MASH 2017: WAKEBOARD RAIL & AIR Final Full Event HD Replay

MASH 2017: WAKEBOARD RAIL & AIR Final Full Event HD Replay

[Applause] we were talking about the rails added this year to have the whole set up to have the whole cart not only the big air so everything count the overall impression counts for the judges you heat it up on the rail and then execute on the monitor I think Matthew absol absolutely crazy about the right of us so you have to imagine all the brightest don't don't write a big here is one day years it's their first time they have two students attractive they have to get boosted real quick and then they ask you to send it yeah definitely talk like I spoke to some of the writers that got knocked out in the top 16 and they said the worst thing about being knocked out of this competition it's not about the prize money it's not about anything else it's the fact they can't ride that kicker anymore that's why though man I just want to get in a fighter not about the prize money the procedure which is play the role of being the winner meeting match but it's about writing that kicker which you don't have a chance to every day and they're also so we came basically out of the water think wow this peak on it so for us to tell the truth last year the takeoff book all right but it came to the transition wasn't long enough there this year they have more time for the take-off they can have a better time doing switch tricks they have more terms of using the air and propeller tricks yeah definitely that I think the approach like using our grant players enrolling we're going to throughout the afternoon for you guys sitting at home and then go through a little bit of circular details that way forward and working for it and how you approach we're picking it up for the stuff but right now our three judges on the left Andy Cole there's a handsome looking man here is that any becomes there is any of our wake skater who pretty much some carved his way in wake skating or well I bet her new Hansen is not as good-looking as a week without my starts it was another month that's that guy the middle ck he actually absolutely allegedly coaches a lot of kids from England he runs the cable with the glazier over there in England and yeah he really knows what he wants to see what he's judging is really technical and the other hand he lighted a bed I thought about the mustache with people well T 3 to be a world champion with wakeboarding is one of the German writers the first German writer ever to have his pro model board in an international company and I mean he plays a big role still working extreme tech pushing the sport is very creative so I think what's going to make it hard for the boys and afternoon nd cope he knows exactly what he wants to see and it's not if the boys are shown things to pass it's not going to work or our wmfc field he wants to see antigen we want complete execution we super clean lines for wise Napoleon fret no's super fiber yeah they want it they want to see some style I won't eat clean ground they're grabbing the boredom here okay editor il adoptive because we've got right now I like the heat setup so Liam on hose will be going up against gun to oka so the way it works these copies head-to-head these two guys right against each other and they got three here three runs so one time I feel like one time back down they do that three times and the best run from that will count so city I mean it's pretty fair form they get three guys at it and if they're not comfortable as one they can do it again so straight knockout situation can be pretty tough like repair the dagger heading for intensity know how these the boys are going execution how clearly they don't land their tricks and I'd like to take a county in the trick as well but I can't apply to grow to know where I'm going you have to score presentation folium second now before he'd super start to be in this event like he said unites with the feet in the sixteen harder to get excited get into the top eight he pretty excited going to go like success is warming up right now so don't get cookies at home we're going to the tightness of warming up to get introduced to the crowd to fire them up a little okay so they are really looking for a thousands of people surrounding beautiful setting the first one in the final two [Applause] Kendall better only has to do better exactly that's what we were saying clean landing here and play a big role obviously that one job to County school but that's pretty much how the quote fourth work I'll pass the rails after still wait step up and then the Big Buddha to finish out but clean landing you know a trick like that we have the handle mechana job back to speed so we'll count but it's going to get marked our magazine for the judges the young Hong Kong journey in the beautiful little bottoms on the contrary Ingold did not add cream we've been to okay thank you for the beauty together with movement of experience between later on I am I just thought the story is actually we were a little wrong and this was in the warm-up laps it was before drunky sorry about that gratefully on checkout counter counter is absolutely my key to the county is making footfalls this year and or the truck pretty technical pretty difficult on my style unique community mash signature rail and sitting down on the doctor view the most remote 18 years older than things I am from Orlando from the mecca of wakeboarding you are the time I'd like to just in here not saying anything right now just come check out check out down to the way he goes that if kicker is absolutely incredible the starting left for the nav in fact that's all we were talking about caps comedian got good execution to Molotov and he hit the king of luthier either and we hit exact words which makes it harder which gives you two more points yeah watch my finger for ticket explosion and pop up against a family buddy super clean landing so and now I don't want to tell so much let me put another one I do nothing I think for the foil actually depended already with a smile here we might need it on a super farmer is to make food again the top core is good for you can see now we'll make the super final and the second row from the important valley and we just saw from Gunther 81 points and clear leading there do remember young we've got like that best trick as well so all the tricks on the big air and ran will go into accounting for the bigger trick so even the voices don't get on the top three places but we'll have a chance to take on down here actually even the voices do up on the rail they strip on the bigger so even if they fought on the rail get up get up on your board right away and get the thousand foxes in there that's here and that show the professional rider as well like keeping a cool head even if you get you cook on the rail is like if you're not right good on the rails keeping a cool head yeah liam goes right foot forward on that yeah this was the answer we wanted to determine the answer to what rebels a quick touch the facts are 350 then I had a bottle down Moby Dick is one soul and dr. playing on that second loud yeah he knows he can use his run I mean he'll that some pressure on his shoulders he's like Liam comes back to dog counters actually riding against him but he did this doctor really that Liam landed that trick and I was sorry to think those guys coming all right now Calkins a day here for each other the people just simple landing maybe I get a chance to do the answer explained as well the two boxes at the end they're like we can see campus commerce with one of the outside from our screen for what we complete and Liam which the one on the right does this suit table set up beside each other and so depending on which chalkboard kicking you want to hit in front that be grant dependence on top again the switch go a week but this long the extra woman is not I just decided that left foot forward landed right before the 540 degree rotation the rail section from jungle looks pretty solid let's check the score yeah as well what do what it's trying to show us is working for the question is is there going to be enough to go up against Cantor and what the judges want to see that's pretty much a question everything that liam is trying to he's doing perfectly look and he's hitting the people switch as well usually is a regular remember attendance but now he's gonna do the extra dude goddess hundred popular they go for 335 selfie announces never have a beer counter is doing that bounty [Applause] you know guys drum maybe they all scope a store better than Gunther and they might not even super bad he was the best outfit fortification so he's definitely put it's not really the coding for here yeah without a doubt I'm sorry originally from Cincinnati Ohio he became the between sphere as well you can do bring us to stop the affirmance on the report check and now he's trying to heal drawing out needing our poor human pilot he knows that began competition with a seven-year off the rat then trying to put away or we can given up the cursor but I limit round I got one on let's do it and oh my stop it well I was freaking I have a thought take it out again see what went wrong with the end pulling the cables got the nanocloud a little bit off axis with an applied because being 40 like stretching out trying to get a padding 43 more to keep a handle close to hip depending on the tree when you have when your board is a bug they had that's really hard but you can see schooling or McCauley which want to control attention and just getting food snap round at last I showed up a little bit later cornea northerner ancestor and likely to God in practice this morning is nigh nothing about 4 o'clock on the road I'm pretty special if you get into the next round then American production in the first eleven at the German Australian co-production they're so much fun so far we're first year I just finished you're waiting for it's late – yeah going into