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  1. Thanks for the video! I just ordered my jaguar and I’m very excited to get into the sport, good to see someone’s review of it a few years down the road

  2. I am thinking of purchasing one of these I primarily hunt deer and black bear what poundage is good?

  3. Some HELP PLEASE from SERIOUS archers. What is a good bow for a beginner and good out of the box? i wud like to get a Martin recurve take down like the one on this vid, but i dont wanna be building arrow rests or filing servings down. i would like one that you could just shoot and learn. Is that possible or are all bows in need of some kind of inevitable homemade workings? (filing, arrow rest issues etc etc) ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT AND THANK YOU !!!

  4. Thanks for the video! Always wanted to buy this bow to take a break from compound and/or hand over to friends and family (cant do that with a compound).

    Anyway, I could look it up, but I figured I'd also ask you, what draw weight and arrow spine are you using?

  5. Great Video, Thanks. I have the same year (approx 2012)model Martin Jaguar Recurve that I purchased slightly used, recently. Will the New Present day Martin Limbs Fit this older riser? Thanks again

  6. Good morning. I have a question for you about arrows. I have a martin panther and a martin jaguar at 30 # I am going to order a few arrows. My draw length is 27 and 1 half inch. They will be carbon and feathers , so what spin and length should I order? Just for back yard shooting. Thanks for the reply.

  7. In internet is walking a recurve bow very similar to martin saber, with different names: Junxing f163, Atropos, and battle axe. Could you do a comparison review to see what bow it's better? Atropos bow:http://www.ebay.com/itm/F163-Pro-Recurve-Archery-Bow-30-50lbs-Draw-Weight-/252386873953?hash=item3ac36e1261:g:IKsAAOSw8vZXM-3V

  8. Hi, good morning from Canada. I have the Martin panther. I have been thinking about getting the jaguar for just an everyday bow maybe for stumping and for my grandson to use when comes for a visit. So would you recommend this bow? By the way a great video happy shooting.

  9. Wow! the bow is silent compared to my martin jaguar. I'm gonna try the 7 1/2 inch brace height. What grain arrows and feild tips do you use? Cool vid by the way.

  10. Thank you very much for this good close up review of the bow and its details. Other videos mostly show someone sgooting it or from a distance no up close. Im considering purchasing this bow at first to get used to target archery and improve my aim, however , i do plan to hunt with it later on most likely small game like rabbits. And i was wondering if 35# is enough? Or should i just be sure and go for the 40#? Last question – how tolerable is the string and arrow rest for target shooting from a moderate distance and for how long? Or should i just buy a new rest at the same time as i purchase the bow? If necessary money is not a problem but I wonder if the rest can be changed and if ill just have to end up doing it anyways by the month. Thanks again if you or anyone can reply. Sorry to flood you with questions. Keep up the great work!

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