14 Replies to “Martin Locust Recurve Bow Review”

  1. When First started we'd cut  the plate down to at strip so as to draw our groups in tighter, just sayin, excellent group at the end there…

  2. Looks like fun. Big advantage of a recurve bow is that you can restring it yourself in the SHTF if the string breaks.

  3. That's awesome grouping for a bow with no sights. A lot of people can't group that well with a handgun at that range. I miss shooting a recurve bow. I had to stop when I lost a couple of fingers in an accident on the job.

  4. The top loop should be large enough to slip over the top limb before you attach the bottom loop. That way you won't need a third hand to pass the end of the string to.

  5. Got to admit that I admire you going out of your comfort zone to a long distance like that. Talk about a great background too and a great bow.

  6. You have one of the coolest set up as far a gear goes man, I love the quiver and arm protector! Great video as always man!

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