hate through Aaron County will be going after going through so when left dude so without without a doubt like I mean what's that we've got a the world fest here on the start you can see on the left side of the screen egos on the right side Aaron coming up on the start women absolutely machine I'll tell you Aaron gun he's just dumb young kid from Sydney from Australia down in Santa Fe right there at the table and sentencing getting in a sport like the last four years like if you watch videos around it's just ridiculous what he can make pop in the wakeboard and he even Cheney's got a lot of strength in 40 muscles his way through through the park yeah and he has came important to say the Machine listen yeah you get to kept them in already qualification can better cap 1260 so we were talking about the pre-show about things we've never seen before here in really measure so we are excited not only four to twelve the super Saiya another two months waiting for for the two dr myko community say I have to highlight they make us brother as well and screenwriter Yannick from that family yeah enter some interesting detail about a girlfriend as well and it's hard it's a little hard for Nicole to focus on this position before yeah there is in the right-hander formation so it a girlfriend on it it's expected no baby boy and can happen super stoked for them as well and I'd like to get an empty heart and become today like student wing token Anna I asked the defendant like how you doing a mercy like I'm okay don't tell me goes like nah she happens right at home alright let's concentrate on first glance off the spinning machine Aaron come from a 21 year old all right get taking that safety out stepping up or the go forever I'll jump in at 270 all right step up on the Thruway again like you said Kim machines both it'd be a good Hannah vesting app and now you're not peruse ps4 and call of duty so mission completed so far on the rail and let's see what is got on the computer check it out like you said you can't spin out on that city Gina shall appear and they forward I gave you an honest cop seems like that looks super AV though and that's the warmup you connected having a seizure self-described on her way around on that 900,000 in the handle pocket I mean think about it secular with what you got attention the road oh you goofy I wrote it down here you're clever couldn't I have an idea only thing God it doesn't like it's so hard to tell any track there you go let's support data first in that line yeah which makes it again for those who don't watch the recording every day it makes it harder and just call marathon the judges did she hit for this option here that's very true so time for I'm excited I'm the German time for new compilation Nicole I got like I said in my profile like you at the start of the day these are the most creative I don't know you so humble and his approach he's always there to coach the kids whatever else he finds online you can have 20 you can have 40 people on the site he's gonna point alone that no one else to Klein and that's that's what I love about is approach checking out he's fully focus left foot forward coming out of toads like let's switch then that's right in joking through writing check this out going toe fighting they kick it makes it a lot harder are lucky on the landing scarecrow lobia hard approach on your toes are generally to pull from your side by the edge is a lot harder than pushing on the heel footage and just cover that and 15 meter gap all right 47 yeah hologram in the crowd live music at 17 come on five would work with a scarecrow I get going on that kicker is really really like a ritual I look at the standing no not enough minute we are in Johnny spray the king of anyone's here Monica won 3-1 yeah second round fan down three run best run counts that program periódico could get lonely lost Benally camera shy maybe the camera living opportunities Rick well against running we saw some Gunda as well like after not focusing on the rails he went for that seven locomotive seven so maybe Farah Tino's rails not going to work in this run I'll just focus on my best trick there he goes left foot forward starting on my right cable still ten eighty now under ten reading that like slam computer it's not but it's like a really dangerous but if you fall into place you can see the water reaches out to the hips there you should do kind of an angel if you hit the wall run your arms and legs you travel to Iran you can see pretty clearly there on that you can compare the commanding Rantala voice pretty easily and maybe to say that a deafness with a smile or you can remain on the edge when you land you can cut away a little bit and still control the landing which that photometric is on the landing ramp if you lean on these highways like Aaron just did you can't push the edge into the ramp so that's why it skipped out the rest of presence becomes to those people so check out that long-term makeup that is so nice always I'll close that the Rancic's and 50 bike not getting up on the other ramming down if you want to ramp and then rock into the world why am i transfer we were talking about the focus little baby will indicate hospitals and new preparing for giving birth to the next little wakeboard genius to plank their ego merger about pictures of maker when he's four years old on time to locate a sample I get those built into him employer them it doesn't it won't even get that car live in again go ahead at rest before which stance hypothesis a nice before response twenty I'm fighting like a fourth person is walking for van de France's Wow he was so solid in the positive he's further on get across I was pretty clean wasn't enough to get my parents all right I'm going to bring something else let's go cry my five but he got 450 rotation but then I'm half to finish off rocky gotta win unless you answer the injection because that's what is flying now in this third one is one person can live it around I transfer using that site you going north the problem being that God or back through semi-precious and seventy in the other direction around back another exit at the door you I don't think you got baking a cake again that you stand [Applause] Ellen Ghana should be the winner so far little Connecticut has offended Melanie because to get this cage only a winner that's a super super fine woman no matter what score the one balloons in to have to have no specific order that at the moment down to definitely in that super final and it's a battle years and I'm down who at the moment is leading from Mega Man Records because whatever we'll have they can tell he's done I mean imagine you were born in the car on the way home my god I hope not yeah I'm not sure if he will tell us his annoyance because he is not quite amused about second grade I think getting that dance low again on the car side [Applause] EMS was and what happened and big big cup for me for and also for Nana for allowing I knew it as well God'll item was been going on back exactly because trying to disputed arms up in here because it really hurts to get look your skin down on the landing gear definitely that ramp that when traveling that five like we said before the boys are like 43:34 45k banana and he really hated Trixie's no doubt of it remember coming around to my trail hey guys Aaron gone for that hey enjoy Oregon because you have an interview now with Alex Sean down at so sorry God rondell rude see I'm next to you they told I'm Nick open depafit sweet alright I'm here with Aaron gun congratulations you made it to the finals today take us through your run real quick what did you do I did my safety jump off the first rails and little back to 70 on the second one and then my signature here 9 off the big mega ramp and it worked out so I'm stuck cool now we will be in the finals is there any special trick you might have in your back to show us in the finals you want to tell us yeah there's something there but I'll leave it for the leave it for the final good luck thanks Aaron gun so with a piece or so so other people fire it up player and gun Oh nyah-nyah Chester the little boy won't sleep tonight because he's so excited presents all no one else in the world that factual special spray from Nana Nico's girlfriends and there's no one else in the world that's the unique helmet and in fact only it would be super happy yeah we cool here's oh it always has an opening that's what everyone adds incredible is such a nice guy but a little bit of lucky and we might even get Nico up here in the studio for for inimitable again how are you awesome just didn't get that sort of that yeah I live in a hospital room by the way the whole cable system the whole system to find all that selenium that's the Nichols dad's company very very employees they build up the whole cable set up to give to give the the writers the foolish they need to make the big gap on the gurus and that's it they actually created a to chalice dis and that we've got it set up here like usually the whole cable system is like a four five or six tower system that goes around the lake and since 2008 the introduction of the two tales system I mean to use the water here in Olympic Park in Munich and and that thing set up super quick it's just absolutely amazing so definitely one laughs and says family you have pulled a bit play a big role in the game and the link over here Nikhil said well there's a lot of duck in there okay not the Ducks that's alright but he's written in Paris on the Seine on the river yeah and he said compared to Paris this is awareness Oasis spirit Olympic time it's true the duck should never mind well if you're vegetarian then I mean there's nothing wrong with a little girl little bit of duck neck step ahead John garden gnome hallo domme last year winning Munich Nash well I know you've been here last year as well they always like you have to be here last year as well so and I was definitely feeling we've done last year in Italian