Manchester 2018 World Taekwondo GP [Female -67Kg FINAL] Lauren WILLIAMS(GBR) vs Matea JELIC(CRO)

Manchester 2018 World Taekwondo GP [Female -67Kg FINAL] Lauren WILLIAMS(GBR) vs Matea JELIC(CRO)

sometimes no a lot Kevin uh the beg up for no reason sometimes people can have but a form on the B and it seems to be roll not great and they early around that has got better and better as the momentum goes as the pressure gets up you know the lights the cameras actually talk it's all there the family's there you know sometimes you could that can some people can really thrive on that I know and I see that in Lauren and I see that in in Jade as well and Bianca but there's no you know Jade's managed to do that at two Olympic Games so when the pressures really on she couldn't really put the form in and I think Lauren could be that as well following Jade's footsteps epic footsteps to follow and against Britain against Croatia and the woman's under sixty seven kilogram final just moments away they're just jealous a lot of wigs do Lauren Williams on home soil where she's quite clearly thriving as you see she'll be thriving can the Croatian though she be surviving through this one the final just moments away and as we look at some of the statistics throughout the season for Williams one of the highest scoring athletes regularly in fact on average is 24 points a game and overlooked always beg for stats but that's a huge score a lot of work a huge score as again relentless in the scoring as well but that's the way she fights that's her style you might not be for everyone so if you're looking up to these athletes again don't try to be like them just be inspired by them and take what you need from each person slower is not trying to be anybody else so don't you try and be anyone else just take that inspiration a wonderful wisdom make what's there promote expert analysis for the finals for the ever popular and ever smiling Lauren Williams mix are we into this one what fine form top class competitor and as you see but just in the genius book and the same year going up from juniors to seniors and being said she made that transition probably one of the quickest I've ever seen keeping it in the family but the creations of Sean composure and clarity on the way through Mattia Yelich again we've talked about Williams getting better match by match the same case forget the focus from Yelich from the semi-final against SATA was incredible just wait in a way in patience patience you know this you have to change it a little bit against Lauren who hasn't got that much paces you just wants to be really aggressive really forceful so really interesting but it's literally who wants to get out the same way that Bianca does the same way that she does Shirley Yelich knows that exactly but you have to be able to deal with that and also then not just react to that you need to be able to deal of it and play your game so that Lauren will make everyone work really hard that's what happen I think that's a really difficult thing to be able to do against against Laurens style whilst those meet fates and who's going to make the early running in this one make Harvey last Watson from heaven animail chin coach very wise great fighter Arno beginning to get that trust to get that bond yeah is that good to CRX world-class players now stepping off coaching and just really like giving them another avenue in their life as well to really keep keep hold of are actually athletes I think that's really important homegrown coaches hold on Road growing an expectation here I think it goes helps out if your coach has been in this situation Mike Harvey you know double European champion was it triple I'm not sure they get double and then also you know he's won silver medal as a World Championship as well represented his country at the Olympic Games so you know was well obliged to be lauryn right now so in that that trust is there straightaway because they have that respect that okay you know what it feels like okay I'll listen to it absolutely therefore instead of the back porch sonic or pitch of course for Croatia opposing former coaching tarisha bothers a Nunavut sisters sue matures whale lice of creation talent and the female division voice of medals that less Croatian coach is also overseen so when you turn around and go back to your coach that's got to be a good feeling yeah exactly that Justin that experience on those coaches is the second time again as I said for me you have to be able to trust your coach whether they always give you exactly what you need because we're not always perfect you know you're the one has to be in that ring you're the one that aster is not the coach but you have that trust that's the most important thing well who's going to put the trust in their feet as we see the tale of the tape Yelich the taller of the two by some margin the long legs we won't have to wait long though either home that won the first gold meadow here in Manchester those times with the same nice long hook underneath adaptation Pat Gillick has obviously read the game she's strong but you need to stay ready in stately steel baby so you don't have to get ready Williams we have contrast to say Stigall often have a have a look around the back here change the angles Tommy picketed some people whites now change I'll be back a difficult technique in the clench their got close with unclean of praise it kept true in the back as you see the adaptation the poet fetches taking up the PC opponent again good from Yale exceeds it coming Lauren would start by Yelich just avoiding the headache jelly's just moving ahead fast and not leaving their body back which for me the great tactic you move your body to Papa you give the momentum to go deeper for those headshots and for those options here a lot of taste of the protect us well the mascots are ready at the fatah's long since tiger feet volumes power punches landed year has been really really good though that front leg big weapon I'm just working really well Lauren no kicks on the board yet Julian Fong has a little look as you see an orc X on the board just the punches punctuating here has been Williams last 30 seconds she's doing their Williams not pitching in another pond and female the perfect punches as you see from Lord Emilio's trying to gain the only danger mm at school this one you got to tame it neighs loudly sharp sharp short on the inside and the punches of iron – no and a body shop and a body glow for Gaelic anniversary Stafford off slow and steady Tunde on every single time you're gonna go into a shot it's weird to try do it try it yet as you see try and go with the punches but also through tough times for materiality she's got to find an answer and find it fast year so plenty of time second round approaching attacking with a punch not the best in terms of back kicks the creation for me yelling sexy the face the semi-final and that's quite worrying to see what ain't ain't against Williams as she battles forward again starts with a punch goes for the hair take gold medal and the offing