard ass.

  10. This is a hunting setup not a bench rest. It's way different and harder than sitting at a bench at your local 100 yard range. That is also why they are acting like every shot counts. In the field if you miss you have an injured trophy animal and zero chance of a follow up shot. These comments about how easy it is and "just relax and have fun" don't understand the nature of what is shown. The editing is pretty cheesy though.

  11. Outstanding but no camera at the target and what size is that target as well, try F class match shooting, which i tried last sunday 13th JAn 2019 and 308 or 7.62mm with matched power custom rifles and a target which is 18" X 18"s and also at 1,100 yards, now just a hint, i never shot a weapon for over 35 years got my snipers patch when i was in the cadets at the age of 15 years old and was given a chance to shoot these specialised formula 1 type rifles, so think about someone else's custom made rifle set up for his body and height arm reach etc, and my body is total different in size and i had to adjust my position just to be able to get the cross airs on the scope on the cope and shot 12 rounds in toal 2 to dope the scope and adjust then send 10 down range with winds at 25 to 40 KM cross winds and were shooting from west to east and the winds were south westerly and then shifted to south westerlies now my score was 38 and the other guys were in the same boat there scores were 40 to 50, so i think that i did ok, considering its not my weapons platform and firs time shooting in f class match rifle systems? Now i am hooked and cant wait till i get my licence and i hope that the guys will have a good quality 2nd match centerfire rim rilfe at the 7.62mm or 380 rounds and help me as much as they can to buy a very good platform which then i can customize the weapons system to suit me,which i would like to compete in the class in australia if a can all depending on the costs involved and maybe just shoot and practice to get to know as much as possible before competing in the class . 🙂 ( Most importantly the owner of the rifle was doing the wind adjustments and not me, i did not want to any of my adjustments as he was my spotter while i was shooting, so partly his fault, due to his wind reading abilities, which he admitted he was not the best person to do it for me, but still its was the best feeling knowing how precise these weapons systems are. 🙂
    Also as a disabled person i have my own challenges, like i can shoot in the prone position, jsut need to set up the system which i would be comfortable shooting at and then maybe a bench set up which i will be able to get a adjustment set up instead of a tripod set up, which will be good as well?

  12. Is it even that hard to hit 500 plus yards? I can only shoot at 100 at my local range and that’s extrwmwly easy.

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