we doing pretty good as well obviously get on the car bike jumper I mean I would've pulled it out let's see how he goes his first round famous for his little trick anyways an old toy this year Langer fell open you see he told me you sleep in form in principle in tricks but he can do kicker also but they've never asked him for it for a cucumber certificate first ones were client I'd open and after really that they're really match came up to me your clothes and you could actually a nerd you Dominic butan who just judge to the room wrong yeah I mean you can't read a book guys covering what you say in English like just the way to someone looks the way they approach you can't really tell who they are inside and there being a physics student you wouldn't think he's one of the world's best wakeboarders but I mean Nico's the same clever mind they have a race line what happened on that Oh God I mean FEMA grab that would have hit him a little bit off as well so I'm a double drats want to go with that backhand water come on scenarios with computer graphics and then trying to grab the file on the web as well on the circle you compete didn't see confident a single it's all came out in the air like you said it happened so fast they hammering at that kicker and through the extended rampant makes it a little bit easy have a little bit more time for the approach but Nico had said to me as well like through training that that kick had because it's long gone they reported used to pushing off earlier it's hard to wait that extra good second the kids at the top of the end this is super important where you miss effective convert other country can I say this dynamic on Maguire's willing to offer assistance to wakeboard export okay now cooking our food right over the rail that's awesome listening for you getting the wooden is watching you right here yeah it's often that I can feel with Karen Elson boards are there and Don's a cool character as well he knows what needs to be done and obviously last year's standing on top of the podium he's ready for it again this year you can tell even snowboarders so full of melancholy on the grill landing in the backseat a little bit yes they were very sure about he crippled water calm on location and origami thank you so again between e.coli Walmart's back at the back door sending it down really far apart over the students forty feet below the surface area tonight pretty much them be mashed size and demanding amazing price oh this was double the four year old and now you can see what can decrease down the Hispania going through Comte to be arrive on time very talented talented commentators to know whether on a bat come for the nerd again he said that's what he said I'm a terrific students need to finish this bachelors and now some 1000 you can you roughly show me grab my shoulder Braille I got before and Gannett on that run spices be read as well maybe pretty fight down so it takes actually uh I was checking out his white miles and you told me like a great down the rail will also obviously know exactly too we're playing on that step up on the tool as well 50/50 to front board no any app but you've got a shorter issue that's too bad for John John dude I mean what what camping at being awake order watching that and he's still trying we've had a soccer player Oh falling down and does that matter himself but but we're all the trees head right now seriously be sitting on that dog and you know you're going to hit that kicker yeah what do you do you can't go out and out the other one you can hit the back in the ramp that's ridiculous oh my game IVA drops for John Dreiling that just looked like I know yeah thanks I mean to stop the front line so we'll definitely be better than the first cool shoulders keeping attention drugs getting the handle pocket through grabs like a freakin cops on the second graph crazy with a with a busted show law that you can see you in pain well Donald yeah he added to film specific mime cell and go check it out on YouTube 2016 bangers unreal not only on the real psycho on kid yeah maybe I can see that neither what I've got to say this morning with that rain absolutely crazy this the roofing here of the Olympic siting of 75,000 square metres of roofing and that catches the rain and these the pool here is actually like all the rainwater that gets collected so that's like the reservoir for the rainwater and way that water is coming down this morning absolutely amazing I just want to do like cool photos hundred and seventy billion lot of rain coming down we haven't done a thing every captain tells how we have the claims down under poverty reason – is the same so it's cool for the guys that really doesn't sweat for this because they have some class based on its neck hole so basically a couple of thousand surrounding going to get seen Tom there we go joint second round was better than don't it's pretty hard if you know I think for Don John joining now in the leap to better one yeah yeah bouncing Dom home that out of the lead so he's got a shoulder issue yeah if Dom can became a ketchup look what we're going to be pretty precise I'm excited he's got to go in the car for half the ride he will don't want to get in a second John Cornyn doesn't really do anything drama through the competition Jerome Jones riding out he's not writing we work yeah there should be should be garmen Summerlin here well despite himself there as well probably gone for that Mobius again you can see and got a little bit of our factors on the rotation doesn't look too excited himself fifty-seven point three three of you know that's most on homeless sale he's man he's used to higher scores yeah but again John driving eighty point three three so nerd he starts thinking except dangerous and so amazing three for so long even it seems insane my knee time I in our daily life we can hear it in the background one more gonna work pretty much that's my freestyle tricks and must be included on how does that feel little a quick yeah that's a you looking spike they painted really right up on it back by the nation the truth you didn't have enough time to throw in some painkillers yeah I'm real Wow yep really using this 10 second time I've now use it changing table not even enough strength to get back up on to that start off most of the boys rocket into the dock they jump up on there is like nothing and not even anything is actually get a pen [Applause] firstly on the fairway – he give up on the run is the question whether you rode on being a couple like super fun and I don't think that we can compete nationally is illegal if you only have three guys in this tutorial we were just simple use the arrows but from I mean Dom's got one more run to go so we don't know what's gonna happen right now fast with the playthings of all top eight and with the scoring they will take the fifth scored Rider and moving up in the court and in that occasion I imagine that's what will happen if some John chooses not to die before but what is running on the winner supplies in your opinion now has a chance he'll die 15 branches 50/50 from every app looking very clean solid a little early off the rails all mine laughs yeah you can see it any fights as well it doesn't matter Tom gotta stick this trick that's what it's all about yeah he gets deduction already you've got to send in – always professionalism they paid code and you can hit that kicker then ed doesn't look to focusing on not 540 where they're highway pay me not to focus and Hannah's out of mode by that's ridiculous picked on harshly incentive I told you I would be doing tickets often we could oh that's done running our night I'm not too sure they were to take a little get deduction on that one so it's going to be really close that my father's killers letter and right at the bottom I ramp but for me in one more an idea don't her legit killed that last run and I think it probably secure release and knocking out the I shall call for just in case we don't seem to the finally for all the ladies out there amazing we caught totally frame and lived in Orlando hey guys want to play a little longer and we will pmm a super finally I'd say quite great great the lighting before the fraud money as well yes austere what's our gonna know no matter what gender he's going to be fun and I can super fun that 20,000 euro out the prize money here I mean maybe best trick maybe just as narrow for best tricks on that no 5x collar check it out again slow-motion one up and over grabbing all the way around that rotation getting handled well controlled first one I think about this one from our just show us two more impressions about the three run features there check this one out and hopefully the mode 5 actually look at focus and lean see all the mobile phones in the background solar grab on it Corona get a little bit amount that was the second one the back roll actually will see that most part as well so you can see the different men you people going on the computer real quick with a radical that's awesome hopefully yeah we've got me to up here which is great out in up here what anneza has so far juice oka gone up against jumper sorry Kantos you going up against me one host jumps are taking a win there Aaron gun again sneak up on the left and food and Aaron Clayton win that second head-to-head domine Canada against John broiling and so I'm taking them in there in the third head-to-head can see the crowd on the lake side so definitely the weather getting better this afternoon there's a lot going on down here Munich Marsh Munich action sports hero that sort of cool about em pay SH and it's a combination of music parties right size sofa bed that will come together sports obviously the new BMX bond which we've seen Street League skateboarding yesterday tonight into driving masato like two-digit device and Tori's profile videos early on he'll be going up against no one other than Felix Tod here is an absolute legend let's there we go Blakey Bishop first