Mackenzie’s Story – Kids on a Wyoming Ranch

Mackenzie’s Story – Kids on a Wyoming Ranch

hi I’m Mike and when it comes to the
future the ranch there are many things that come into play
of course there’s how Erin and I do now there’s the land the cows but there’s
one whole part of the equation that without them there would be no point
well in reality they are the future of the ranch the kids today we get a chance
to head out with Mackenzie get her thoughts on the ranch and see it through
her eyes on our Wyoming life welcome back to our whelming life each
and every week we get to bring you multiple videos live streams and chance
to give you a chance to live through us live our life just by a little bit by
doing so we’ve all become a family and in a non sort of way our our weiming
life family is one that I can truly say is one that I’m very proud to be a part
of I invite you to become a part of that family as well please subscribe and join
us as we explore the ranch life and escape the ordinary now family can mean
many different things to many different people for us it’s a close knit of
people group with a common goal or a want or a need now for us as a family
it’s a need to see the ranch survive everything we do leads towards that goal
and in a very very important part of that goal is our children they haven’t
been featured heavily in the videos mostly because we feel that they have
their own choice when it comes down to it what they want to do and win so you
can imagine my surprise when Mackenzie told me that she wanted to do a video
about coming out with me and doing the morning chores and she couldn’t have
picked a better day for it she told me to come and get her when I was ready for
and now is the time the temperature this morning is in the high 20s it’s been
snowing off and on all day and we are set to get somewhere between 4 to 6
inches by tonight Kenzie are you ready to go to work after we’re all geared up
or buckled up as Kenzie puts it’s off to the shop where it’s time to come up with
a game plan for the day hi I’m a Kenzie I’m seven years old I’m in second grade
and I love the mint because I love all the animals that live here what are we
gonna do first want to go see the horses first yeah now if you left it up to
Kenzie we’d hang out morning with the horses it’s not a
riding day and the weather would make it no fun anyway but every day we try to
take the time to spend with them Bria and Hiero. Bria is a 10 year old quarter
horse and Hiero is an 8 year-old draft paint mix hanging out with the horses is
a great way to start a day even one that many would be content just to hang out
inside and watch through the window I love Brea and Hiero
and I also like all the cows when I see them I think I’ll see the horses uh-huh now
we’re gonna go feed the cows right yeah why do we feed the cows then make
sure they get stronger mm-hmm I may have little babies right growing inside them
yeah yeah so they have to eat really good mm-hmm okay that’s babies and feed
those babies that’s right the maybe took the extra every way yeah
that works out well the babies in this happy the mommy
eats the food and then the baby eats the food okay you want to get out and open the
game yeah the hay yard is where we store most of our winter hay and it’s a short
jaunt from the house cows are funny once they hear or even
see the tractor they know it’s feeding time and out they come from their winter
barn already for breakfast getting the kids out to do this kind of stuff is
important to both Aaron and I I’m glad that Mackenzie is at the age where she
really wants to get out and help we want them to feel like they’re a part of what
we do around here which they very much are we want them to be included and
occasionally even make decisions very top boiling on the very top on that is
that bait bag and truly opportunities like these are a
great chance to learn as we go usual spot the usual spot don’t you
think they’d like to be fed may be closer to shelter oh yeah so that they
can go inside if they want to I know the perfect place you know a perfect place
go stay and follow that cow okay now the forecast followed us and we
