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  1. You Aren’t going to be able to hit any thing at 25 yards without a sight if your going to practice with a sight

  2. Jesus Christ sights whisker quick detach quiver d loop peep sight on a recurve what sorta fuckin Democrat are you

  3. im looking all over for a video for a whisker bicuit on a recurve bow because I bought a decent made but cheap cost one.i put it on my mandarin duck phantom and the windage is just too far out no matter how much you tune it the two different arrows I have are cockeyed when nocked.my heavier arrows with the feather fletching shot pretty true but the rubberplastic fletched ones are a bit lighter and they fire wide but accurate so It seems like I just have the one riser that it doesnt fit…?LOL!kinda sucks,but im getting a magnetic(Olympic) stick on one.if anyone has experienced this "extremeness"(haha) id love to know a fix if there is one.i do like the way the biscuit works and is quiet also that hold once ya pop the arrow in is soo nice!

  4. How did you mean dental floss could be used instead of a peep hole? Sounds awesome! How can I do that?

  5. I once saw a grown man justify buying a rifle because he was scared of politics, I also saw a guy spend 5k on a vintage bottle of Coke;
    People do things, usually without asking your permission. So cut the guy some slack.
    He seems like a goon, but I appreciate the idea trying to be consistent with ones shots.
    I have a sight on my recurve to help with muscle memory, and to train to me hold it on target for longer than needed….something about training harder than I fight, learned that somewhere.

  6. "Progressing" with a Recurve is shooting it WITHOUT sights. Sights are a hindrance….Dude…..Get a compound….A Recurve just isn't for you…..

  7. can all of this work of course it can but at the same time it doesn't make sense to do it with a recurve.

  8. Why do a review when you obviously know nothing about archery. Youre an extremist? What the hell is that? Bet the dudes at the shop were cracking up when they put a peep on that. It's hilarious how so many people feel they can make a review on stuff they have no clue about. You've probably shot it like 4 times and think you're and expert now. Judging by your fake ass deep voice too you probably do this stuff all the time. Go be extreme on your own! I have this bow and yeah i put a sight and a quiver and a bunch of crap on it. But it doesn't make it extreme. And shoot with your fingers man c'mon!

  9. I just bought a Martin Jaguar and waiting for the delivery now. Very useful video, make more (general recurve bow video 🙂
    Im gonna go and buy what you mention there so I don't waste precious time when i receive my bow and don't have everything I need to enjoy it !! 🙂 tx

  10. It's a good review but it would be nice to know where you bought your extras in case someone wants to do what you did to yours

  11. Thank you for the EXTREME…. good job… I personally choose to shoot recurves by sighting down the arrow and have killed much small game… for a compound I choose sights…mainly because you can reach out a little farther and still drive nails.  compounds you hold much less weight and have a typically faster arrow….however recurves are quieter, more reliable, more simple, cost less, much easier to repair, and just down right cool…..with a recurve..the weight you pull gets to be the highest when you would be looking through that peep…Try anchoring your pointer finger into the corner of your mouth with the string touching your cheek and tip of your nose….this is a good solid anchor point that will keep consistency in your shooting.  Key to perfection and EXTREME is practice practice practice.  

  12. Looks like you've tried to make it into a compound bow with the wisker biscuit and sights.  More power to you!  It seems to me that a recurve would be easier to shoot traditional because if you use the sight and all you'll have to hold 50 lbs unlike a compound which is easy to hold.

  13. It would be helpful if you showed steady close ups of how the biscuit and sights are mounted to the bow as it would give we viewers a good frame of reference, also a few arrows shot using the above with form may also be helpful. How is the sight and biscuit working for you day to day? I for one always appreciate someone that breaks the traditional mold in search of a better way!

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