run from three best run counts not to 70 using a safety spinning front 270 to get that transfer right around Wow look at that skills on the rail 19 years old makes it look so easy dummy and also if you talk about nice guys he is super fun super friend actually has six ducks at all petting ducks they pull him around he's the mom really what you said yeah you raised them and now they're falling around on Blake or Trek Oh he had like a meter and a half cream that rant I hope you see the replay on that one ticket Felix is pumped as well solid nine hundred two and a half spin Blake bishop inspired by skateboarding with skateboarder as well by the way and you can tell by his child listing yeah Riley ey up are there 270 Gray's landing on the route stopping the landing up life's a pop you just explained in low knowledge graph we connect questioning chefs I resize to the collabing magnet school I have the bottom with that film satellite big banger from the consultant if you want a huge honor show and if you want to help on Twitter Instagram Facebook whatever hashtag massive importance if you're the question of something Clint will be pleased to answer everything is affecting that both these are about Phoenix yogya the second journal in their top points animal with four points wins the third actually an we had Liam in the first that had neutral effective overall yeah don't put your uniform and feeling well in solid and now he's in this switch Oh Felix you can seem like pushing his border hunting not 180 degrees super solid in those that first section the rail section you should score on those dude yeah where we haven't seen what Felix if you do ma'am take an employee of the morning I mean I think you're going for that one dude Felix obviously a very calendar snowboarder in snowboarding you can see that often that the boys take one put it out and do like one quarter tricks which is super difficult you got an opener Club and formative you see me don't see it in the contest today we see it in wakeboarding unreal coming in quit being 540 degrees which that is ridiculous I'm going to lay out on the reprieve holy how is the judge is gonna judge that I mean I don't even think they know we just happened to tell you but you know what it just that way he's one of the best more borders in the seals and he's inspired by snowboarding as we just saw yes tonight tell me what I should do what's gonna take one little pre-filter ask you yes you have you told him yeah I didn't do the ones I'm like you know you're the reason why he did that it's a switch for 41 for today which is that into the speakers and taking the fun out of it it's injury no if you have fallen in one foot no matter on a way forth or a network absolutely these are food achilles – everything comes in it can be ripped torn whatever yeah this makes jokes as well eggy starts to show Wow PSP organ eating autograph already he is without a doubt one of the most creative writer myself about Nico's well Nico and Felix are like to two writers worldwide that have super creative Felix is really the competition machine like he can in free writing and everyone's I do wall unbelievable what you're doing any competition it's often that headspace this isn't right obviously this way again music and dry learning big analysis who really enjoyed everything about magnitude of the trials he enjoyed stay put stay together is that skateboarder just let you live to show second one what I'm a little what I'm wondering about Felix Felix at around 95 points like eg 1516 like he is drunk I don't know what else both come for Felix begin in front of like okay David horse strong on the rails sure let's talk about the figure he did a 900 yes Felix it the one sir so what would you what would you judge what would you put a front behind hundred mm in the backseat you can be better than that oh uh Brock sleeping in the crowd hahahaha let me tell phone numbers anybody but it might be talked about a little bit like how do you judge let's do a 900 in the first first round through the queen technically difficult two and a half billion she passed might handle go to good grab on Felix yogi a one-footed riding switch stance that's amazing me me I focus all right warden Michael for him and in the qualifications we didn't strict on the big hooter baby but we are into the final so probably have to show the 1018 it's better I think you mean after mommy get in front end up all these like if always Felix could be standing out what else we'll have to do I have no idea writing in switch the one sport EVP in one and a half time he's got to grab on a key key back foot off I love that thing but I mean it's not my decision I'm not a judge judges know what they want to see remix the net back from over a guy beautiful fighter Avenger moment he probably knows the answer yeah let's say you're thinking ring it bring the rain by the way doesn't grace was watching for the anymore cycle exactly play wizard take again the candle in hand he watches by a freak off for $55 okay cool send it oh my golly using that psyche landing on the world on the knives are there he can still go for the best trick and cut but I'm I'm not sure I think he wanted that stricken area I mean we forgot a baby to come the top force will come out but for me of my mother didn't I really care what comes out sensory television alright one over again let's just enjoy critic tou twenty four-year-old another one to the side the trustee will from Citi Field is hiring of the college not even the ones who are not really into a pudding milk dangerously difficult what he does kicking that back foot off no grabbing the border state employee in the other directions well integrated a Stargate away I mean obviously you want to take the bribe money home we can he can on that first music master teacher feature ridiculous mother's disorders a little difficult to be an issue at all puzzle I mean the party has of mine has to be shot the body multi-national plus looking at that means of the team so much that's what I thought its finest yeah yeah definitely definitely I was not just kicking back without and having massive air time to get it after sprung as well that's uh control everybody I'm sticking off once to take them to the rivals finest they forget about the person rear for them if you've ever wanted to tune in to me by one point catchy in the landing fifty-fifty yes getting that first lady I mean that's going to be marked me out I would say but at the moment still out in front and I really don't know if Felix is got anything enhancer a Blakey's drum whatever here we go here may be obeying it tonight you might be looking for the best maybe Travel instead of money like I've mentioned before like tension in the cable play video as well let me see the speed played a big role we were talking about 15k Dan our wind I don't know how Wendy do is down there right now I can see the flavors outside here still going pretty fast so there is a feather in and we look at the truth from the thing to do there is there are some guns on the side the patient obviously world market leader and what they do a minute project innovative in building the ramp building a station setting it up and talking about to wait on the mess on the tolling sighing sighing Deandra never the one point the pulling chamber exactly it's important to keep a constant tension in the rope you say general in wakeboarding the way you build tension in the rope when you're cutting them to a feature that's the way the tension comes back out of it so if the cable is moving a lot it makes it a lot harder to find constant tension in the rope so obviously with the innovative systems and he takes a heart heavy Juden system they've set up here keep the scale attention it makes it a lot easier to feel what's going on in the right but they say was not living above your head feel icky blobs on three runs the best run can I make you buy the Scout official most attention in the world not enjoying the run yeah yeah it's not hard to tell you know what's it that was the super final Phoenix yogi what he'll do them to it sure he move on for the crowd and say thank you and to say bye-bye you keep on going Nicholson let's go results will come in a bit stay tuned shortly after high ratings hey probably gonna have together oh yeah [Laughter] later taking the side again we got off you can say that out there that is thriving here in theory only seen guys like would Vanegas to put strep in signing doc so cool well you can hear Diddy in the background responding down there getting the rod is a feeling of what check out that race last run you'll about first place your most of the time celebrate oh you a drink of the day I'm excited if you really make this you soon either you look at that I found belay that before being operated one blank wedding on devastation like I didn't even know I heard that he was doing a 315 I didn't know he did or possible I'm starting out which sucks I feel so privileged to sit here with you watching with a very witnessing world record one foot one records have been a widow we're talking about Olympic Stadium for the 1932 Olympic history room right there we're making on you tonight knowledge express knowing eighty five point four theory stop saying the first round and the winner is let's hope you keep something good for somebody who is she Wow can we know get a Wolcott Queen objects like you man you know the judges chef under beer maybe they do on the lady on a job you can I would have liked to be on the way to answer well what a head to hear that was the guy guys Table eight Liam one was down to oka jumped obviously making it through there Aaron gun against minkum relax bed Aaron making it through in that second head-to-head John darling Dom handler they see all the riders in yellow Tom Hanlon making that third head-to-head and Blakey Bishop against Felix yogi likey sneaking his way through again into that top floor and that is a solid top four right