Ma Lin Ghost Serve | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Ma Lin Ghost Serve | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Garos asked us about the Marlene backspin serve off the high toss it's a really great serve how does he do it there's a few key factors first one is that he's getting a really fine contact on the ball the second one is that he's really ripping into the contact so he's getting a lot of brush and a lot of speed to that for that ball to really spin around backwards really fast and the third thing is that he doesn't get a lot of forward momentum on the ball and that's why the ball comes back to him on the table so by putting a lot of spin a lot of backspin and little forward momentum you get that effect with the Marlene serve so if you're going to try this serve it's quite difficult to start with because your bats moving so fast and you're getting a really fine contact start by getting away from the table and have a go at just seeing if you can get the action right and get the ball spinning back towards you on the floor once you can do that then you can start to go closer to the table and maybe implement the backspin on the table be if you like this answer visit because we've got lots of awesome lessons for you right there

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  1. Thanks for watching. For more tips on serving take a look at the following tutorials:

  2. I can do the ghost serve in such a way that it just crosses the net and then comes back to my table😁

  3. im a ping pong player on my school give me a tips for ghost back to the net i can do it but i have many thing to learn coach please give me a tips

  4. I want that in this serve when i serve it come back in my court after contact on my opponent court……

  5. Do you guys have a video on how to do a basic serve? I have been working on every other aspect of my game but the serve is one area that I have neglected because I didn't think it was that important. Now I want to add more variety to my game and developing a solid serve is where I want to start.

  6. Thank you very much mate. Could you please tell me where to place the ball (in my court) and also the contact area on the bat for maximum effect?

  7. there is a only a slight advantage as we consider spin to take place on the second bounce I.e. when the ball bounces in the opponent's court and it doesn't spin at that time although his to see but not too effective in a match

  8. how can I get that serve to stay closer to the net. I want to know because most of the players that beat me are short

  9. need to learn kenta matsudaira serve pls do let me know pls .. im good at doing tomhawk but need more perfection in it pls sir !! Thanks

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