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  1. I'm figuring out how to make a recurve bow with nothing more than an ax, pocket knife, string, and what ever local wood I can find. I'm going with a minimalist philosophy to travel light in case if the s*** hits the fan in society. That means no power tools. My first attempt yielded only a 30ft range with a branch i found. After watching your video, I now know to look for hard wood, and to cut the wood with a lateral grain. I should also look for thicker and straighter branches (mine was about 2 inches thick and soft wood).

  2. i know i was rambling on there but i had alot of things going through my head and i have minimal tools to. all i have is a puzzle saw, sand paper and a few other tools so any insight would be very helpful

  3. im 16 and ever since i was little ive been very interested in making bows and me and my cousin would always go to the river and cut wood saplings and make the crappiest bows and arrows… but now i know that saplings wont make very good bows so i need to figure out what is cause youve made me want to make a bow. at my local lowes we have red oak and poplar wood here. ive tried to make a poplar bow and its snapped but im still trying… i really wanna know if red oak and poplar is good to use???

  4. Don't use Oak or Pine. Hickory, Red Maple, and Black Walnut are my favorite. You can also use Ash, Osage orange, Bamboo(this is way way different, but bamboo bows can be really nice), Yew, Mahogany or Lemonwood.

  5. how do you make a higher draw weight for your bows? I am a left handed archer but finding a left handed bow is a pain. I'm aiming to make a long bow and re-curve hybrid so that I have the longer limbs but the power of the re-curve added in as well whats your thoughts on this archer?

  6. eucalyptus does not refer to one tree. there are close to 800 different species in the eucalyptus family and theres only some that people know of that work. i've already made 3 bows from australian woods that i've heard are good and they turned out great. i'm in the process of laminated a bow now with a bamboo back.

  7. I've always thought that eucalyptus wood would make a good bow, if you can find straight staves. It's so hard and strong! And big bamboo can make good bows too (look up 'yumi bow' – that's the Japanese style of bow) if you've got any of that growing where you are – it's supremely easy to work with as well!

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