there when he got in American and Australian or two Americans are in Australian and the Austrian so Dominique on at the moment the winner from last year from unique Nash he's looking at his place on the podium here this year you can see bit of the corralled right there obviously being here in Munich makes sense to have a mouse in your hand big old leader of the German beer and there is a good crowd down here like I said there was a bit of rain this morning the Sun come out good vibes family fest Munich Marsh the fourth year that Munich Marsh is going down and Munich action sports heroes that's what it's all about like be on its head as well I'm watching the replays if you guys online hashtag Munich mash you want to write a comment on Facebook we do our best to check those out and get back to you and we can not you guys been doing it here at home wherever you are watching the winning match with this fourth year in a row you've just seen a top eight and incredible head-to-head battle they're a little bit different in the top four we're going into the super finals all four riders are going to be going up against each other a little bit different from the top eight we did three runs best run counts and in the top four we're talking about two runs and the best run count probably a thousand euro five money up for the best trick over that – gasps part of the course from online I've said it a thousand times already Felix you're be absolutely amazing with inspo forty bucks there's a lot going on maybe Gunther will be able to put another 180 on his mo five bang it out – almost seven so you guys definitely to stick around and Nicola Lautenberg has made me play up to the studio after unfortunately getting knocked out so let's see what's going on out there it has been an eventful head-to-head knockout unfortunately my favorite German writer Nicholson legend says didn't make it but um well how was it how was the atmosphere how is the contest great I was actually pretty surprised to see that many people making it out here to the Olympic Park because yeah it rained pretty heavily this morning so we're all like okay maybe we'll ride in front of 20 people that still yeah make it out here and then it was packed oh it's really really nice to be out there it's cool for the sport such a crowd out here interested in wakeboarding you were very solid in a qualification nickel you were a second of the qualification here you hardly land your runs what was the reason was it a little bit non it was it not being focused because of the little baby boy expecting I can so it started off really well with my first rail line I was pretty happy with that and then the first thing that got in my head was when I was on the platform on the back the dudes that told me anyway the second the kicker is going to be spray or wet what is down again in that second the cable started again and I saw the dude with a bucket walking towards the kicker so like damn is he going to the bucket at the kicker still like to water it down and that's just like so that goes down in like 15 seconds maximum of time while you're trying to okay don't bother at all try to remember your trick you know what you want to do and in that second I just missed the pop on the first run and then in my second run I started off the dock and for some reason the the cable didn't pick up speed right away just before the feature like it was to the point where I was like hey dude I want to rerun because I hadn't had speed until the very last second so that was how my first two runs started and then I knew okay anyways I got to give it my best and I don't know that trick I tried was I actually learned that today I haven't done it before so I didn't learn it now but I'm still I'm so so cuz I learned in the trick and everybody who like in action sports who learns a new trick that's that's what we're doing this so I'm still stuck it was putting great day for me anyway you could speak for you that you're trying a trick that you haven't done a lot before speaks for you why do you try it why don't you go for a solid trick in order to make the super final and then try the new stuff well I don't know if I have many solid tricks that would have been as good that they would match airing guns no you're okay that's that's one point you got a good point there but you're famous for being a very solid contest rider it has his together and you got his nerves and who's there if it's needed who can deliver you know not today on product of the day unfortunately yeah but still looking at your good friend kiddies kyoki it was eventful it was unreal what he showed one foot 540 I'm absolutely surprised by what yeah I had by his performance I think it's just that he found out that there is a trick that is kind of like feels good for him those one footers he's been doing them for a while now and usually he just just was himself out because he thinks he has to do stuff that he actually wouldn't do but still has to make them yeah make like big things that what's counting contest and yeah it's been a I've just watched the stream here and I'm like damn Felix what's up with you I don't know you and what a pity that just this one point then yeah was missing so he made it to finals Nikhil you're a great athlete great contender a very fair contender you're really well-known for that but Clint said I'd see Felix in the Superfinal it's only one point Blake did a 900 he did one foot 540 never shown in the contest before would you go for it it's it's tough I I really would not have want to be a judge yet what reason well of course I gotta say I wish Felix would have made him I know him since so long and I there's if there's any writer out there who you would want like you'd give your spot for the finals it would have been Felix kazi's yeah he's that unlucky guy that kills it all the time and then just messes up in the contest and now it was the other way around so anyway she can be happy that he showed what he yeah like that he showed that he can actually perform in a contest as well yeah we are looking forward to Felix Gogi next year for sure what do you what do you think about who's gonna make it today ham so Gunther has shown what he will be trying namely the mope 7 which I think would probably be the best trick of the day because he landed some really like landed them super nice and clean in the practice and if he gets his real stuff together as well then that would be in my opinion the one to win the event today all right I trust you because you're the expert I lost Clint in a second who's going to win this thing Aaron gun does his run with the transfer out of the safety popper onto that straight fight it's going to be pretty tight as well if he did it as a 1080 in the end zone thank you Michael I super finals on Siena bit thank you very much there you go guys looking at a top for Aaron gun Dom handler gum – ogre and leggy bishop you just heard it from Nikko right there as well obviously if there's anyone you get to give your spot in the final two it would be filled Scooby but we're talking about for the world's best airing on the Australia obviously throwing up down there where I do hoping if naked like Nico said if you can stick that 1080 here in the super final he's in for a solid chance but um Gunther oka if he can stick that in row seven and he's just super cool customer I'm pretty sure he's gonna get tougher clothing but we'll wait and see what the judge identity alright see what the boys can show us and Aaron gun obviously gonna start out so like I said before it will just get pretty near the top for super finals to run defense run counts from that they'll be able to be a trick to develop trim our battery contest take this down using that safety Wow super cold air as well Bruntlett France room back on the other row fifty-fifty I want to go back side getting out about to get on clearing up and over Aragon pretty cool in the first round we're going to make it tough for it nine you haven't seen right here in the super final can see in the background city tech hardy system 2.0 set up massive towers giving optimal for got now from that left up on our screen we've been making his way in left foot forward to to go handle water my 341 118 drops in we walk back I enjoy the 100 he can do it appears we might need to do and reinstalling I say I'm not sure if you've said it already in reverse order so there that's a very good point definitely something it's the one of the leaflets in the top a head-to-head round start our services my pride event obviously to show the best riding in the round before that you have a small event is starting out later because you what's the other thing I do and then you know whether you play as a four or if you have to do 150% and lot advantage that light oh you have more time to think about them what am i doing now is all of your necks true that we have to change your arm yeah because all of a sudden go to 1080 and then you have to mix up your games very true that I always had well it depends on the person like people like to go out there first Thank You sandy shut the gate and say it's my game good luck here try to keep up with me on the other side maybe a PVC will be able to smash have the other boards on regressor and they might crack 25 euros you feed all the time in every game ice skating and Eric someone's picked out making way through the premised on alert good save on the landing you can change your game anytime mr. zone and yeah we'll look at that taking time off ten-second pulling up silver clicks multi enjoy the bonus not enough gone there by 85 just seems to be going right back there right before selling out like you go getting is switch and well super top trick for Tom handler the 25 years them beautiful Austrian what would you say okay like if you look at the site would you say the board you feel the pressure here in the 546 on to the presser tell the truth I think not happy appallingly and he got something and remember