Lori Equestrian Rider Dolls + 2 Brushable Horses – Honeyheartsc Toy Review Video

Lori Equestrian Rider Dolls + 2 Brushable Horses – Honeyheartsc Toy Review Video

honey hartsey oh great looks like I've got two new students coming in today perfect Wow minivans may advance it looks like Sarah's got two new horseback riding girls coming on over to the barn but who are they yes I found some more of these amazing of Lori dolls okay these ones are super duper special because they are all dressed to go horseback riding these are two of the newest dolls if you guys have been watching my videos you guys saw that I had reviewed some of the other dolls that are part of this collection and I just found two more at Target so we've got this girl who's dressed in this hot pink jacket this is seraya and this one who's wearing it like this little houndstooth little details little sweater is Karen or it's totally cool because they're totally fit to ride any like classic sized model you've got a little bit of a picture of them here on the back of the box all stopping in the grass probably off to go get their horse Moo so let's check them out so here are the two brand-new riders I cannot wait to go horseback riding what can help cute they are they are so so sweet these mini dolls are so cool and they are mega mega stylin it looks like she's kind of wearing the same kind of outfit as Sarah they both have a little vest on but hers is this SuperDuper cool hot pink color she's got like a little cream-colored top underneath she's got her number right here on her arm looks like she's ready to compete she's got these amazingly cool plaid pants on and these tan little riding boots she's got her hair back in this little twisty braid and her hair is so so soft and then of course she's got her friend here where she's gonna go riding with she's got her great little horseback riding helmet on she's got her hair back in these two little braided ponytails loving this style with the houndstooth peeking out of her shirt and it looks like she kinda has some shorts on but they're probably supposed to go all the way down to kind of look like pants just like that and then she's got these a little gray horseback riding boots on these dolls are super cute they've got these really soft plushy bodies they're like a really miniature version of American Girl doll there'd like that perfect mini American Girl doll size all right are you girls ready to get all tacked up should we go get the horses yes Luke that's right there's two new horses out into the Laurie doll collection too oh yes that is right of two new horses as well as two new riders all right this grey horse with this black mane and tail is the gray Andalusian and this white horse right here is the white camarillo Moo and each horse actually comes up with some accessories too so here are the little accessory buckets so each horse actually comes with a bucket and it's kind of hard to tell but they're actually two different colors this one's more of a red and this one's more of a raspberry pink we've got two little gloves to brush the horses with one in silver one in purple and two little brushes that actually match the buckets all right let's check out these horses whoo here is the white horse which he is a beauty he's got a little bit of some shading going on right on the bottom of his legs here really SuperDuper soft mane and tail that you can actually brush which I love that having a brushable mane and tail and even a little forelock piece as well Oh looks like he actually has a little bit of shading on his muzzle too then we've got the Andalusian same thing she's in the same pose as he is as well same little fading going on little fading on the muzzle supersoft mane and tail just completely sweet and they're like the size of a Breyer classic model so they absolutely will fit with anything classic so that's what's really cool all right so let's go ahead and get some bridles on these horses come here boy ahead and put this on him there we go there we go perfect so we've got the white bridle on him who wants to brush cloud I do I wanna brush him can put this little NIT right on her and she can start brushing him down all right do you want a brush Mountain sure let me get her bridle on here girl let me get this on you here we go here we go there we go perfect alright Mountain has her bridle on will just lead her over here I'm gonna start brushing you his Mane is so so soft alright ladies so let's go ahead and get their saddles on them and then we can go on a quick ride awesome so what do we have for mountain looks like we've got this little saddle set right here so we're gonna be putting the black english saddle on her so she actually comes with two saddle pads so we got the hot pink one just put right on her like that and this houndstooth print which how perfect is it for Karen's outfit it totally matches her ah perfect go ahead and put this right on the horse there we go and put the English saddle on perfect there we go perfect now what do we have going on on this side we've got a white english saddle whoa that's cool anyone seen a white english saddle before usually brown and black are like the most common that you see but this white one is really really pretty so right on him we also had two different saddle pads we've got the super fluffy one that almost feels like fur but it's so so soft so this little fake fur saddle pad put right on him then we have a little purple pad perfect just like that now we'll put his white saddle on him which is just as snow-white as he is there we go he looks beautiful he's ready to ride all right girls let me help you on up cuz these saddles actually don't have any stirrups huh yep we're gonna be working on balance today in your seat so these saddles actually do not come with any stirrups on them just I think they just wanted it just to have the doll swing on up easily here we go one two three and up she goes Oh get that leg over whoa there we go whoa she's up come on cloud let's go for a ride so go on over and swing on up one two three Oh get that leg over whoa whoa there we go the girls are all ready to go for a ride all right girls follow me to the arena let's go ahead and get this riding us and started we're all right baby fans it looks like these girls are gonna be riding in the arena and then they're gonna ride on over to my next video can we see you there all right we will see you in my next video bye well good riding today girls I hope to see you guys back soon thanks Sarah thank you bye oh the spur a saddle pad oh I better go bring this in the tack room forgot which horse actually had it on them whenever they were doing their lesson which horse got all saddled up with this furry saddle pad mountain or cloud now I'm taking it to the tack room bye mini fans you

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  2. Hi honeyheartsC, I have the Breyer horse chance, I found him at Rual King, I love,love your videos, I also have a real horse too!

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