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  1. Dave I just got my missus into wakeboarding(and just started hitting kicker), just sent her the link for this one. Follow dave darling his a bloody legend!!!! OHHHHHHH and that front edge…yeah you took one for the team on that one.

  2. Great video! Ima try these steps this weekend. I’ve been having problems when I land, I’ll be so far forward. Also. Is there such a thing as edging to hard? I can send you some videos

  3. I'm not sure if you still follow these but I have been watching a lot of your videos. I will be trying to wakeboard for the time tomorrow ever. I just got the O'Brien Valhalla. I'm not nervous though. I'm terrified. LoL wish me luck. LoL o by the way I'm 35.

  4. Thanks to this video, I have now completed many surface 180's and I almost have my wake to wake jump down, but I wakeboard on a fishing boat so the wake isnt that big. Anyways thanks!!

  5. Hey. I’m a complete newcomer at wakeboarding and I’ve been through something like 5 sessions. I’m starting to enhance, like having fun with kickers, but I’d like to share something. I had two crashes this morning like the first one you had when you looked down. I don’t really know whether my ribs are cracked or if it just a muscle injury, but goddammit that still hurts like hell when I breathe in. Do you have any recommendation to avoid such injuries when falling like that? I’ll go for the prevention way not looking down, but it might happen again I guess. I have a video of mine with the crash footage (here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZQHthYkI8Y&t=58s ) if anyone would like to comment. Anyway, thank you for channel, it’s super fun and I’m learning through it (and pretty quickly when on the water thanks to you)!

  6. With the progressive edge do you hold the edge through the wake or do you flatten it a bit so more board hits the wake?


  8. so whats the key differences between this and snowboarding. like the technique is more like surfing or more like snow boarding. I do both but never wake boarding. Too me it looks like skim boarding and snowboarding mix right?

  9. Started wakeboarding years ago I wish your videos were around then,especially for the bankroll to one wake, nobody ever suggested the boat driver shoul drop the power once the riders in the air inverted .. I’m 52 now but still fancy learning bankrolls and tantrums, do you run courses in Ireland in the summer

  10. Thank you, David for getting deep into the basics of wakeboarding. Please, keep the good work!
    I actually watched a lot your tutorial vids this season, especially the ones made at cable parks. These all helped me a lot in my learning curve. I put together a small compilation at the end of my season to show how good my progression went.
    So if anyone of your viewers wonders how many training days you need to manage your first obstacles, this is where progression track is after hitting big and small cable parks 40 times:

  11. I love the videos. I'm almost 50 years old and started watersports at an early age. Learned to wakeboard more than 25 years ago but never really learned tricks. didn't ride much then but now I'm interested in learning some simple tricks and eventually a tantrum. Thanks for all the tips.

  12. face plants hurt so much!!!!! today (8/6/17 is when this was posted) I did 2 face plants on the wake board and 1 on the knee board. also love your videos!

  13. Thanks for the tips! Yesterday I tried doing a 180. I had the same face plant. The headache for the rest of the day wasn't fun.

  14. last week i tried a 180 over the wake with pretty high speed abd i took this faceplant^^ after that i had a concussion and had to go to the hospital… bur next time i wakeboard i will land this fucking 180😂 ps. im i beginner it was my third time wakeboarding

  15. thank you. I faceplanted yesterday and I am so glad I found your channel. Earned a subscriber here. keep up the good work.

  16. Cheers! Thanks for the bottle pendulum example and for your How to's! Really appreciate them! Amazing how I screw-up the progressive edge when such a simple concept, yet feels so technical when thinking about doing a trick. Def need to keep thinking UP first then trick. 360 is my nemesis! I just watched that video of yours too. I'll be sac'n up to hold the handle longer… I tend to wuss out and start to spin on the way up! HA.

  17. great video! I found holding my edge too long threw me into a partial invert, I blew out my back riding ankle 2 years in a row because of this… and yet you make it look so easy!

  18. This is great. I'm a sort of new to wakeboarding and my end of season goal is to jump wake to wake so this is soooo helpful thanks soooo much. 🙂

  19. Hi david,

    I am improving my wake to wake jump, I am just a couple of feet of reaching the other wake.
    My question is, when you meet the wake and pop you need to "flatten" the board, comming out of your edge for the board not to cut the wake, or countinue with your strong edge right up to the "pinacle" of the wake? Tnks very much !
    Your channel is awesome !!!

  20. i get the progessive edge on the boat because i got a specific point where the most tension should be but on the cable i can't find the right moment to pop out of the water. Any advice?

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