in the first one in the Patrick Makau touching the glass and crannies elbow measurement problem witless guilty later who might be in the interview obviously with that 5:40 feminie doing well later I'm pretty stretch without rating if the cable pull in a jerking motion that's obviously it's going to put a pressure on end elbow so good saying would be saying that climate of Rebecca come to use the grand filled in the final nine-year-old nation here all the 21 year olds news to 25 if you miss a veteran that's a nice – not now though later yet again the format format for the one to 2003 one to run to run here to run count all these boys get technical engineering teacher no I 450 spit out from that rail front for the front board transfer 450 spinouts from that so putting another 100 kV breeze on there making that extra spin definitely well worth it do to win run to see legs are okay we can spin the winner I guess starting out on that laptop like he did in the round before that the back row by between hammering it out and hit the lad said he needs to back seven five seven thirteen okayed now – let's see let's see if we can now God promised first what kind of score he gets for that woman and family like you say adjust the air true like what the other shoe Dominic handler 54 points the years run or wait for the quarry this is what we call a crab Salah grab on the right in stride give me a back leg put it around the bar 40 Blighty bishops pommel of heavy metal guns are open bread thumbs-up from Germany come on side from Germany hit with that back from Japan that's right Pinto this is a Gemini let me have it okay japanese amazing are you two here [Laughter] all right great bish up some plays and it's dead typical five and one here watching the live stream do a nice trick wagon because II was waiting like I said the last five years of the dress so parked and in 2017 is a lot of riders like like pushing a little bit closer together obviously the closer and it's going between so many – how stinks always got caught there my genius boss he Cromartie dancing close it's getting like the land use minimal insiders because I make this motion poor darling liking the geology by the way that comes out everyone's life and like boarding has progressed a lot B is taking a lot of influence from surfing you can shout it out then we merely seaweed commanding around that please – no board employees Communitech skateboard – no – what influence there's a mix of sport but the difference of wakeboarding obviously the handle when you do one no spin then you got to pass that handle around your body to 1/2 times you've got to play with so all the ropes if you can't keep it under control you're not going to land it so that's a bit different than snowboarding as when you can spin and long as your board is underneath around it we was wakeboarding and right hand again I like tennis because to that edge and then under your board hysteria on looks so easy as they make it it is always a few even in silico boarding or wakeboarding doesn't matter far enough there are now so there you guys the reports going counter with 88 in the lead at the moment and younger baby ones like you fish it with seventy five point three three and dominant land people and pin five new clothes that are gone Oregon tore open hello Michaela you know we thought Gunter in the listing for it what Erin gun is hunting guns Iruka that's the very true blankies we should not expand on the rails and you could have been he can put another 180 on that kick a trick so flaky pieces are you having to run it can be do-or-die advice right now if they can't they can't keep hands like only he's gonna make a few thank you guys because they all have the tricks they all have the ability that's one thing I love about this format as well like when you're going down from 15 writers into the subway into the softball you've gotta show consistency it's not about that's going out there and doing a background and there it is that's my one trick and I was lucky today it's about you know they've been doing it on Friday in the qualification yesterday in train they're landing in solar therefore it's not the driving they're holding their elbows at home a buddy of mine always in love yes then respond automate commission come out there don't touch it they've done it for the last two years they're having done the same thing and they're not allows you to punch it are the times I just wanna keep progression they want to see stepping up attending their a-game so they cannot do this better go time they have to show her and they're filming the boys through the club item for free pumpkin today on Friday and Popeye today I know what the judges want to see they can judge from the store in the way it's worked out so they know how to build another one area or grabbing to the grinder we'll talk a little bit more like a fair deal people intentionally air a little bit something rule against our diamond let the iron gang goes let's go around 80 1.30 Klieman said that's not and it was a majority wasn't but he players their protein is complaining the doctor off the rails together boy that's very fair our gotten better yeah he's not working in a zoo he's actually working at a warehouse driving the forklift yeah no not kidding mixing heavy stuff belongs to be a pro in wakeboarding into living brilliant Aaron John firing up the crowd for his last trick I saw an ad Wow well he was pumped out for his pops on rocky like I would a lovely clean and seek out on article 1088 a little errand gun Mizuki was the captain in the other room he doing so many tricks yeah yeah left foot forward is how he started out well let out that then it was the captain in Napoli hitless switch the candidate for this unfortunately didn't get up onto that thing let the nutritive action cleaner I got unfortunate lady if he hadn't hit that money would have been in a better frame line and he probably would have got a 1080 done as you can see pretty close on the landing gears ahead the breaking tonight the end the landing there as well go to good grab on that mute grab get the handle close and caught confetti darren and mom demios taught him how to work work taught him also not to live like this while they're still in to live in fear I'm so proud of Erin good he's one of the best in the world hopefully you guys down there in Australia are watching the live feed for you guys that are tuning in worldwide thanks to being a part of the event we're into the top four super final from Munich March 2017 the fourth time that has been going down Erin gun his first but second round sorry unfortunately a second run and in these finals don't okay Erin guns ladyship is dominant so Erin gun won't make a podium today yeah that's not yes I just played on g3p that railroad transfer unit mass nature board goal impression you're not getting the right front foot onto the front porch when the way up to feel way step up look at his height so you can see any 1425 lucky said you know they've been hammered it all away Ken he looks a bit empty yeah one more freaked out pull it all together all people my pony – is on his way in rocket fuel in it was dealing with the take-off that able to push around that most 5 and such currently yeah sorry that Mobius sorry is Dom hammer one of them one of these periods of things like he can bang that that's two things and that's way we can do it the snowboard is one of the better school board agenda livability oh yeah right there earlier 40 again since I will use all that one Ross asset that's the really flat for you Tom Hern look 25 years old at the green card is still in the day and don't forget the girl he wants to practice and what to say Orlando and live happily we advisor is dr. clay he's out in fact now he even want all the clean car so marry this guy he is a super cool we can recommend it but only for drinking view deserialization actually were to go out there riding against the channel that they writing we can try to distill that so it's really you can see how connected they are they're pushing each other girls like you through the Sascha Tom handler can't we shop for Gunter over here as you see the leader so far but cannot relax good to set it up you transfer some 350 lean on that Maribel's run forward into the wall of that doorway step up he's going to have to bring it now though we know what he knows what you've got to do I tell you what it's going to do I'm going to do the turning norm up eternity much so that most them offset that most and he knows you can do it if you think this thing right now on the trip out maybe to the final but the mobility oh man like god no can we do that one more guys give that Burrell gun going down counter part Gunther honks yeah Gunther oh go down to seven trusted now I do Kali is in Toledo came out here for money told open road and out of the middle of May straight back home at a week at once with both contests then from there went on to the next concept and that concept and in fact over here he was back over there now it's like everyone acts like every way in a different thought if he's blocking time for about eight weeks a year he's 18 years old he can take it yeah that's what he said like I want to be a fair light border I love what I do and that's why I got to make the most of my time right now that's why I'm traveling the world the real expert with German and gentlemen rules a truth what about young right now like Gunther obviously in England in the lead he's got to sit back and white flaky bishop right now the young kid who has just seen absolutely incredible he's a cool character he knows his daughter at home waiting for an exceptional darker than Portman's really likely has to contain one rider left yeah well a Christian wins Munich mass 2017 yeah he's got a skill he's got the best I wasn't really that hard to clean it away sinister 17 and pointing out 50 keeping off that rail not even using that with that second rail really I think the