Make Your Own Carpet Archery Target

Make Your Own Carpet Archery Target

36 Replies to “Make Your Own Carpet Archery Target”

  1. I made the exact same target I mean exactly 7 years ago still using it today but the only drawback and it is kind of big is the fact that the carpet backing, the glue wears your Arrow shafts Way ,way faster than other targets.

  2. Anyone elses ocd flipping out about that top piece of carpet. Please make a follow up video where u fix it.

  3. Like the gentleman said below, go to a carpet store and get your carpet. They are constantly trying to get rid of it. Nice idea!

  4. I made a target like this roughly 13 years ago. The arrows get stopped by the compression just like The Block targets. It's cheap and pretty easy to make. Bonus is you can make as big as you want. Next time I will put it on wheels to move it around yard for various angles and treestand practice

  5. Carpet has a backing that is abrasive from 80 to 30 grit sandpaper that target is going to eat your arrows. Your better off using the carpet padding under carpet in your house

  6. I use ratchet straps to get compression. it takes less than a minute to tighten them down or take them off. I discovered this when i started to wear through an old layered target but didn't want to buy a new one. That is my preferred method for compression.

  7. I would like to see some video of shooting arrows into the carpet stack please. Look like to much compression might damage my arrows.

  8. Made this exact target with some 4by4 laid out legs underneath and I've probably shot 5-6k arrows with no wear or problem spend around 25 bucks and I have a huge badass target which is heavy but HD aswell. Lifetime target so thanks ! Hoyt nitrum 30 #70lbs

  9. Do you keep this stored in your garage or if I got a tarp do you think It would be ok just staying outside?

  10. did you put anything on the bottom of the rod for standing support or does it just stand on the rods without bending

  11. Can't you do this with just a couple ratchet straps? by the time I buy those rods and the pressure treated boards I'll be better off buying another target.

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