23 Replies to “Make A Table Saw Fence Homemade || DIY Movable Fence”

  1. Wow.. Thats great easy and simple.. You know i was looking for fence and i was thinking about some clip that can hold the fence tightly.. Here you did it with just couple pf bolts and screw.. Well done gentleman.
    You made my project easy.

  2. easy and simple, just what i am looking for! what i wouldt change the way of alignment. because the saw is already installed i wouldt scribe a line exactly parallel to the blade.That way the cut is always straight and because of a long referenzline more accurat. And because my table is butted to a wall (i know no outfeedspace) i will ride the backside of the fence in a t-track, so i have no overhang. I will insert a small aluminiumpiece at the end of the fence, that can ride in the t-track. together with 2 measuring strips frond and back i can allways check the proper setting. And thanks for the idea with the tightening knob. so i need now leverconstruction and is far more easy.

  3. Congratulations! Please, let me know what is the position of the blade in your table (coordinates X and Y of the center of your blade). Is it in the center of the table? Thanks!

  4. So far, this is the simplest, easiest to make, but looks very effective design of a table saw and table saw fence that I've seen in the net. Saves me a lot of money as I am planning to upgrade my table saw. Thanks for keeping it simple!. If you upgrade this design by putting the miter slide, please share it to us. Thank you!

  5. Nice simple and effective. The most important thing is that it does what it was meant to do.
    Thanks for sharing

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