dude from Florida meters but like a bishop knows 16 jr0 prize money for back trick let's see if you can do it you'll rip it for sure register you article empowering at the ticker the community probably not enough for the testator out there if we could just have those last two tricks please ladies and gentlemen I'd love to see the Mike seven and a 1080 and it's so much fun and he's proud enjoys it to watch those good next year this operative justice next give maybe three months and the super fun what is think you know I mean it offers the chance they get out on one run they can still do a safe around them a second one like what I can go all out on a first run and even if they crash doesn't matter like that shows up your chances so I don't know it's tough for the format I mean being a pro rider you have to be on point when the judges want to see you have to be a believer so in that aspect they've got a 50-50 chance who runs best on counts but I think that 33.33% chances free runs that's right bounce makes it a little bit easier for them to play pool in ahead for sure those slow-motion sports make it look so easy he's the way for future and just a little bit speaks for him that he's in the Superfund yeah definitely yeah when you could see in any profile that we had at the start of the show for anyone that caught that as well being here in Munich obviously what the ladies and gentlemen and they in the traditional Bavarian dress and don't forget the winner of me my glasses 2017 Gunther okay yeah he have to be the winner knit imagine you have German roof can't be an Australian but an Australian it and Australian is second ever John Barry truth hunting hunting the winner so like you said before Aaron gone taken our second and Tom handler in third obviously we're going to worm we're going to do the frogs giving a presentation down lakeside them we'd like to cut class before that and little clash we going down and go down to the starting deck and I think 20 Alex won a little silly like a flash so congratulations our when a crystal car from the United States so you form this event this is your first time in Munich take us through this event through that final from your perspective Lee alright well start it off all the boys killing it on Friday into the qualities they took the top four from the two heat made the final and man everybody came out swinging the heats are so close super final was even gnarlier everyone threw down head coach moves and I'm just fortunate enough to come out all the way so those yeah congratulations you made it nice one thank you very much yeah I think you can tell he's a little tired as well you able to talk to him he's always smiling he's evil in the good news he wonders thing but they think yeah they probably can't believe it as well let's play in a big way in and he sounded aged on a lot of riding a pretty snug to be stocky straight probably not as you would have lost the sharted in McConnell but definitely it's some incredible the whole weekend and like I said it's always been traveling the world known felt too lucky way stone I mean that's like so first Edwin simultaneous I mean he's got a capable of doing the most seven he wanted to show us something that's why it was funded by it takes for three thousand seven hundred homes great advice money but for me to suppose miles and think back to what we've experienced today I like over the whole weekend but especially today having a stoplight we've seen some absolutely amazing riding and I mean we heard it from Miko as well that thing from Felix it's um absolutely ridiculous we had said as well best tricks for this weekend will be mentioned so as soon as we find out what that is where are you going on these accompany us up yeah you know it before everyone else so shouldn't should you tell it or should we win it's negative or thrilling you know yeah the best trip will be rewarded before the price given seven so let's see in school employees gave them the best trick I think it's really hard as well like swinging on clear to go in a quorum you must chop up a steam mop wrinkles okay and as the best trick winner it's your favorite they got Felix yogi with that cross for the absolute killer Ellen and I think I said no one deserves it more than Pierre thinks they because they're such a cutie we really be rated like me I need to spend taking the top dog and glutton I'm sure he invites his peers for a few beers tonight there you go what an amazing prize welcome eunuch mash the press they brought money and just taking the five again make a hard enough you can see that out there that is variety eunuch feel the coming weeks doing guys damn for 40 you know manages to include stressing binding so cool till you get to that landing absolutely crazy that was my father obviously from Tom Hanlon not depart for T convince the audience and learn if that son bully sir I was clueless to Orlando who send a point and therefore the same bonafide bunny girl who actually started the guy in CID before he was one of the first cars that really put soil in corral Roy where where he made it obvious that you can see if you look show you on creativity on the way for me to implement or don't and you see this guy Maria will be out of that log down there is definitely an arrival physicality and when you're hanging out with people like Shangguan a fee and the whole crew that those guys hang out with the Bonifay family with is older brother parks who are the yeah really important names within the sport other start and obviously Shane's brother parks being a Red Bull team rider as well it's nice of those guys can hang out so often we have the Bavarians this is the province in southern Germany but earlier visit their tradition of the varying dress a bird at the epiphysis he met one of those wonderful movies that perform their work in the burned or that's the name of a traditionalist we read in the D'Andre from the dirndl and forgiveness it's ridiculous how many people from Australia can either just rob privateeer yeah did you how many Australian every year I've never been no applied offense before you're talking like a child in your dealings become article processing boy channel alongside well sex would be good North American to the Australian side each other I don't know why am conservative you're turning 3 the North American fight night to go them they like that go in the doing a lot more amino Google and I've seen – Mardan and both are right there you God as you win a light and gentlemen jumper oka taking out the win taken home to proclaim their place on homeless second place the Australian Aragon we are psycho strike that thousands of people watching the real and wake final view of music no heading that camera that burns in your eyes women go for the camera man come on go into tagging apply spot wait for internships water for honor that was like I said I get this up when there's a lot example of supercops computing sites recycling the go and getting much you enjoy and like him out and governor to video project ago we will creep those guys in a little bit older here cut I'm here in the studio fabiola in tune temple targeting will take some replies are now gone 30 insomnia and mcarnold and I'm like yonder said we're going to do have that to get the spray finally up here in the studio so we can get a little bit more feeling of what's going on and have a far nobler here's the replay you'll be right back in a minute yeah we got hungry to the pretzel we saw the pretzel style in the finals yes we did I'm like I can see the hole in that pretzel right there one final that was well yeah I'm so stoked as it was it was not it's not just a pleasure to to commentate the whole thing with you it was we saw stuff we didn't see before and this is what we were hoping for in the beginning and oh not only Felix geology made it yeah made it happen yeah sure we did we did say we were writing history today with wakeboarding I mean that best-trick from Felix Fiore well deserved thousand euro for Felix kill you with that a one-foot 540 absolute crazy but all together like one thing I love about wakeboarding is it's like a worldwide family of wakeboarders and you can see the boys they're in competition against each other we're talking about prize money and that's the way they travel the world they've got to make their money they've got to bring home the bacon but they're pushing each other they just want to see the best riding possible and that's one thing I love about the sport wherever you show up worldwide it's about being together enjoying the sport Clint as we are waiting for the three podium guys we got highlights from third and second here second Darren gun second first errand on the spinning machine spin and rail machine who was hunting this gun was hunting Aaron Gunther and I mean that the highlight here as well just shows a little bit of what we experienced this afternoon out on the water just their their style and controls the way that they go at I thing and I mean it's hard every time to deliver on point and the boys did an amazing job this afternoon Tom handler Sola grab contest machine very consistent liam is riding yeah we made a very clean side he's actually famous for his stylist yeah yes I like dumb dumb hair you can see the way that he rides the way he goes about things it's a very individual and he is a contest machine he knows what he's doing and this was interesting wakeboarding is a sport that's the reshoots progression you know it's stepping up its game BMX was skateboarding was BMX Olympics in Munich spark skateboarding also same happens to snowboarding to skiing can you see the sport at the Olympics I think that's a hard on the helium because I think generally in sport like one thing that comes to mind for me I call a person in my carry heart principle like when you think about motocross back in the day nobody could do a backflip until Carey Hart came up with the idea let's do this thing and every 12 year old who