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  1. Just found your video and will pick up the parts to make one tomorrow. Thanks a lot will be checking out more of your video's

  2. A rubber washer on the inside of the brackets might also help to create friction or tension to keep the string tight. Good job.

  3. fantastic original idea, i followed to the "T" however i would recommend a
    3" 5/16 Bolt and a hand twist washer on each side of metal for consistent rotation, also i spayed mine with flex Seal, looks like it could have came from a store. Thanks!!

  4. Hi, Nick: I write to tell you how much I enjoy your videos and how much I'm learning from you. Thank you and God bless you, your family and your bussiness!!! Walter

  5. next time you try to bore a hole in a piece of metal, Go slow it makes a better whole and lets you keep our drill bits sharp linger.

  6. You do such a great job!  The ideas are simple, down to earth, and very creative.  Thank you so much!

  7. Nick, you have a real talent for making quality gear out of easily found materials and simple tools.

    That translate into getting young people into archery, and keeping the sport alive and popular.

    Well Done !

  8. Really enjoy your videos! Thanks! Could you please tell me where I can buy spools of serving thread. Thanks again. Bruce

  9. Great idea, and great tutorial – thank you Nick!

    I also got a plate where the holes are the opposite (holes are 2-3-2-3-2 instead of 3-2-3-2-3), but it should work just as well since you can just drill whatever holes are needed.

  10. One thing to watch tho, is check your tie plate to make sure the holes are right, cuz I ended up getting one that had 2 holes on top nad 3 holes further down, in the opposite pattern as what nick is using.  I might have to go back and get another one, idk.

  11. Nick, love your videos. I ordered your beginner's guide book, but want to build a PVC bow (especially the Hobbit bow).You have several books. What book would you recommend for this bow?
    I just finished a class where I built my first long bow out of hickory.I need to hammer out some of these jigs; if there are 8 people in the class next term all wanting to use the jig at the same time, that can get expensive.
    For making this serving jig, I would suggest using a drill bit designed for metal. 

  12. If you wanted to build a expensive Cadillac version, spend a few more cents and put a wing nut on one end. MUCH easier to tighten.

  13. Probably free, tons of people own drills and tons of people would do it for you if you asked nicely. No need to be a smart ass.

  14. Replace the nut with a locking wing nut. It'll make it easier to adjust the tension and it won't back off of the bolt.

  15. Also bought a spare plate that I hope I can turn into a dowel-cutter for making my own arrow shafts.

    Youtube: /watch?v=dR9-gdNdZAA

  16. I made an Ace Hardware parts list for it:

    5/16-18 x 3" bolt @ $0.70 UPC 008236023893
    1/4 Cpak flat washer x 2 @ $0.09 each UPC 008236089332
    5/16-18 wing nut @ $0.40 UPC 008236073287
    Simpson Strong-Tie TP15 plate @ $0.43 UPC 044315831003
    bulk #40 common nails x 4 @ free

    or 5/16-18 nut probably @0.30 UPC 00823606973

    total: $1.71 plus tax

    I ended up buying two sets so that I wouldn't have to re-tension when I'm swapping from black to red thread, given that they're so cheap.

  17. Nick, the money people save on making this String Server; they can go out and buy your Book(s).

  18. hey qwop you can order serving string off of amazon for between 4.00 and 20.00 or you can go to a fabric store and buy a spool of upholstery weight nylon thread for about 5.00 hope that helps

  19. i have a question what kind of string did you use ( i don't have and archery shops around me so could you give me some alternative )

  20. Just to show my ignorance, what the heck is a string server? Good concept and well thought out but I don't know what it is for

  21. Never thought about using that before. I have agrea your Mcguvier of the back yard bowers. Thank you for all your insite. Keep it coming please..

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