Martin Hunter Recurve Bow Set Up TGO

Martin Hunter Recurve Bow Set Up TGO

howdy folks tax revenue Texas revenue on doors new videos every Saturday so if you don't want to miss out any text grab your outdoor Saturday morning cartoon awesomeness make sure to click subscribe and check my channel every Saturday for new videos I love reading your comments and are going to appreciate all of it watch it is dangerous release too much of my awesomeness all at once I was socially erased by wolves you can't take me anywhere I promise anyways so I do really appreciate all of your comments and while wading through the daily barrage of hate mail I did come across the comment last week and I wanted to answer an Nvidia because without you guys watching there'd be no point in doing it I'm an entertainer I'm an outdoorsman and I'm honest to god an attention whore so we're going to talk about how I have my Martin hunter recurve setup now this is a quite unique Martin hunter recurve in that it draws between 75 and 90 pounds depending on how I have my brace height setup breeze tights as the distance between the riser that's the arrow shelf at the back and the string at which point the bow is braced and puts a preload into the limbs so first of all we're going to talk about my equipment Damascus style Berlin glove or I should say Berlin style Damascus gloves I wear a medium I like a nice tight glove so that you don't have a whole bunch of material bunched up at the fingertips this is a Three Rivers armed guard and this here has nothing to do with anything it's more of a medicine charm for me this is Python print got duct tape just smooth it on trim the excess and it's a really easy way of backing your bow in a very custom way on the sheet I use a 3 Rivers archery posi grip and I use a bear hair arrow rest and a standard strike plate this over here is where I screw my camera mount into I have a stabilizer bushing epoxy it in here I also screw a camera mount into there and I also use a knocking point above and a knockin point below on my string this is a fast light Flemish string by Three Rivers archery and as I said it is dangerous currently it's too much in my awesomeness all at once why do I have or why do I like heavyweight recurve amongst other things I've got delusions of grandeur so I would like I guess my death wish really is hunting cape buffalo in mozambique like fredbear and if that buffalo stomps me into a bloody pile out in the woods hopefully my cameraman survives and you're going to get to see it because I'd be able to pay for a safari if I actually had a penny for every time that I read in a day that I should die anyways I like to be up close and personal which is why I really suck at shooting at distance because when we're talking about hunting we get to pick our shots we get to pick you know if the animal isn't just perfect we've got an ethical and a moral responsibility not to take that shot however in competition you've got to shoot from where the snake is and so that I feel causes a little bit of moral confusion where guys will go out on three D courses and okay sweet you know we're shooting at 30 40 yards and beyond this and then take those foam ethics into the woods and use it on flesh so anyways I don't want to shoot an animal any further away than 20 yards some guys want to brag about how far away they can kill them I personally would like to be able to brag about how close I kill them but my max range right now that I'm training up to for competition is 50 yards and I'm not real good at it well at least I've got three on foam I hope this answered your question I hope you guys enjoyed watching as always god bless all my sports or of America join the NRA to protect your rights to scout my friends over that so we tactical year calm thank you very much those in one forcement and those of you server in the military thanks for watching text grab your outdoors new videos every Saturday so if you don't want to miss out on your text grab your outdoor Saturday morning cartoon awesomeness make sure to collect subscribe and check my channel every Saturday for new videos I love reading your comments and I really do appreciate all of you to watch and if you want to see me get stomped into the ground by Kate Buffalo someday make sure to keep sharing my videos and help my Deathwish happen

39 Replies to “Martin Hunter Recurve Bow Set Up TGO”

  1. I believe that the fella is drunk lol. Brace height is not too bad on that bow and he can set it up anyway that he wants to…he owns it. He is obviously desperate for attention with the draw weights, etc. But it's okay. Let him enjoy archery…hard to shoot your own self with your own bow! lol! They took all his guns away after that incident maybe…or if not then they should have. Bit doubtful of the draw weight that he states. He doesn't use a draw technique consistant with heavy draw weight bows. He also doesn't show us the poundage markings on the bow hummmmm?

  2. firstly..are you drunk? secondly you flinch on your release,which is probably the cause of your accuracy issue. lastly you say you keep it simple but turned an awesome martin into a 3rivers run of the mill shelf bow,..nice material though, i think im going to get me a 12 pack and go in the back yard and be an archery expert. Youve been the subject of some awesome memes on the Martin archery group though lol cant get enough of this awesomeness.

  3. I was wondering if the martin hunter was better or the super Kodiak black phenolic which is $800. which is better in terms of performance? any1 knows?

  4. tex good accuracy at 50 yrds but you are rt to keep it to 20 yrds a gut shot hog will run out of the county

  5. Hey Tex. in all my years of archery hunting i have never heard of measuring brace height form the arrow shelf to the bow string. it is my humble opinion that setting brace height that way would be a mistake. i'm not a "know-it-all", just saying. i do enjoy your channel so keep up the good work….martin..

  6. You should try your hand at making your own bow Tex. Just made my first primitive selfbow. It's very satisfying

  7. I just re-watched this vid and I have to say, I appreciated your comment on how you would rather brag how close you got to the game, instead of how far. Any twit can stand back and lob arrows at game. A real hunter has the patience to try to get close or wait til the game comes in to them.

  8. tex what do you think aboutmartin savannah, or bearpaw quick stick reflex/ deflex bows? Thanks for the awesomeness! From Northeastern seaboard!

  9. Wonder if you have seen that new Martin Scorpion recurve bow? Looks real cool. I am looking to buy one soon. Any ideas let me know. Love the videos. I have been watching for years. God be with you my friend.

  10. thanks for this. I shoot a compound bow, and I'm just getting into recurve. can you do a video on how to shoot a recurve, ie. aiming, anchor, release. thanks Tex for all that you do.

  11. I personally believe,this is the Best Bow ever produced By Howatt/Martin.The Man who designed it,is a friend of mine and he is almost in agreement with my opinion.

  12. Hi Tex, love your channel. I've been hunting with a compound bow for a while. But I want to get into traditional bows.

    Do you have any hunting bow recommendations?

  13. you absolutely do not have to shoot from where the stake is, afield… due diligence suggests that we engage in "the stalk" to get a clean kill….

  14. Just reading through the comments and didn't see very much hate…. so not to disappoint….
    Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
    Foul and filth
    By the way love the duck tape backing, I too am a cheapskate and will be doing this to my Damon howett

  15. 50 yds is tough. as you know it requires total focus and consistent form. i like to have fun when i practice and I shoot long range for something different. i do my serious practice at the closer ranges cause you rarely get a 30yd shot in the woods. i shoot from blinds so its super close like under 15 yds or less. i practice mostly at 30 so a 15 yd shot is cake and right where it needs to be either quartering away/towards or sometimes straight at the brisket.

  16. Tex, as an instructor in hunter education I really appreciate your comments about ethical and moral hunting, keep up the good work. I enjoy your honesty about your shooting skills, but you are looking pretty not too bad. I like the idea of the custom backing, a nice idea. Keep up the good work.

  17. Hi Tex, 50 yards with a heavy recurve, and hitting it is very good. I would like to see some of those stupid haters do it. I doubt if they could pull the skin off a hot dog, haha.

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