Marking the Fence Layout and Setting Your Posts

Marking the Fence Layout and Setting Your Posts

6 Replies to “Marking the Fence Layout and Setting Your Posts”

  1. You are awesome thank you!! We put up perfectly level and straight posts for the very first time thanks to this video. Of course I screen shot the supply list you provided which was super helpful, but for anyone who reads this….. remember a knife for the cement bags hahahahahaha the keychain knife I luckily had in the truck barely made it lol

  2. 811 only comes out for free to mark utilities from the pole to the meter. Not from your house to a barn. I found that out unfortunately.

  3. Very Useful information. It is very useful for me to install fencing at my farm in India. Thank you , Regards, Ravi Patil ,Farmer , Latur, Maharashtra, India

  4. Great info, but would be nice if he speak slower nd give and example of each, the Maj. of people its likely not tech enough to fu that pace….

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