Making The Homestead Safe Continued (Recycled Pallets) 2019

Making The Homestead Safe Continued (Recycled Pallets) 2019

Hello, today I’m continuing my tidy up.
I’m Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm. So a couple of days ago Mr. J
and I started clearing all these pallets away and we made great headway. A
really good start. Yesterday I was hoping to get it
finished, but that didn’t happen, and that’s okay. So today I am going to move
some more of these pallets. Now some of them, like this one, I’m taking to the
far end of the garden there, to form a fence around the vegetable garden. And other pallets, like this on,e I’ve
already mostly broken these down, so these will just be firewood. And then
the remainder of them will be going around to the back of the piggeries to
hold down the weed suppressing membrane that we’ve started putting down
there. That’s going to be there for a year or so, so we want plenty of pallets
to hold it down, stop the wind blowing it and also to stop the chickens scratching
it. If you haven’t seen the video where Mr. J and I start doing that, I’ll
leave a link there and down in the description and you’ll see what we were
doing. But I really want to try and clear this last row pallets and that’s
probably as much so I’m going to get done today. They are quite heavy, they’re
wet so they’re even heavier, but I just want to keep on moving this forward. And I’ve now worked out if I tilt
them and then just let me drop I’m not actually having to carry the whole of
their weight all the time. This is definitely one for round the
back of the piggeries. I’m making my selection of which palet goes where, by
how many pieces of wood it’s got on the front of it. So this one has got one, two,
three, four, it’s got five pieces of wood across the front of it and these are the
ones that I’ve been using to create the fencing around the vegetable garden. Some of them have six pieces, so two at
the top, two at the bottom evenly spaced and then two close together in the
center. Those are the ones that I’m sending around to the back of the piggeries,
only so that’s the fencing around the vegetable garden looks uniform. And I think, although I’m not entirely
sure, that I will just need one more for the fence along the back of the veg
garden, which means that everything else in the pile, these other
three, can go round to the back of the piggeries (sigh of tiredness) What I want to do at this end of
the vegetable garden, which is farthest away from the house, is to create a fence
with the gates in it because at the moment the ducks can come through and
dibble in the veg garden, which I’m more than happy with at this time of year.
There’s not a lot of damage they can do but they can do an awful lot of good, by
eating slugs and snails and all the other things that they find. So that’s
brilliant! I want them to be doing that right now
and they are in here daily, you can see that they’re feasting.
But it won’t be very long before we’re starting to put young plants in here and
at that point I won’t want the ducks in here. So I’m going to put in a fence
along here and I’ll have to do something clever with the corner there because
it’s not quite a square. But anyway, I will put in the fence here, I will also
put in a gate so that we can get through to that end. And in the height of summer
or actually from late spring onwards, it won’t really matter about the fence
because the ducks won’t be allowed in this area until autumn again. But I think
there will be a period where they can be in the main part of the garden, but I
won’t want them in here. So I want to do a temporary fence. As with so many of the things we do, it will be temporary, it will be pallets stapped together with baling twine
in a line along here. But not just us in a straight line,
every pallet, which is 8 feet long, will then have a short pallet a right angle
to it, to stop it being pushed over by the wind or it will also stop it
accidentally falling on a duck. So that’s why I’m bringing all those pallets down
here, to do this. I really don’t know how much of this I’m going to get done
in one day. I am pretty tired actually, I’m kind of ready for a cup of tea.
But I’m also encouraged by seeing little new growth buds on the apple
trees, there’s blossom coming on the wild damson and plum trees and
everything is just starting to feel like the beginning of the new year. And I
don’t know I’m saying that sadly. It is the beginning of a new year! It’s
definitely the start of a new growing season! I think we’ve got frost and snow
to come yet and so I’m not going to be planting any seeds for another, I will say
two weeks, but probably maybe another four weeks however keen I am to get
going with the getting growing. I think possibly the only thing I would plant is
leeks and I can plant those a little bit later and they’ll still catch up. Well
I’m going to crack on with this now and so, wherever you are in the world and
whatever you’ve got planned for today I hope it’s a good one. And I also hope
you’ll join me again next time.

32 Replies to “Making The Homestead Safe Continued (Recycled Pallets) 2019”

  1. A lovely sunny and motivating video. Do you have/could you make a wheeled thingy to help you carry those heavy pallets? An open, two-sided wooden box with one big wheel…just an idea!

  2. You need a lovely hot cup of tea after all that hard work. The duck footage Is brilliant. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend liz. Xx๐Ÿ’Ÿ

  3. That's some very heavy and awkward lifting, Liz! Who needs a gym when you have a homestead?! You're going to need a hot bath (and a hot tea) after all of that! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š Great update!!!

  4. Hard work donโ€™t over do! Your growing season is way ahead of us. It was -12 F here this morning and still over a foot of snow! Love seeing the buds and green in your Videos.

  5. wonderful progress in the clean up of the homestead ready for the classes !! awesome job moving all them pallets

  6. Those are some nice looking pallets, I havenโ€™t found pallets that consistent here. Easy fencing is awesome, itโ€™s looking great. – Katie

  7. Beautiful… don"t work too hard and hurt your back . The weather looks great . We are just out of that polar vortex .

  8. It's a good plan. And when I've got things I want to do before planting I get sad as time runs counter to what I need. Cheer up…there's always next year for what doesn't get done this year. Lol

  9. Don't forget to check the markings/logos on the pallets, Liz. They must be stamped "HT" (Heat Treated) and not "MB" (Methyl Bromide) which is a potent pesticide linked to human health problems. To be fair, there should not be many "MB" pallets around as they are banned now unless they have been stored for a few years.

  10. Wow what a great video you truly are inspiring! It would be a dream come true to one day across the pond and attend one of your classes! I am now a proud owner of a By ther farm T-shirt ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. Dear Liz, I wish to be there and help you, I realy dont have much to do al day, we are under the snow but no so much as last year. In fact 6 months we are waiting to do something in the garden and then 6 months 30 degres in hight season when I have no time, Dear god, I am waiting to go to penson and get thouse 400 evros per month and grow and live as I like but I am runing out of time. Love you!

  12. Goodness you are a wonder heaving those huge pallets about!! Itโ€™s going to look fabulous when youโ€™re done! ๐Ÿ˜

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