also get to show them that although cattle can be dangerous and you need to
make sure you keep an eye on them they’re nothing to be afraid of teaching our kids that others depend on
you the cows in this case lays the foundation for kids that care about
others it’s so easy for them to become engrossed in iPad and TV and forget that
there’s a whole world out there one that counts on their interaction to survive
when I grow up I want to be a policeman maybe I’ll be a rancher on the weekend all right so we’re done feeding the cows
yep what do we have to go do next feed the pet feed the pigs all right
let’s go feed the pigs so we take the Gator yeah okay
and they do pay me up on the board I guess all foreign kids start somewhere
with some animal that seems to be their animal to take care of our kids while
they started with the chickens to making gathering eggs and cleaning the coop or
reus their first real responsibility now that Mackenzie’s getting a little
bit older it’s turning into Paige some days yes they can be smelly and
destructive but they’re part of what we do and they can’t go on to the feet at
the drive-through so that makes them our responsibility although Kenzie can’t
lift a 50-pound feed sack if that kind of still make some my responsibility
after they have food they quiet down but with the weather getting worse we decide
we might be better off to go and get them some more bedding and today that is
in the form of straw we have a few large bales of straw left over from this
spring sign of the road so it’s back in the
tractor through a small gate to a hay yard where it’s kept once we have it it’s back across the
road to lay it in for the pigs I can’t say them a huge fan of large
square bales we really aren’t set up for him but together Mackenzie and I get a
little bit done for now although Mackenzie ends up wearing maybe
more than she gets in the pen soon she finds another pastime to keep her busy
one great thing about working with Mackenzie is that she’s quick to remind
you but it’s not all about the work you can have some fun too and it’s not long
before all the kids after seeing the phone out the window
arrive to lend a hand a couple of carriage bolts fries and a
carrot for mom’s garden for a nose two pieces of leftover lumber for arms and a
cutoff hose that gives a surprised look into the Snowman as the storm keeps on
moving in it’s time to call it a day and the kids can head back to the house Mackenzie is done for the day and she put
in a pretty good one so far I still have to go and finish spreading the straw for
the pigs and hopefully I can get them a nice bed to sleep in tonight and I know
that Mackenzie will sleep well tonight nothing will make you sleep better than
a hard day’s work but as I get older I sometimes wonder if it’s the hard work
that makes you sleep better or just the contentment of doing something that you
love doing don’t get me wrong the work can wear you out but I’ve had nights
after days of working my tail off and couldn’t sleep a wink maybe I was
worried about something that night or whatever it was the work and being wore
out well it didn’t help me at all when it comes to the future that’s where both
Aaron and I lose a lot of sleep but days like today having Mackenzie out here with
me well I know I’m gonna sleep well tonight
wallstreet take over the ranch someday who knows but if she doesn’t was talked
to more I never was much of a gambler but I know how to play the odds
thanks for coming along with Mackenzie and me today she’s at the age where
she’s still not a lot of help but just hanging out with her and and listening
to her perspective sometimes that’s all the help you need please subscribe like
and comment remember a 7 year old is gonna be reading each and every one of
these continue with us as we explore the ranch life and escape the ordinary a new
project list is on the way for Tuesday hopefully it’s not all about snow
removal and of course this livestream week and we invite you to join us on
Thursday at 7 p.m. mountain as we had a chance to sit down with you in real time
live and chat until I have a chance to see you again have a great week and
thanks for joining us in our Wyoming Life thank you for watching my video

