Macklemore Otherside ft fences lyrics

Macklemore Otherside ft fences lyrics

oh girl this boat is sinking there's no sea left for me and how the sky gets heavy when you are underneath a room I want to sail away from here and God he came down and sound he rolled up a stun when he was sipping on acetylene you wanna hit a dog is the same stuff Weezy sippin huh and tons of other rappers that be spitting hard yeah he had five a bone when the passing that styrofoam Easter peg hurt around before I finally got to see what all the height was on and then he took a sip and in the lake any thinking it was pimping as he listened to the system little did he know that it was just as addictive his face not the kind of hit from the kick-drum box like the bass drum take it to the face go once later the use went up in every blunt was accompanied by the things stuff but goddamn glove that feel my brain coated in the throat just so healing medicine alleviate this sickness liquid affixed stomach comes with the cost wake up the cold sweat scratching the itch and escape the skin that Beverly fit him gon get into the bottles to get a couple swallows headed towards the bottom couldn't get off didn't even think he had a problem that we couldn't sleep without getting nauseous I'm spinning thinking he might have sit just a little bit too much of that casa I was close back in the chair clutching that Cup girlfriend came in a couple hours later said his name's sugar but he never got up never got up never got up we live on the cusp of death taking that it won't be us it won't be us it won't be us it won't be us nah it won't be this bode sinking there's no seal of for me and how the sky gets heavy when you are underneath it Oh to say god-king down just wanted to act like then he just wanted to rap like him but this rappers underestimate the power and the effects that we have on these kids look past Ashley attend back being pushed harassed by the feds the fact of it is most people the rap like this is talking about shit they haven't little surprise you know the drill Kenneth in a box the climb record sales formula violence drugs and sex sells so we try to sound like someone else it's not California cake there's no way to glorify there's a pacer percocet 88 today we'll leave you rope depressed and emotionally vacant despite how little wayne'll is it's not conducive to being creative and I know cuz he's my favorite and I know cuz I was off that same miss rationalize the ship and I tried after I listened to dedication but he's an alien I said that shit pass out or play playstation good month later I'm in the same place no music made feeling like a failure and trust me it's not dope to be 25 and move back to your parents basement see my people's dreams die I see what they can be denied and we've got a drug that's team I'll Groundhog Day life repeat each time I think take three lives who use the cheap dimes new cocaine bring out the demons inside they're cheating their line their friendships peace no peace in the mind stealing and take anything to fix the pieces inside I'm broken Oakley's headed nowhere only motivation for what the feeling supplying that rush that drug that dope those pills that crumb that roach thinking I will never do that not that drug grow enough nobody ever does until you're stuck looking in the mirror like I can't believe what I become so I was gonna be someone and growing up everyone always does we sell our dreams and our potential to escape do that buzz and just keep me up keep me up Hollywood here we come

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  1. Been sober for almost 2 years now, had a massive injury at work today or tore my ACL and MCL went to the doctor they offered me pain meds and I declined 5 hours later I'm at home in throbbing pain thinking I did wrong but the truth of it is couple weeks of pain is better than a lifetime of misery, the song really has meeting if you listen to it and feel what you've been through you'll understand…

  2. This song was my motivation for becoming sober. Since 16 doing the same shit. It took looking death in the face and hearing songs like this to help open you up. Thank you Macklemore

  3. Im 17 and this song is one of the things that helped me get out of thay way of life about a year ago. Syrup isnt something to mess with.

  4. I'm trying so hard to stop drinking and using drugs and self harming.. I'm trying so hard and although all I wanna do is run to a bottle right now I'm fighting it. and you can too.

  5. I'm only 12 but drugs have destroyed my life half my family was on them at one point and I had nowhere to go my bond with any family member has never been the same and I've seen it destroy so many good ppl my moms life is Gone and she'll never get out of a little apartment with a dick Bf and being around that and never being told not to do that is really hard Bc at that point u don't know what's wrong and right and for a short period I was addicted to a few things but I've been clean for about six months now

  6. I was in the middle of active opiate addiction the first time I heard this song. It just hit me on every level possible. Such a painful thing to go through and this song almost gives you a taste of what it's like.

  7. my mom died from drugs and I really get the meaning of this song, and I'm glad that I found a song that I can relate to that others can relate to as well.

  8. I am 13 years old and I understand this song more than I do anything else. I know because my brother is off that same mix. My friends are all doing "lean" because they think it's cool even though I know that they are all heading no where. I will never succumb to drugs. Never. I promise you this.

  9. This is the otherside fences version, which is the remix to the original otherside which sampled the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  10. I really hope Macklemore does become the biggest in the music industry, perhaps he will teach our generation sense, and save them from the stupid shit all the other big artists got them into.

  11. It actually has over 150,000, except the guy stole my video without giving me credit. But I agree, there's people that need to listen to this, that need to change.

  12. Hey man. This is not spam. If you look on your logic video i have another comment so this will look like spam but it is not. I have a few questions because I just started making lyric videos and wanted to know some tips. Plus we could help each other out. Thanks man.

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