for the British fight that in blue Yelich of course still alive straight losing perhaps as you save concentration and confidence for the Croatian you've definitely taken a confidence here a focus here and Lauren's taken advantage of that the focus of things I don't know where it's gone for these gone she needs to get it back all this much it's gonna run away from her yeah I totally agree with her and I think Williams just a little bit while ahead guile check the up there was maybe a gouge on warning from shielding Fung that the Chaney's sent the referee volumes didn't look too impressed by it Oh as the way she fight so she has to keep doing that and be relentless with that and Lauren has gained so much next up from Williams the third of the punches the back legs begin to Rena really this message material just felt like an idea and also as these punches continue to school it came for those male 7 punches maths was never my strong point but it adds up at the moment for modern Williams eight to the Guti and the second rider painful in this occasion show them how to do it again Lauren Williams crushing the momentum of Croatia and sealing this safe and right here excellent stuff on the cusp of gold or can she get our hands a gold medal it's been the quality of the punches so far there's confirmation material it's a mountain to claim though not shown any signs at the create an opportunity but again someone like momentum so crucial Williams eyes are the price ready to have not a dinner at tea very nice can they serve up an excellent thought round here terms of the startup there's a great one for Williams the main course of the second round she served it up nicely but it certainly at the confidence there the declaration at the moment so our feast are fighting here in Manchester and the turn of the punches from Williams he's been there for all to see duration course last bets of encouragement Williams focused as ever the irrespective of Croatian language capacity is got to be seen avoid those punches do you think so you think so you talk so it's quite hard to see real excels really looking for this much and think the first 30 seconds was quite promising and now once your focus goes medica sleep aid in that focus motivated as volumes contain again that punch it's more of the same healing phone separates them here in the Dublin but as you can see as the main points that's a pity that the creation needs something quick she's got the hair tech ability but volumes and that same stance cutting off the options which needs to step up the game traction sweet she's not going out by as you say not enough they'd find a little counter under that tranch Williams threw it against my body kept there from the creation cuts it to seven still water – because 12 again there you go from Yale which much better they're turning up at the shoulder much better biology is it a little bit too late we shall see the lorentz eight seats here at Manchester the Grand Prix going fuck all defeat Britain's Warren Williams made a good start from the road fated and blue cheese continued that strongly here down the stretch in the third I feel Williams not feeling absolutely pushing it over and as it going to be all over her Yelich Williams finds the power shot and that one ricochets around the stands here in Manchester she wasn't found here's the gams on for grabbing takes away the punch but doesn't take away the fact on the scoreboard that Williams and the ascendency Yelich chasing shadows here and to the open stance Williams again with that Trish tries to flick it up to the face here Yelich well how she settled for silver here the Croatian tries the back leg Williams with the foot walk yeah it's nice to see for me Lauren Moo love well he's moving around and I thought empty the points there by by Yelich well she's seen enough of the mushy like she certainly – maybe she's lame that looked in the meadow and seen Lauren Williams looking into the distance here Oh Liam's on the caspia the creation trying to fight our way back into it meets a head cap and needs it quickly volumes will be happy to hear the buzzer she's fought what intensity she's fought with ferocity and she's going to take a second Goldberg on the grumpy one in London and it's one and done in Manchester steps out and she'll be stamping on to the podium excellence dr. Williams wonderful stop the Welsh whirlwind she came out she landed the punches champion silver for Croatia that is wonderful from Williams a lesson in aggression a lesson in relentlessness and a lesson in how to punch any boxers watching and well wheels have a strong tradition in the squared circle Lauren Williams wonderful punches and punctuates that when my gold medal here in the Grand Prix super stuff and the women's under 67 kilograms wonderful gold medal hug the Breton's Lordan volumes of course the creation material each she tried at the end there came into a little bit yeah a little bit put a little bit too late I think the first round really set her back it's for confidence when focused when then when she realized she has to go you know without putting on a little bit of an embarrassing show too late you call that you said that you know what she has to go down facing here she went on a shield at the end yes she did she did a little bit more could have changed the game well I think it was a big ask for anyone to beat Williams today well you said that that's probably the keyword that today Tania forum had the fighting and found those great punches as well and a great sign perfect britain as well for next year for the hosting the World Championships so Lauren now our two golds in the Grand Prix's both on home soil London Grand Prix Manchester Grand Prix sorry both in Manchester sorry and then now we've got the world championship so great sign for how she can thrive on home soil with that with that home support for the World Championships speaking of that home support the golden girdle handing out their little souvenirs and a souvenir sale free as we have a look at some of the highlights of that one off which they will may need but they may look a little bit like video replays because the tail of the punches from Williams at loss cone I've only got ten fingers so I had to hold the magnet for the cretan code pattern around it I was Tanner attained in terms of punches a five-star performance from Williams or finding the target and finding ourselves on top of the podium great stuff from Williams the accuracy the placement and the power she's powered herself onto the podium promptly champion modern Williams and of course that's the penultimate final excellent very strong yet textbook stuff there from Lauren Williams and I wonderful when and the end goal for Great Britain and it's Lauren Williams to boot and very handy indeed that I will be

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  1. Wow that was awesome Lauren. Your mum showed me a clip in work today so I went home and saw the final, tremendous, and you support UTD!

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