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  1. I have all three of the Martin bows. The jaguar, saber, and panther the saber will shoot the pants off the other two. Next in as the best shooter is the jaguar. I just can't get the panther to shoot as well as the other two. I am going to get a new string for it the same string as I have on the other two see if that helps.

  2. I did end up getting this bow at #45 it's awesome. I love it very much. I love how it looks and how fast it is.

  3. So, I'm about to begin archery and wanted a good quality bow that would last a while, and I came across this. I went to an archery store and they only had compounds, and I was a 50 lb. draw on it. With this one being easy to draw, I guessed forty is a good weight for this bow. Do y'all think that would be a good weight or should I go up or down?

  4. Nice review! I just bought one #35. I´m still anxiously waiting for the delivery. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for the very helpful video! You mentioned that you added a Cobra 5 pin sight. Which one did you use. Looking them up some reviews were saying some of the cobra sights didn't fix exactly right. Thoughts?

  6. Nice bow, i just got me a same bow with topoint archery 3 pin sight, raised to the max height and with the most top pin i'm still shooting really high @ 20 yards (I have to aim about 1.5 yard below. Your cobra seems to have further extension to the forward from the bow.So just wondered if you had to extend it out forward as farthest.? And does it shoot high for you?

  7. My compound is not the new one they have now. It was made in 1972. Its a bear pollar 2. Its lowest setting for draw weight is 50# and highest is 65# draw length is only 29" or 30" in in between. So im looking to upgrade both my compound and recurve. Ive drawn back the new pse compounds they have and its alot easier to do than mine. And I have no problem holding them back. My question was do you think it would be ok getting a 45# recurve bow both because it would have more power and because you have to have a bow with 45# draw weight to hunt with in az?

  8. I have a bear 76er takedown 62"amo. It only pulls at 30# I saw the diablo a few months ago. I wanted to get it then but ive had to wait. I am currently shooting a compound at 50# so im not sure what to get the bow draw weight in. When I pull my recurve now its like its nothing to pull.

  9. gday mate from Australia , just watched your review on the martin diablo recurve , I just purchased mine at 55# , I am looking forward to giving it a good work out hunting in the next few weeks , safe hunting ,  cheers mate , Rob

  10. hey man i really like your videos. Please check your private messages im asking for help with some tips for archery please. thanks in advance

  11. elijah rios Although Martin recommends not using different string materials other than #382 14 dacron, I personally feel that a Fast flight or a D97 string would work just fine and add a few fps to your arrow speed. Keep i mind it potentially voids the warranty. They do say the dacron string is better for the limbs. As long as its 62inAMO. 

  12.  I purchased this bow last year and love it but, both my limbs all of a sudden got twisted and now the strings aren't aligned with the groves of the limbs. I was thinking of purchasing the samick sage limbs to replace the limbs. i am still a newbie in archery and need some advice.    

  13. Elijah Rios I cannot reply to your comment so hopefully you read this, yes they did change the name. Makes more sense to stick to cat names since the other ones were

  14. did they change the name from diablo to panther? because I don't see the diablo anymore just panther.

  15. OK dokay. Here goes. I have the Sabre 55#. My wife has the jaguar 50#. It's a lot easier to shoot my saber than my wife's jaguar. It has to do with the amo length. Saber @ 64" strung vs jaguar @ 60" strung. Martin has been at it for a year or 2, so I can say with certainty that they do know what they're doing when it comes to making a bow, regardless of type. On most compounds, you are holding 12-14 lbs at a 70# draw weight. Most experienced archers will say to start at 20-30 lbs below what your comfortable compound draw weight is when you first start with stick and string bow. Not max. Comfortable. I say start at 25-35 lbs below when going to a stick and string bow. Form consistency is the most important part of shooting stick and string bow. Same with compound, but it's not as noticeable with the compound. Bad form or inconsistent form with a stick and string = can't shoot accurately, ever. At the 13 y.o. young man. Start with a 35# recurve. It's worth it. Work your way up. The native American Indians used 30-40 lb bows for hunting. Even when hunting buffalo. The big heavy bows were only for war. Most states require a stick and string bow be 45 lbs for hunting big game I.e. deer, elk, bear etc… By the time u are physically ready to shoot a 45# bow you should be more than adequately accurate. You can work your way up from there. Never shoot more than 3 arrow rounds. Wait 5 to 10 minutes between rounds. This give you time to recover and reduces fatigue. Fatigue causes bad form. Bad form = inaccuracy. Shoot every single day. Do not shoot more than 10 rounds of 3 a day. If you shoot a perfect group, stop shooting for the day. Psychologically, it's better to stop on a good note i.e… good group, than to continue until you ate fatigued and start shooting wide groups. Stopping with a bad group causes uncertainty and mostly disgust. This all just my $0.02, though. But I do not think that any real bowmen will argue with any advise that I have layer out here. Good look, shoot patiently, and practice, practice, practice.

  16. I have one 55lb. draw & man its quick. Actually feels  a bit more than 55 but very smooth draw.Thanks for the review.

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