Makita Mitre Saw Review(Makita LS1040)

Makita Mitre Saw Review(Makita LS1040)

Hi this is Matt from Crooks the Cabinet Makers. I’d like to introduce my Makita chop saw, small version and this is the
LS 1040 model Okay, so what’s good about this? Well the
first thing that is good about this is this actually really really basic piece
of kit, and all it does is cut up to five inches wide and three inches deep. You
can cut compound angles on this, and I’ll just demonstrate that now. Okay there’s a 90 degree position, remove the
clamp, open the fence and adjust to the back, slide over to… up to 45 degrees
on this side, and then from there you can adjust any angle you want, to do your
compound angle this side will turn to 45 degrees, and this side will turn to
around about fifty, fifty three but not on the angle, it will go 45 on that. It will go
fifty fifty three erm in the upright position
at ninety degrees rather. Okay so the scale on the front there was really easy to read,
and positioning is at 15 degrees 22 degrees 30 degrees 45 degrees. You can
lock this in position in other places using this piece at the front. So if I
want to put that just to cut that even one or two degree angle that’s there
that’s locked that’s in position and it’s really really secure. Actually this
being as straightforward and simple as it is there’s nothing a break so actually
it works a treat. I’m sure there are people out there who can break it, and
I’m probably one of them actually, but it’s done be proud so far. Okay so what I’m gonna do now is turn the machine round and show you around the back of it. At the back
of the machine we can see the scale on the side here for the angle settings. Well
there’s no preset position but it’s very very easy to read
and it’s also a very very secure setting. You can also see here the extraction point.
So this extraction point is suitable for what in the UK was the Henry I’m sure
they’ve never designed it for that but actually does such a great job. The saw
blade itself is very easy to change. Just demonstrate now that this is actually
unplugged. Safety first always. So it’s very very easy to take the saw blade out
and see. Take this off drop it down, un-screw, replace the saw blade, screw it
back up, put that on, quick and easy. what’s really great about the Makita
handle is how ergonomic and functional it is works with three fingers really. That
one lifts up brings it down to the wood press the button in cut. It’s very
comfortable to use which is important I’ve use this on the site when I need to
put it in the van, I just lift that handle up, bring the saw down, press the
little button in at the back, and that locks the saw in position, take the saw
turn it 45 degrees, and that’s a very easy to handle piece of kit. I’ve had this saw
since 2006 it’s now 2019. I think is a really great piece of kit. anyway finally
to say I think this machine cost me a hundred and forty pounds around
about 12 years ago. Do I think it was worth the money? Yeah! it’s still up and
running Is there any limitations to it? Not
really no, it will cut up to five inches wide by three inches deep. It’s a little
beauty. It’s absolutely accurate it’s really
really sweet piece of kit. Okay, Do I like this piece of kit? Yes. Would I recommend this bit of kit to someone? Yes. If you were just starting out in woodwork, would it be a good bit of kit? Yes. Thank you very much for watching
have a nice day

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    A review of my Makita mitre saw, over 12 years of professional use, still absolutely accurate and fully functioning. Excellent piece of kit

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