wants a sponsor does a backflip on a motocross bike I mean 15 years ago 20 years ago it wasn't possible when every kid does it today and it's the same thing with wakeboarding like a flip with a spin to combine that is really hard and the kids learning today they're like oh that's what Dom does I'm going to do that as well which is ridiculous you've got 14 year old kids out there just spinning and flipping like nothing I can I can definitely see the progression of the sport whether it's possible to take that Olympic I'm not really sure because it's hard to measure it but obviously snowboarding is about style as well it's about intensity so it's very close parallels to it there's always a subject to the decision again like that's the way it is in freestyle sports but it works it works even in figure skating but this is looking at that at that crowd here at Munich mesh I mean this is a sport which is really attractive to people to watch it and if they have a commentator who tell them the good stuff the inside stuff this was a tough trick this was rather easy yeah this was the best trick by far you know then it makes it more interesting so I think it's a sport that can progress more and should be more more popular in the world yeah definitely I think like this too just two thoughts with another when it goes that when it goes Olympic obviously you're going to make more money there's more investment in the sport there's more training possibilities but also sometimes you're limited as to your creativity of how you can go about this board I mean the boys that are coming up right now as well they find different winching spots right now now so god welcome to the studio boys make you plays congratulations my man good job Oh best trick also good job and I just got to say you guys stink think like the best the best rig gets a pretzel right away okay sure guys go ahead take a pretzel and some traditional Bavarian German food therefore yesterday but you can have them whatever you can also throw them away here yeah yeah yeah very good dummy just seemed a little fatigued a little tired in the end a little all worn out you guys can share the mark as well was it was it that case that was their tactical I wasn't really tired I kind of hurt my elbow and the first chicken semi so W my mind it was yeah he was hurting a little bit not too bad though yeah there's a great time phone contest I was out what are you cheering and clapping I'm giving fist bumps with the crowd how is out of the crowd I mean you've really written in a lot of great contests yeah I'm sure I mean the crowd was sky was amazing they were super into it and that always makes it so much better when you're riding is it's like crowds into it you want to get into it you want to put on a show for them and yeah it's super fun so give him high five to like high fives hey Jana just I feel it because he's sitting right there dude I was absolutely blown away by that 540 what was gone did you do that this morning or in practice at anytime like I didn't see that coming and I'm super stoked for me and that was killer I tried some yesterday I didn't try the five yesterday I did just a couple of 180s one-foot it and but now I was like a fact that doesn't work and well this morning I just went out there tried it again and it worked out and pretty stoked about it and never tried it again I tried tried it before so I'm hyped I couldn't believe it at all I was sitting here like Toronto common sight for the crowd I didn't know what to say like absolutely incredible like I shouted I mean I mean you guys are family you won you got the best trick how stoked are you for each other I think we're all like pretty fired up like like we're all like everyone told me is at the end of the day and that gives about the contest like you all want to see each other do as best as you can and like whether you loser you win like everybody like you know it's all fun so so I would say I let you get some get a word in as well I mean you're on the other side of the world maybe if you know your family at home watching you and you get oh you get a lot of support from home yeah dude like I get heaps of support from back home my family's I'm watching right now I'm pretty sure like I'm 3 o'clock in the morning so they're all super committed to like it's what I'm doing and it's really awesome to have support like that back home did you expect like when you got into the forum time being traveling the whole time like fit to be on the road as much as you are to be away from home is that hard to take and did you see that coming yeah I mean I saw it coming from the start like I knew there'd be a lot of traveling but I enjoy the traveling I enjoy being on the road meeting new people making like new friends all these guys are family to me now so it's like super cool to meet people from all over the world I got to say that it's one thing for myself as well which um we set it up here for everyone watching at home like you're talking about prize money you're talking about the prestige of winning the event but in the first place you're talking about the writing you guys are pushing each other so hard just to stick that one trick do you guys have in your mind like the prize money or is that just like who cares let's just go wakeboarding I mean I I'm just here to go wakeboarding like I love wakeboarding completely and I just love going out there shredding with the boys pushing each other just throwing down new tricks and this event is perfect for doing new stuff what about you so Aaron I'm sorry sorry Klee right young go forth Aaron it's 2007 to garden sorry Aaron gone sir okay thanks a lot for that got two it's three thousand three thousand seven hundred bucks with what you're going to do with that tonight I don't know man ever at that rule couple rounds going down the night with the or the Genji right yeah I'll just keep on using because I heard I heard Ghana is famous for inviting his friends on a good poveri in beer that's all huh yeah I think I guess I am I don't know all right guys you got you watched skateboarding peoples tweet me yesterday how stoked were you oh it's really cool it was cool watching Street League and I think we're all pretty big a skateboard fan so being able to go in there and watch it all day and not really have to worry about wakeboarding because that was our day off where we got done with practice early and then got to watch the whole event it was really cool the skateboard is really enjoyed it over here you enjoyed the big area because most of you guys don't write a big-air June Aaron is that is this a format the big air is set up with rails that should be more often during the year yeah I would love to see this format come more out through like throughout the year it's like my favorite format like you said we don't get to hit this very often and I think this is the one thing that's really going to push wakeboarding to that next level and like show our sport in a different aspect than what it's already been shown so I would love to see it more often what about you Felix I really like to set up just like especially this year they changed up so many things so it's like perfect now and everybody obviously could try like new tricks and like get everything he can do on the cable so I think that made the whole event way better as well and yeah I'm stoked to come back next year hopefully just a quick one Felix for you here was it with the setup of the course I mean to go out that thing the first time was that difficult to you work out the speed and how fast we have to go to get into it was that eventually this year worked out fine like we Dom and I gets hit at first and it was perfect from the beginning on we didn't really change much like just a little bit on a rope length and that was it and we were we were all good to go and could do obviously our best on it so yeah worked out way better than the years before perfect Ganta maybe to you what you told me the last two weeks ago over the last four weeks pretty much since the lang in toto and I've been crazy for you where do you go after this yeah after this after this go back home just for a little bit got a little video piece need to start filming and then from there it's like just contest after contest it doesn't really stop I think until we get into like September so yeah it's just going to be non-stop just traveling and all the time in airports I've learned that is you know wakeboarding a lot more you spend a lot of time in airports and yeah don't a quick one before we have to say bye good bye you're professionals you wakeboard pros for for the spectators at home can you make a living of that or do you have to additionally work like Aaron has to well I think some people can make a living out of it it's really hard to go be at the top and right a lot of contests and yeah but I guess some people do it and definitely hard thing to they make it as a wakeboarder make enough money to be able to live off of it I still do some small jobs every now and then to make some extra money so yeah thanks so much guys for those special moments you gave us today we got to say goodbye watching piece of the highlights nice voice congratulations again boys [Applause] you [Applause]

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  1. Hey MUNICH MASH team, we loved your content and think your videos would make a great addition to our video of the month contest! By uploading your videos to you have the opportunity to win a wetsuit and a new surfboard and be featured on Outside TV! See you on Campfire!

  2. The Interviewer has a lot of touching with nicos legs and nees going on – I constantly felt like this will turn into porn the next second.. xD

    Anyways , they really showed great Performances in this competition!

  3. Felix's run was underrated. One foot! It's a pitty he didn't make it. He got 2nd with most points. Great contest though

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