Make a Gift for Your Teacher – It’s an Apple!

Make a Gift for Your Teacher – It’s an Apple!

hello guys welcome back to the shop I’m
so glad to have you back it is summertime it is awesome there are no
classes right all the kids are out for school or everybody’s traveling having
fun doing all this cool stuff what’s the last thing you’re thinking about right
now? school! right? yeah, classes next year next semester what have you. Well I’ve
got a little something to show you guys today that you can work with your kids
over the summer and when classes come around in the fall they’ll have a little
gift to give to their teacher. And this is it right here guys. It’s just an apple,
right? See that? Apple. What teachers don’t like apples? All teachers love apples!
Obviously I’m no longer in school. I’m a little too old for that, but my wife’s
sister is actually a high school teacher so I started off trying to think of
something nice to make her and actually this was going to be a bandsaw box. It was gonna be a very very very small bandsaw box. As you can see, it would not
have been very practical. You’ll see shortly but I couldn’t even fit my
finger inside of the drawer so it was very useless. So I kind of pivoted
and went with this little Apple pen slash pencil holder. And it’s not just
limited to pencils! This little puppy can hold paper clips thumbtacks even that
annoying kids cell phone in the front of the class. It can’t really do that. But
anyway this is Purple Heart and maple that I made this with so it’s a nice
little hardwood design but it’s actually kind of easy to make all you really need
is a bandsaw some wood glue and clamps and you can make this with your kid over
the summer for their teacherEspecially if you want to start off being the
teacher’s pet. But anyway, let’s get into it guys you can see how I pivoted from
scrap wood to bandsaw box to this pencil holder. Hey guys! Welcome back! So before
we get into making the bandsaw box today that I just showed you I wanted to just
explain that this is actually a scrap wood project so a couple of weeks ago I
made a couple of these bandsaw boxes and when I cut out the carcass for the
drawer of these boxes it left me with quite a bit of scrap and this is purple
heart and maple and I really didn’t want to waste this I was trying to think of
something to do my wife’s sister is getting married soon
and she is actually a high school English teacher so I thought what better
project to do then to actually make a little apple bandsaw box for her that
she can put on her desk at work? So maybe this is something you guys can
work with one of your kids from one of their teachers or maybe you’re a teacher
yourself and you would like to do this. Or maybe you just like apples and you
want to make a little apple bandsaw box but yeah so you can see I kind of went
through and printed out a few stencils and I was trying to find the right size
for my scrap but this is just some clipart I mean it’s pretty easy to find
online for any kind of design that you really want to do. But the first thing I
need to do is actually, I need to trim this down because this is way too long
for the size of Apple that I’m going to be putting on the front of this here so
I’ll probably take a little bit of it off just to make it proportional* and then
I’ll stick this to the front of it and we’ll get started at the band saw. So I just kind of eyeballed it and decided to take about an inch and a quarter as the
final depth for this box and it was really close to the blade so I’ve
decided to try to use a clamp to hold this to my artificial fence. We’ll see if
it holds up…. Alright guys so I went ahead and cut out
my stencil. And I’m just gonna use some adhesive spray on the back of it. Just a
little bit will do the trick. Then we’re just gonna stick it on the
wood. Just make sure it sticks on really good. You really don’t want it coming
loose when you’re running it through the band saw. Now we just need to follow along
that line over on the band saw. I just want to take a second while I’m making
these first few cuts on the band saw and thank you guys for watching this video
if you enjoyed it or learn something I’d like to ask you to hit that subscribe
button and maybe even drop a like it really helps them to grow this channel
and make more content that you guys are interested in. As always, if you have any
questions on this project, leave them below and I’ll be sure to answer them. Thanks guys! Next we’ve got to cut off the backside
before we cut out the middle. I just drew this line roughly around the inside of the Apple here, and I’m going to try to follow it at the band saw. It’s
really not too terribly important I stick to it though. So I just clamped
this together temporarily to see how the middle would fit and I accidentally took
too much off when cutting it out and now it’s just a little too loose. You can see
there’s quite a bit of play in there. Luckily I have another piece of scrap
that I can try to mimic this middle with. So I just placed my apple outline on the
scrap and traced it with a pencil. Nice purple hard sawdust glitter there…. Go ahead and remove the excess paper off
your Apple because longer sits on there the harder it’s gonna be to peel it all
off. You want to make sure you get it all off, including the adhesive residue. After
I scraped the bulk of it off, I used some 320 grit sandpaper to just lightly brush
off the rest and leave me with a smoother surface to work with. Now that
it’s all cleaned up we just need to glue our seam that we cut when we were
removing the inside. Use whatever you have available to shove the glue in that
small opening. I used the end of my glue brush. Then we just got to clamp it up
and wipe away that excess glue squeeze-out. Once it’s all cleaned up and
glued up we’ll leave it clamped for an hour or so just to let it dry. So here
you’ll see me split my other scrap piece I thought it would be a good idea to
have as much in tax crap as possible And little did I know this would be an
excellent decision So you guys remember how I was just
talking about that in-tact scrap? Weeeelllllllllll…. This is that other scrap piece because I just
screwed up my second attempt at this drawer. So if you’re keeping count, this
is attempt number three y’all. But don’t you guys worry I’m gonna be needing that
