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  1. Not even an electric fence will keep bears out of your camp IF THEY smell food and want to get in to your camp! An electric fence may be a deterrent, but a bear can short that out with one swipe of his paw if he so desires! Better by far, to have a place to stash your food AWAY from your camp area, either in a over-hanging branch of a tree, whatever you choose, same with your garbage which will draw them just as fast. Bears are smart, and they are becoming used to connecting humans with food. They KNOW when you have it and if they are hungry enough, an electric fence for camping just DOESN'T have the voltage necessary to stop them! Have another place entirely AWAY FROM YOUR CAMP to keep your food, garbage and anything that has the odor of food on it including the clothing you cooked in!

  2. Very good Stealthy camper friend. I see picking up one of these in my future…and a Sleeping mask for the flashing lights.

  3. hi, thanks for the video; i was wondering does this fence work well during winter time when there is snow and temperature below 0°f. i'm assuming it will be like a car battery and will die in winter,…. what is your experience with it during winter time? thank you and have a beautiful day in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ name. amen.

  4. Usually any barrier of any kind will detour a bear from investigating too closely. Set up branches and dead fall all around your tent/camp.

  5. This is exactly what I had thought when I saw the ultralight fence. Too weak…. I want it to shock the bear good enough that it pisses itself and runs away. I don't want it hanging around outside my tent all night testing the fence.

  6. When they first came out with this type fence, they also had a gate made of the same material, I was gonna mash it down and throw my leg over it not realizing this thing was energized ( you have to look close to see the tiny wires running through it), made a bad mistake, it just about knock my teeth out, wow, these will carry a high amount of fence voltage, does a good job, believe me.

  7. Once again you have created a very informative video. Your explaination of items and installation is very, very good. Thanks again Lonnie, please keep them coming. Dave

  8. Great video. Camping with a vehicle or boat allows you to carry heavier gear. I believe those solar powered energizers weigh 25lbs but pack a lot more wallop then the D battery hiking units. At only .5 joules output I wonder how effective those hiking units really are.

  9. You need HV wire from the energizer to the fence.  The wire you used will soon break down and short the system out.  The Parmak 6V energizer is a little small for bears.  The 12V solar version will deliver 3+ joules and is rated for large predators.  The 12V solar uses the same charger that the 12V battery and AC versions use, so it's going to hurt.  Mom's horse pushed me into the battery version, and my arm was numb for a half an hour.

  10. As a Land Surveyor of 40+ years I have been popped by electric fences when I got careless. The 6 volts pack a wallop! Definitely gets your attention

  11. Thanks for a well made straight forward informative video. I'm planning a remote Alaska rafting trip and your video is extremely helpful. I have a D cell battery charger but I would like higher voltage. Do you know how to tell how much voltage you have in your system? I also like that you use the more visible tape. The problem with camping along a river is that the ground is so rocky that you can't get a post into it to be sturdy enough. I was thinking of fabricating a aluminum plate base with a round pipe welded to it with a hole thru the plate. I could possible get the rod partially into the ground and use rocks on top of the plate to hold it in place. I took a UDAP electric fence on one trip and wasn't able to use it at all because of the rocky conditions. What island of South central Alaska are you on?

  12. you forgot to cover your ground rod… use a small boost board.. you can get the from bang good or amazon.. not much bigger then a credit card.. you would have to build a box for it.. one watt of power is equal to one joule a second I think.. Just to give you all a perspective.. But check my math.. poly tape..!!! wow I never knew they made a tape.. this is cool… solder in an LDR to your positive wire and get it come on and off automatically at sunset and sunrise.. excellent!

  13. Your video does not test the product . It just shows the installation procedures. How do we know if it will work or not ?

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