100 Replies to “Mackenzie’s Story – Kids on a Wyoming Ranch”

  1. Another great video! Farm girl Mackenzie, in a few years she could know enough to have her own video during the week. It is wonderful seeing children get the life experience and hopefully carry on the ranch someday. The children are learning each and everyday, and having two parents that love what they do is the best teacher of all. Even if there are hard days, or days you get covered in straw, its just life. She stuck with you like a trooper. As adults we all have to remember to take some fun time during our work to build a snowman. Seeing your videos makes me want to farm even more. Look forward to whats to come.

  2. Mackenzie is awesome. You can tell she truly loves the animals and has a bright mind as well. Great parenting is giving her the work ethic that she'll need as well, whether it's on the farm or elsewhere. Great vlog and way to go Mackenzie!!

  3. Great job Mackenzie glad to see helping your dad. And learning how to take care of the animals. U are very blessed to have such a loving family and may God bless u all.
    From our family in the south Georgia

  4. The missing key element for many of today's families is a good father. If we could only package up that one element……the world's problems would be fixed. To bad some people don't understand
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well done Mackenzie, you are getting a fine farm education from a good teacher, I was your age, cleaning the udders of the cows before milking , on my grandparents farm, keep up the great work!

  6. We just sold out so my younger relatives will miss this experience. Makes me sad but I'm in no condition to have cattle of my own

  7. What if you teach them and they leave one day?
    What if you don’t teach them and they stay?
    I’m not sure if this is a saying or a poem, but I think it still stands true.

  8. Two thumbs up Mackenzie! Your Dad was busting at the seams. Tell your little brother that I'm sorry I laughed but when he tripped and did a faceplant in the snow, I couldn't help myself. Take care from Kissimmee, Fl. Home of the rodent! 🙂

  9. Way to go actually knowing how to work is better than any education you can get at school and that experience puts you further than any other classmates you have

  10. Ranch life is mostly determined by the weather u get for ur hay production and how harsh the weather is it can really make or break the ranch
    The whole aspect is to keep those cows healthy and u have to feed them according to the weather it's hard to make ends meet but if u love what u do the ranch will always be successful

  11. TRULY the FUTURE of Farming & Ranching is the Kids. I'm a SOLE CUSTODY Single Dad with a 11 yr old son. He knows How hard I work because others Depend on me and the Cattle and Crops. He works every Day after school and weekends with me. We HAVE to teach our kids the Passion of what we do and why we do it. Because they are TRULY the Family Legacy that we leave when its there time.

  12. Buen trabajo mike enseñar a trabajar a los hijos desde niños los enseña a valorar y apresar la vida y claro también a hacerse responsables saludos desde 🇲🇽 mexico

  13. Good to see the kids get involved Great job Mackenzie and also Dad for taking the time to share a day with you and yes pigs do smell.

  14. Contentment … and Mackenzie did great and will remember these times for all her life … I just turned 61 and still cherish the memories I have of growing up on the farm and the time spent with my dad…

  15. Nice job Mackenzie! Keep up the good work! As Farmers, we have to always remember to be good to our animals and they'll be good to us. Your horses are my favorite.

  16. No way will I show this to my 9 or 7 yr old daughters. They will be angry I don't yet have a farm. They love farms and am in the process of trying to find one that will work for us in a few yes when I retire. Great video so glad you use the quality time to bond and get work done. Yea I'm a little jealous. Lol

  17. Way to go Mackenzie. Love that you want to help around the farm. I have two boys that love to help around ours. Hope you have a great day.

  18. I just watched the video where you answered questions. I was surprised that you only have about 170 cattle. And it takes 30 acres per cow there. I heard many years ago, that my home state of Georgia, it takes an acre per cow. I have no idea. Except I like my beef about medium, like Erin cooked that great loin!! I wonder how many acres it takes per cow in southeast? A western rancher told a friend of mine that western grass has more nutrients per bite than our rain soaked southeast grass. Kind of make sense. It seems to go through cattle here real quick. In/Out.

  19. Mackenzie,

    Way to go. You should be proud of yourself. Remember to always keep that cheery disposition. It actually makes me so happy to see you and your sister out doing chores on videos. I am sure Lincoln is not far behind. I have had my kids out on the farm as well doing chores weather it was clearing branches of picking up rocks or whatever needed to be done. In the Blue Ridge Mountains it seems like the rocks grow out of the ground, You can ask Josh from Stony Ridge about that. Keep up the good work.


    All I can say to you is enjoy it while you can because the time flies by so quick. As cliché as it may sound Kenny Chesney's song "Don't Blink" says it all. Mine are 21 and 25. I miss those times with them.

  20. Like to congratulate congratulate both of you! There is nothing better then having our kids following our steps! We'll done!

