46 Replies to “Mark Wahlberg & Conan Talk Boston Sports”

  1. Trump complaining about immigrants
    I'm complaining aboht people from other states coming in California and Ooo LA
    Stay out of my city and state
    Over populated. go to Vegas or somewhere empty

  2. Born in Boston myself and it’s cool that they’re both from there but all I’m thinking is how bad I want that watch that mark has. Lol

  3. Say what you will but I love my Bostonian family and I loved the city while I was there. I want to go back again so much.

  4. the NE Patriots aren't Boston's team anymore. they're more appointed to the entire New England region.

  5. all this talk about getting punched in the nutz by a kid and conan saying aahh i would want that just didn't do it for me i'm out lol

  6. he did share rock incident with conan in another video..its weird..conan acted both times surprised.

  7. I love Boston, I'm not from there, I'm an OTR truck driver, and it's one of my favorite cities to take time off in.

  8. I get the wildest, meanest "racisty" vibe from Mark Wahlberg… I feel like he would just be mean to me for no reason. Lol

  9. why did the chicken cross the road? so I could drop em in the mid night discovering the team from the other side of mila. lol, so anger fist… why pull my jag xc 7 and give it to Bilbo lenos lol, what I cant eye you secret gt 90 so parked at where I was suppose to be living at by now

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