Making Ella's Schleich Barn / Stable and fences.

Making Ella's Schleich Barn / Stable and fences.

I'm down in Florida on vacation and we bought some stuff and what we're going to do is we're going to make a barn for my cousin Ellis said she has some horses but does it have anything um my grandma bought this stuff and feed my dad and my grandma are going to help you're going to be able to see some of the things that were to do the first thing we're going to do is make a bunch of fence we're going to take your first popsicle stick and you're to mark on a piece of paper eight centimeters seven centimeters and three point five centimeters here now I'm going to cut off this bottom line and what you're gonna do is you're to make three of these sticks for each piece of fence now we're gonna make the fence and also when you cut the bottom pieces off save them because we're turning it for the end you working together me and my dad made 12 pieces of fence in about 30 minutes so this is the box that we chose to do Ella's barn with and we did five Stalin ball providers and it's got its 63 the Box 63 and centimeters and every ten point five centimeter is where to put a stall divider yeah and it took us an hour and 15 minutes to make these five stall dividers the first thing we did to the box is we cut off this flat you can see on the other side we cut this flap off right here now we've cut off this lip we also cut off the sides here and I'll show you guys why later now we're going to go in our first of all style divider now we're going to do the chain for cross um to your take your wire and cut it and then you're going to take your piece put it in between your fingers grab it one down one up she look like that afterwards so now I'm going to go my hook and they're all five and a half a meters high and I turn the Box sideways so that um it makes it easier to glue now that I have all the hooks on I installed all of the chain and stuff on except for this one so I'm going to show you how to do this one you so we're to put fencing here and what we did first is we added obstacle six along here so now I put the fencing in it's the same type as this side of fencing but this is 8.3 from tip to tip and the gate is a full-size piece of fence same size as one piece offense and this is the same as 8.3 this one gate so now we have our gate and our gate just has a wire and it comes out and goes down and we made two hoops here and if you I have a swinging gate video it is exactly how you do that here so now we're going to put the roofing on and I'm going to put some glue right next to the El to make it straight so now we have added the roof into those barn you can see that we added popsicle sticks along the top and we also added these to help the roof be propped up we also added this lip to make it look nice this is the finished product this is loz born it took my dad my grandma and I about six hours we can add to it um fleeter we want where she gets more like um hope you guys enjoy these comments bye you guys think since the pawn gate opens horses cloud answers come out engine the fencing a tree tarik you can make anything you want I'm something squared small squares big squares anything paddocks thinking how do these come off and on TV the ball in the back here teleporters are in there it is you it's a zoo gate opens you open the gate the horses can come out if you close the gate they can stay in it comes off and it's very nicely

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  1. Instead of making a fence it looks like you can make a jump so I'm going to make it jump but on my other channel

  2. i was gonna make a other wierd barn and my dad was gonna have to make a wood box from scratch. now me and my dad found this toutourial (sorry bad grammer) and we are gonna try to make this today! 😀

  3. ITS PERFECT I have 6 horses and you have the barn wow I’ve been looking forever thank you so much merry Xmas

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