other piece that I just messed up here in just a second. So I’m just carving out
the middle of my drawer here. Watch your fingers here guys. Looks pretty good! Guys,
this is where everything went wrong. Or at least when I realized it had. If you
know anything about band saw boxes, you know you need to cut the front and the
back off the drawer before carving out the middle. In my happiness of finally
getting a drawer that fit perfectly, I had skipped this very crucial step. But it’s
okay guys don’t worry remember that second middle piece I
screwed up a minute ago? Turns out it’s roughly the same size I need and I can
just cut from that and sand into the exact shape to fit. So now I’m just
measuring how much to cut off my drawer so it still sits flush in the Apple. Man
I’m sure glad nothing else could possibly go wrong with this small, simple,
easy build Alright guys, at this point I’m having a
little bit of a dilemma because I’m realizing how small this box is actually
going to be and it’s really not going to be very usable or really usable at all.
If you look at the drawer that’s going to go inside of this box, this is
basically the carcass and it’s all hollowed out but I mean I can’t even, I
can’t fit my finger down inside of it so it’s like…. what would you even put inside
of this box? I don’t know ummm I’m kind of debating with just leaving this
hollowed-out and sanding it really well and finishing it and just giving it to
her as kind of a decorative little knick-knack for her desk but I’m not
sure I mean I’ve already come this far I don’t I really don’t want to give up on
the box but I don’t think it’s gonna be practical at all and if I turn this into
a box then I’m going to be gluing the back on here and if I do that then it’s
gonna have to be used as a box. It’s not really you can’t use it as the deck
there’s a little see-through thing anymore.
I don’t know…. maybe, maybe I could do that and leave it hollow so she could put stuff
in it and just leave it like this…. maybe?? Or maybe she could even set it upright
like this and just drop things down in it. And then get them out like that I
don’t know I’m gonna think about it for a second before I move forward…. Alright
guys, I think I’ve come up with what I’m gonna do. So I like the last idea I had
where I go ahead and I glue this back of the box on. Like that. And
basically act like it’s going to be a band saw box, but instead of putting the
actual drawer inside of it, which is useless because this is too small. I
think I’m just gonna glue the back on and leave it like this and I will put
some flocking inside of it here like some suede material and then she can set
it down on her desk like so and then she can use it to keep like paper
clips or tacks or even pencils you know like kind of like that maybe one or two
pencils it’s not exactly what I wanted to do originally, but at least this way
she can use it, You know? I want it to be useful. So I think that’s what I’m gonna
do. I’m gonna pull a Ross Geller and pivot here and I’m gonna make
an Apple pencil / paperclip holder for her desk. You’re gonna want to put masking tape on
the front so you don’t accidentally get any adhesive on the face of your project.
Then you just coat the inside with the adhesive. Make sure the adhesive color
matches your flocking color. I chose black for this project. Then you want to
put your project in a large bin because this stuff gets EVERYWHERE! Also make
sure you’re wearing a dust mask to keep from breathing in these small fibers. I
even use a box fan set up with a cheap air filter to catch any wandering
flocking. I let it sit in the bin for two to three days and then dump out all the
excess flocking. You can never apply too much flocking, so just kind of go wild
with it! Alright guys I think that pretty much does it. I got all the flocking in
there. I’ve let it dry for a couple of days and honestly I think it looks
beautiful. I got all the extra flocking out knocked it out against the side of
the bin. It looks like it all came out. Finger’s clean, so I think I got all of it
off. I think she’s gonna love it! It’s, I mean it’s nothing huge you know it’s a
small little thing but I mean I think it’s, it’s pretty, it’s simple, it’s a…. it’s
something for her to just you know put on her desk. Alright guys so the moment
of truth does it actually work??So I mean, she could easily hold two,
maybe three pencils or pins in here and I think it’s kind of cute. I think she’s
gonna love it. So I’m really excited to give this to her. We actually fly up in
just a couple of weeks for her wedding so I got it done just in time. Why don’t
you come in for a closer look…. Alright guys, I think that’s gonna wrap
it up for us today. Let me know what you think. Do you think that she’s gonna like
the band saw box better or do you think that she’s gonna like this better? I
think she’s gonna like this better because it’s actually got a purpose but
let me know what you think leave a comment down below let me just let me
know But yea guys, if you enjoyed watching me build
this today, make sure you Subscribe so that way you don’t miss my future
projects. I do have a couple already kind of in the works that’ll be coming out
shortly after this. So you don’t want to miss out on those make sure you
Subscribe. Like this video and like I said leave me a comment. Let me know what
you think. Let me know if you think I made the right pivot or not, you know. I
mean sometimes life gives us these little happy accidents that allows us to
make something that’s even more useful than what we were going to make
originally. And if you guys do want to build this, just check out the
description. I’ve got links to everything I used to build this down there. It’ll
help you get an easy start on it and let me know if you decide to build it i
would be really interested and i would actually like to see some of the results
so if you think this is something you can make with your kid that they can
make for their teacher or something like that, I think that the teachers would
really enjoy this. But that’s going to be it for me today guys but whatever you do
until the next time we see each other keep making sawdust Guys, you can see how I pivoted from
scrap piece of wood to band saw boxUhhh…. $h!*

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