Making a Fence for My Beans Vlog || #73

Making a Fence for My Beans Vlog || #73

what's up everybody welcome back to follow back to another day here in Puerto Rico my name is haenam of logging here in Puerto Rico I do crazy fun things every single day to make sure gonna hit that subscribe button and Cuba I'm doing here on the island every single day with me and my dog Kibo and my kitty Dragon Slayer which is probably the pot in pursuit of me right now and she is but today we're going down to start off by making a offense if you will for the beans to crawl up the bean so I planted a while back nothing I mention this yesterday but Jo told me they need offense to climb up so I got uh I got a bunch of pipes down here and I got the string that I in my hand right now and I got these pruners I'm gonna prune up this last little bit of this view so I can see how the view here yeah everyday work towards your goals a little bit even if you if you don't want to do it do it just go out there and do it and then by the time you're done you want to do more and more and more that's how it works what's up Jack and girl welcome to the banana tree the crazy thing crazy girl we this is where I have my pipe collection it's kind of growing over with weeds now but you can see I got some some random pipes in here like this one this one probably be do tall let's see if we can find something shorter than that yeah back this one got a nice curve I was thinking this PVC pipe right here to be honest how long it is named ten feet though I don't know I'm at the dick through this and find the perfect pieces and signs and I'd be perfect but you know something decent okay so I got two pieces right here I don't know if they're gonna be tall enough they're not whatever else keep bending them down so they grow downwards but anyway I forgot the hammer so I go back to the house real quick it's not too far it's pretty pretty close so I'm gonna go up there get all the pot Dragonslayer look how adorable look how adorable she is but yeah you go read the hammer I'll hammer these in I'll run the string and hopefully that'll cut it now hopefully that'll cut the cheese the cheese got it you just finished up the little trellis /bin thing and I made a mistake while I was recording this this clip I instead of doing a time-lapse is recorded it's like a 16 minute clip and 4k HD so it took up all my memory so I had to like going delete a whole bunch stuff hope I didn't delete anything from yesterday's vlog but probably not I probably didn't I thought about it first but anyway here's the fence you didn't see it being finished but I got I one two three four five six six lines across then I got it braced on the fence back there on the post so they're all strong and taut so it shouldn't fall I'm gonna hold up beans just fine but this should be plenty for these beans and those keep wet leaving a man and now he will don't step on my it's harder for you to step on the beans now isn't it boy it's harder it's blocked off from you but yeah it's looking good looking good now what else I want to do down here while I'm down here for today the fence I was working on just the other day is right here I want to take out this big tall thing right here and then this stuff from the other side because I didn't have pruners last time this be super easy to take the pruners in there and just knock them out real quick but I'll show ya when I'm done here in a minute took out the top of that thing a bunch of a mile and all that stuff but I didn't feel like crawling in there like I did the other day to get the rest of it done so I'm gonna call it from here for the day cuz I don't want to put a shirt on when I put a shirt on that'll be easy and I don't have a shirt and I'm not gonna put one on today so yeah compromise compromise we're done Vince up we got a little bit of that taking out pretty good pretty good accomplishing it for the day after I got back up I came out and started working on the vlog and all that that junk that I do on the inside by in the scenes and then I was playing guitar because my video was uploading and I was really thinking myself I really want to go outside and be in the Sun right now and it rained for like thirty minutes while I was editing the vlog and now it's coming again obviously what's up son why is it still blurry and then while I was playing guitar miraculously I was tuning her up sitting there about the stroke oh another string broke so I took that as a sign from the universe I was time to go outside I play guitar for like 30 minutes or whatever but uh yeah outside time now to enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy make sure make sure that you enjoy some time outside today and if it's too late today make sure you enjoy some time outside tomorrow even if it's but in between like your break at work or whenever you get a chance to go outside even if it's not sunny just to breathe in some fresh air or car fumes or whatever you have to breathe in but go outside cuz it's better than where you are probably unless you're working outside then go inside and drink some cold water or something from them now guys it's dinnertime it's been a very long time since I'd like talk to you about food and stuff like that not that it really matters but I usually when it's a nighttime or evening time when I'm eating dinner and it's not raining or it hasn't rained cuz usually when it's wet out here it's hard to sit down but if it hasn't rained in the last few hours which it hasn't I like to sit right here and eat my food outside I got sweet potatoes mashed with kale and what else I got in there I don't know kale and other stuff so it's gonna be amazing but yeah eating outside is really nice so I'm gonna sit right here enjoy my food well he will watch us well he will watch it too boo chillin in the yard Coney Bo going to get bass on me amigo que pase fetch with he Bo they want I played with him a lot earlier and now it's nighttime Suns going down just finished my foods and I found a way to get the toy from he'll sure it works sometimes most the time it works he's not gonna do as soon as I do on the camera drop it as always what a freakin everyday but I'm gonna go to this video right now I had a great day I hope you guys had a great day please like comment subscribe down below inhale up I'll see you all tomorrow where's Ida check your name on the dang white fox fur my janky excuse me that

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  1. Hello Hayden, how's it going? Hope all is well,.thank you for today's vlog. I get so relaxed whenever I watch one of your videos. Very chill, peaceful. I wanted to ask if it would be possible if you'd be able to once in a while perhaps talk more about your food choices and how you prepare them. I sorta would like to hear your input on that. I know you spoke before a bit on how that transition was for you becoming a vegan but there's been so many new subscribers since then, I think it would be interesting to learn from you about veganism and the benefits thereof. Like the pros and if there are any cons. I really don't mean to come off like I'm telling you how to do your vlog but I just would really appreciate that once in a while. Once again thank you for these videos and Godspeed my friend.

  2. Soon you'll be eatin your own grown beans lol πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ blessings from Canovanas Dude πŸ™ be SafeπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡·β˜οΈ

  3. Great video. Miss P.R. Can you make a video on how you found your property, or if you made one please tell me the title on your channel. Keep it up

  4. Looking great again!. Natural light was awesome during recording, so much colors, peace and energy! We need Tracy back to cook, you are loosing weight!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒGlad to see you back to business!

  5. The farm is looking good Hayden. See you in a couple weeks. Looking forward to some hiking through Las Marias.

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