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  1. Table Saw Plans: https://gum.co/ihJY
    Homemade Table Saw Part 1 : https://youtu.be/-Oq57fYy9ik
    Homemade Table Saw Part 2: https://youtu.be/aTFwqJKxQpw
    Table Saw Fence Part 3: https://youtu.be/y0R5rO1jJqM

  2. I just started building a table saw and I was wondering how to build my fence. This design is perfect for me! Thanks!

  3. If your looking at this as of 4/9/19 Home Depot has a sale on his rigid router with rigid sander for 99.00

  4. I've specked out several diy's. Love your design by far. Great tutorial, very concise and to the point! Kudos!!

  5. The most simple, accurate fail proof fence I've seen made on YouTube. Most DIY videos aren't for the normal every day person. This is something that every woodworking hobbyist has on hand. Best vid I've found. Could this work on an existing table saw top??

  6. You should put in your videos how much everything cost to do a build or how much it cost in total on the end project

  7. Sweet ideas. After some wear and tear, do you think it would be necessary to add another T track to the other side to lock up both sides of the fence?

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  9. I have watched this video atleast 10 gomes so I got all the right materials to do this correctly. My old fence was crap. This thing is great. Thank you so much for this tutorial.

  10. Is that PVC rigid enough? Every time I've worked with that stuff it seems rather flimsy and flexible. Don't we want a rigid fence?

  11. Great job!! Love this design very simple and looks effective. Question? Why did you not put a track on the other side as well? Does the play straighten out once you tighten it?

  12. Dose Anyone Know where i can get plans / cut list / Parts needed to bulid this fence as i've bulit the other 2 parts now looking at buliding the fence but ….. so far no plans & i'm 1 of the newbies to wood working so i need plans to work off not just a video on how to make the fence .

  13. good night, Sorry, I'm using a translator, I'm in Brazil in the state of São Paulo, But precisely in São José dos Campos, I just signed up for your channel, I thought it was great, very good, I'm learning a lot with your tips, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  14. This build is good – however I would like to build one which has a bracket at the very far end so that when the fence is tightened, that bracket binds on the rail to the far end. This is what we typically see on table saws. Again, the build you created, will do the work.

  15. DIY Creators – you are a hand full of instructors who understand how to present. You first show the build and how it works, then you move on how to build it. Thumbs up.

  16. Such a professional work and perfectly explained tutorial. Keep doing this amazing job ! Big like !!!

  17. This self-clamping table saw fence takes only seconds to put on and lets you crank the blade into the fence to create both angled cuts along board edges and extremely thin rip or rabbet cuts. With a hand- or jigsaw, cut pieces from a 1×4, making the inside width of the “L” a hair under the thickness of your saw’s fence. Drill 5/16-in. holes in the L-blocks and plywood fence and join them with two 1/4-in. x 3-in. countersunk machine screws, washers and Wing-Nuts. As always, use extra caution when you’re sawing without a blade guard.

  18. Do you have a video on integrating my piece of junk tablesaw into a nice worktable like you have?
    I saw the one where you made one out of your jigsaw, but i want to use my actual tablesaw. I love your videos. new subcriber

  19. Can't some one tell me where can I buy the T channel thise table is great thanks for share your video

  20. I don't know how anyone can unlike this video. Well presented, easy to follow and a simple design so a newbie can actually build it. Well done!

  21. Nice no-nonsense instructional. ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)
    But jeez (safety?) at https://youtu.be/y0R5rO1jJqM?t=5m2s …Is that really the sort of high speed cutter handling you want to be passing on to newbies? _(シ)_/

  22. Thanks for the video mate, may i ask where you bought the T slot track, the only one i can find is the much bigger one 30mm wide and 12.8mm high

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