1. Never tried drugs or alcohol ever, hearing the stories of addicts in recovery and living amongst addicts scared me away for good. I use songs like this as a cautionary tale.

  2. I dont think I'll ever let go of the coke. Even though that shit is consuming all the good parts of life; but it blocks the bad. Not a terrible trade

  3. I was clean for 2 years and I relapsed 4 times. I am now 1 year clean again with my third kid on the way.

  4. tbh used to always hear this song doing drugs then I got really sick and sober for 40 mths and now here again I got relapsed like week ago

  5. (Disclaimer – Im not native in english) I have literally been during coke while writing this, but this song makes me want to change. God bless Macklemore.
    And his music in general. I really want to get out of this, but can't. I turn to youtube to get inspiration, to try and get out of this, but i just can't. In the end i always end up at macklemore, just because of his lyrics. It's amazing! I hope anyone else feeling the same way but will actually will seek help, like i never did.It's important to talk about, but no one ever really does. im not native in english, but i do hope people understand me. Better than me anyway…

  6. clean 3 days now. longest ive ever been clean in a while. at first i thought i couldnt get past day one, but now i have hope its gonna get better.

  7. 12 days clean !!! 😊😊😊 I actually got a tattoo because of this song "other side on the inside of my arm" really hit me when I 1st heard this I cried cause it was like he was singing about my life !!! To every struggling addict out there please remember you are worth summat , there's people that love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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