Mangalore Horse Riding Academy | The Horse Man | (ft. Avinand)

Mangalore Horse Riding Academy | The Horse Man | (ft. Avinand)

welcome back to another wonderful video in Jaquith and I'm sila here right now we are in manga luvox Riding Academy click for all your hospital Louis and one of my friend has recently started with his name is Evelyn and welcome to Jaquith you were raised on a small farm they never burn crew dear Bow Wow Bow River will put up 20 toes he never roll in the hay you never call it in for weeks i'ma fall in here girl let me show you how country please little split this is exactly this look at it exactly opposite to mother Marlene finally there are on six horses well this is actually started by my classmates covenant hi everyone hi hi mr. then how are you I'm good I'm good thank you so what inspired you to start this hot sweating thing if I'm tired I had a person on horse especially all kind of animals and basically horse was my passion from almost when I was slightly when a seven years old and now after I came to Mangalore I came up with new parts of the fighting horse to call it so that time people of Mangler especially took this concept very nicely and they welcomed me and they were very supportive I should sang the whole the people of Mangler and apart from that to continue my passion now I started up with a new concept where which is very new to Mangalore maybe I can say first time in the city limits I started Academy known as Mangala Roja training academy where some six years to sixty years all everyone come can come and try horse riding and it's a very good exercise it burns around 650 calories but half an hour of riding which is an amazing exercise I can say it is the only sport where it once 650 calories for half an hour half an hour of right well oven and now how can we join the Academy instead I mean you can join as I said from 6 years to 60 years we take and we have no issues training any kind of student and one restrictions is we are cut off 85 cages about 85 cases we restrict because of the horse we help because tendons of the hearts will become weak this way so we are Rock 285 kgs the we take we have no issues and especially to reduce your weight move to get very good fitness hot reading is an amazing exercise and you can hold people of Mangalore can try horse riding it burns around 650 calories especially people who have lower tummy who wants very good fitness they can come and try this and coming to the horses we have our own six horses of different breeds we have two Indian breed horses and we have two or almost 400 breed horses which are retired race horses and initially we have forces like three stages of course basic basic raiding course where the horse will be on walk and trot initially in the first month you will be learning basic riding of horse riding and I can assure you that in 22 days you can take the horse independently on your own which without anyone's support so that's level be trained and next stage which comes is not the intermediate level of learning where you'll be on canter will be around 35 to 40 kilometer speeds per hour so in that level you can learn then the final stages are advanced riding because that is known as galloping so the extreme power of the horse and the speed of the hot you can try so this is the total vote horse ride well now we have one of the student who was riding the horse his name is with Rick now let's ask him his experience from childhood I had a dream to own a horse and learn horse riding and after getting to know evidence he started teaching me horse riding in his horse now we will be asking the people around here they are experienced regarding this horse riding and also you can see some kids playing here like human kids also enjoy this horse trading it was like awesome class and means I have a nice got a nice experience this is the one of my dream also to become a hot cider nothing is the difficult because somewhat like calm standing is somewhat difficult with but we know two days I learn the horse riding like us of a walk and without saw any man pulse that's my daughter riding the horse where which must be her 1516 class I have my son as well or in horse riding it includes a conversation a lot and it's that interest that we are showing with envy scene is the background well this is product signing off from manga Rojas Riding Academy check out our social media links in the description below please do like comment share and subscribe for more information on horse riding check out the link below this late I'll back down nigga pow you love me now

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  1. My dream is to ride a horse I wish I would have a horse do u now any horse riding academy in mumbai let me know I am a girl

  2. Great report. As a Mangalorean, I am really proud of this young man who has started horse riding academy. I hope his business does great.

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