  21. Great video I love spending time with my son but as they get older they get more independent and you have to learn to just sit back and wait for them to ask for help you got a ways to go so enjoy

  22. Great you will more ranch hands in a few years keep up the good videos maybe more kids should see this they would appreciate there iPad cell life a little less

  23. Great 👍 video. I can say from working with my kids it’s not about getting all the jobs done but doing it with them. have fun Mackenzie and up the hard work you I’m sure your Dad love it When you help out

  24. Mackenzie you did a great Job helping dad with the morning chores. I know it wasn't fun getting up early and working hard first thing in the morning but you did it I enjoyed your video very much. Hope you had a good rest of the day.

  25. Proverbs 3:5-6 King James Version (KJV)
    5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

    6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

  26. Thank you for sharing your video, Mackenzie! You are a wonderful person. Growing up on a farm or ranch will help you do whatever you are called to do in life!

  27. Mike you have a wonderful family buddy. I hope Mackenzie does big, big part of the farm by running it someday. But if not you have a son for back up. LOL.

  28. This was a great video, Mike. Thank You for sharing. This lifestyle will be a huge part in who and what they become as people. They mat not realize how lucky they are until later in life.

  29. I loved this video Mike! When I have kids someday, I wanna show them the ropes like this. I have lived in the city all my life but I think kids grow up best in a ranch! 🙂 subscribed bud… cheers

  30. Tell Mackenzie that's awesome. A policeman and a Rancher on the weekend is kind of what I do. It takes a little bit more than just the weekends. I am an officer with US Customs and Border Protection. At home I raise goats chickens rabbits and horses. No cattle yet, but possibly in the future. Good luck to her in her endeavors. Good

  31. Thank you MacKenzie and Mike. Working together and listening strengthens your bond with your children, good work Mike and Mackenzie!!!

  32. Thank you for showing us life on your ranch with detailed, wholesome, and family-friendly dialogue. This is a great informative and interesting channel. May it be that all farmers and ranchers prosper in their farm/ranch work; food sources are the beginning of our collective national prosperity. Thank you – and to ALL farmers and ranchers for your collective contribution towards our health/well-being. Blessings to you all. 🙂

  33. Mike, I hope you've burned the memory of this day into your brain for recall when the kids are grown up and doing their thing. What a great way to spend a day. If more parents would do something like this there would be fewer kids on drugs and looking to get into trouble. Keep up the good work, you're on the right path. – John

  34. Good morning Mike and Mackenzie. I watched this video whilst eating my breakfast and it brought a big smile to my face and set me up for the day ahead. Mackenzie, you are a smart and very pretty young lady and the best of luck for your future. Mike, thank you for sharing your time with Mackenzie with us. I have 2 daughters (3 and 10 years old) and 1 son (6 years old) and know how time spent with them can be limited when you are busy. You are a lucky man and I enjoy you videos, keep them coming. 🙂 From Andy, near Sheffield, England.

  35. It has taken me awhile to catch up on some of your videos so just saw this one and loved it. Just to see your kids involved with the ranch life and teaching them about what's important and how things are done. Growing up on a small farm, I learned to appreciate some of the same things. It's too bad all kids don't have this opportunity as I think society would be the better for it. Great video Mike and Mackenzie!

  36. Mackenzie, It is nice seeing you helping out on the farm. When I was your age, my father repaired televisions and radios in our basement. I would go down there and help him by holding a soldering gun or by holding something with pliers while he did the soldering. It was fun and I learned a lot. Your friend in Ohio, Jeffry

  37. From a bachelor to you-you and Erin are incredibly blessed. Children are a huge blessing and I do wish I had married with a few children to pass the ranch and my hard work along.

  38. I thank god every day my dad raised me on the ranch. I left the ranch life at 17 and moved to city life in Phoenix. 2 kids later I realized there is no other place they will grow up than back in the small ranching community that I learned so much from.

  39. She is adorable! Out of 4 kids my great aunt and uncle have a son help run it full time and son in law part time.
    Their son had two kids, one passed away almost 2 years ago at 20, months before his son was born. They are hoping his son take it over.

  40. I always said that if I could make a living in my trade in Wyoming, I'd move there. The closest I got was Salt Lake City and I do miss the snow.

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