31 Replies to “Maksim Khramtcov (RUS) vs Aaron Cook (MDA). European Taekwondo Championships Kazan-2018”

  1. Since I belong to the modern era, I really understand how difficult it is to register a point on electronic armors, causing fighters to control their kicks, reducing their speed and power. I've been searching for young and known athletes who competed in 2008 Beijing and honestly, Those athletes that still exist today are countable with my ten fingers. But we can't blame the fighters themselves, they trained for so many years being engaged in flashy and powerful kicks and these electronic armors ruined their fighting style. No wonder so many athletes that came from nowhere have competed in 2012 and 2016 Olympics. I really hope that WTF would come up to a solution for this. I think requiring more power in order to score on these armors could make a difference. I'm looking forward for better changes, Goodluck WTF!

  2. Tkd de mierda, el otro no es sino largo, y le anotan todo es una basura la competición actual.

  3. I am searching for a real fight in taekwondo and i still cant find why this fighting "art" is so popular. Its completly incomplete. It has no hands no combat body to body and for gods sake it hasnt a real fighting basic body stanse. I will kepp pooking for a real fight who know i may change my mind in the future

  4. No matter the result the attitude of the Russian fighter during the fight was appalling, cockiness isn't pretty

  5. Развалили всю суть данного спорта, нет ни красоты, ни адреналина, ни зрелищности ! Побеждают кривые, не техничные спортсмены цель которых просто коснуться мизинцем до шлема! Кук отличный спортсмен, а наш балерина размахивающая ногами!

  6. For few years i was a taekwondo fighter but I can't say that this is taekwondo now.. old school was gold

  7. no se puede mas. se tiene que formar otra federacion de taekwondo que no use el asqueroso estilo nuevo. me van a decir que no resulta indignante ver como validan esos puntos de fantasia en contra de un taekwondista de tanto despliegue y categoria como aaron cook. con este estilo PERJUDICAN AL TALENTO SEÑORES

  8. What about the score?? That is not real at all!! 53 points for high performance competitions?? Come on World Taekwondo, return us the real and fascinating Taekwondo. Not all is business. We want to see real fights with spin kicks, good combinations and more. Return us the fascinating Aaron Cook and for sure lots of new fighters, maybe Maksim Khramtcov can do spectacular fights too!!

  9. take the hogu off…..russian wouldve been taken away in an ambulance.
    This new bs is for tall lanky piss weak pussies, its a joke

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