Matt Barnes is No Damn Phony: VICE Sports Meets

Matt Barnes is No Damn Phony: VICE Sports Meets

people think that what I do with an actor you're fake or you're this hear that or you're not black you're this you're that and I just really want to show people like I really lived it you know I came from I've seen fights I've seen stabbings I've seen people get shot I've seen everything that you know you would think that you know that that every other person that came you know came from the streets is seen are you guys ready to go to see where daddy went to high school lap I came from nothing no my dad was the biggest drug dealer had cops on his payroll cops try to come Jack his stash one night my sister was four and I was seven we're in the window washing these two undercover cops my dad beat him boat down and we got a u-haul that night and left for Sacramento I give my parents a lot of credit because even though you know there was drug dealing and drug using going on my parents always made sure that we were gonna be okay I think cuz we saw drugs at an early age we didn't want to touch that but it also gave us that side and that understanding of what that life is like let's go see where daddy used to go to work at I grew up playing tackle football on the streets running over people running through people running around people I didn't actually play organized football till my sophomore year but you know by then I was kind of a natural as second nature to me was obviously my best sport basketball is always my second best sport are you going for the touchdown let's have a race this is the fastest who wants to race me out here on this this field with someone you know the fondest memories of my life I'm a football player with the football players mentality playing in the NBA you know when our team gets the rebounds I run the lane like a wide receiver and you know Chris Paul hit me like he's the quarterback and you know gonna finish for a layup or a dunk hey my guy my guy my guy what's happening man you good I'm good to see you man how about you good man good to see you thanks that's all everything – man this is my football coach right here this guy installed drilled toughness into me and took me off that yeah took me off the basketball court and got me on the football field this used to be daddy's locker room back here let me show you what my locker was yeah right here it's not the same locker bro I was almost 20 years ago there was maybe five of us six blacks of the whole school and you know me and my sister half so we only counted as one so it was really a predominantly white school my senior in high school my sister was a freshman which is his mom and there was a kid that kept messing with her kept messing with her kept messing with her and he know she said he was he was calling her a nigger yeah just like really and she's like yeah I told my teacher he won't leave me alone so one day after class I only had four periods so after class she comes crying to me and said you know this boy spit in my hair and called me a nigger I was like what she showed me she saw at the spit in her hair and she was crying she had her girlfriends with her so I went and make the kid happened to just walk by so I just took off on him when I went to the office it was just you know why'd you do that I'm just like you know he called my sister nigger spins well you know his dad's a prominent lawyer in this city and he he wasn't raised like that and I know he wouldn't talk like that so you know why'd you do that so they would didn't believe you know what I did so long story short I ended up getting suspended for six days this is on a Wednesday I want to say I guess bending Wednesday Thursday night I guess a bunch of KKK people came up here and vandalized the school had a mannequin with my football jersey dye barn gee nigger and it made national news like the n-double-a-cp and everything came up here there's a brass that used to come out it was a little bit lower and they had a noose around a mannequins neck and like I said they went all out you know they went all out the n-word came up a lot for me growing up because I went to white schools and you know they did that thing around like it was a frisbee I have mixed feelings about getting my jersey with Tiger because of what happened to my sister finally had my whole football coach call me and tell me you know things have changed you know they really want to honor you they want you to come back and they ended up retiring my football jersey and my basketball jersey right here but it's just so good to be back in we're kind of just walking around campus look I had to come back and see coach Kenyon and I want to come in and say hi to the people I know and hello to the new faces I don't know and good luck this year take care yeah a lot of those guys I grew up playing with are just as talented as some guys in the NBA you know but just for one reason another an injury or you get in trouble or you know you're known for trouble you know the NBA doesn't really you know you don't really get too many chances there so if you have a bad rep it's hard and I think I had a bad rep my first few years and I think I worked my way through that but I'm it's a thin line between you know going in my 12th year or I could have been going in my you know my 12th year overseas I got traded when Chris Webber got traded to Philly and I was in Philly for two and A season and didn't cut to touch the court at all didn't play nothing didn't even get a chance and I remember I had mo cheeks was the coach at that time and he was just a dick you know I would stay after and work on my shot and you tell me you know what are you working on your shot when you're not gonna get to use that here so me and him Holmes got into it let me see a shot fake one double jumper shot fake closer closer right there from right there shot fake I drove to Oakland they had to open run up there play great and Don Nelson happened to be walked up from up above and he came down he just asked me who I was going to camp with he's like our rosters completely full but you can come to training camp so I beat out the three guys they were gonna cut it in three guaranteed contracts and I remember my first game went in Golden State when he ended up playing against Philly Don Nelson kind of knew we got really close he knew that I didn't like mo cheeks at all he just told me before the game just like I'm gonna let you go tonight that kind of like what step he's like play your game after I hit the first couple threes you know mo cheeks started chirping a little bit like oh that was luck you know you're not gonna hit the next one I want to say I was probably 9 or 10 for 12 from the field I had 36 points and every time I made a shot I looked over and made sure he's seen it and made sure I said something to him yeah yeah good yeah did you guys have a good workout today you guys are playing for the rookie showcase game all right I probably been on the street in 20 years there was Crips down this street there was harley-davidson motorcycle people up here and then there was this Mexican gang on the back of the street this is this little duplex right here was a three-bedroom for being my mom and dad and my brother and sister my dad was there but he wasn't if that makes sense so my mom was the one that were always held our household down and I was her favorite she was diagnosed with four cancers all in stage four November 1st 2007 we played the Phoenix Suns and I wasn't gonna go the game cuz she kept getting worse but she talks like baby your team needs you I ended up on the game playing played well almost had a triple-double she calls me great game you know I know you're tired just drive down in the morning I'm like are you sure Stuckey I'll be filing and drive down in the morning she died at 4 a.m. they had been in a rollercoaster up into that point in my career but she got to see that goal in the state year that magical year with my first year well hey I'm finally playing unfortunately now I'm back where I started out with the Clippers on a multi-year deal which it really feels good because it's kind of come full circle it's kind of just mirrors my career I've been through so many ups and downs and now we've kind of got back together you know I'm towards the end but still in my prime and you know they're heading the right direction and it feels good to be back wake up Punk's everybody got a good little nap what's up what's up bro you good press look it oh you opened it how did you open it yeah our family isn't necessarily SuperDuper close but at the same time it's family my auntie was killed going on a month now by her husband at the time that an argument stabbed in the neck and left for dead on the street she was found an hour and a half later and unfortunately died in the ambulance on the way the hospital so it was kind of like what can I do you know one night I'm just like I don't know how what is gonna happen what kind of response immediate but I posted this picture and kind of told the story about it and there were so many responses I was just breezing through them and you know you would see hey I saw him in this green van here or hey I just saw him two days ago there and then the the National attention to game ESPN Dateline I did Good Morning America I did the insider I did Entertainment Tonight the day after the Good Morning America piece aired an anonymous caller called in with the tip that said they saw that show and you know that the police apprehended him you know my first thought was all my family was in the streets looking for him trying to kill him themselves and you know I kind of being the one with so much to lose you know I really had to reel everybody in and tell them you know this is not really the route to take and I think it really hit home coming from me because they know that that's what kind of person I am if I wasn't a professional athlete I would have been out there trying to find him all right so listen we're gonna do a jump a pitch remember how we did a Chris Paul's house when all you guys jumped off the thing at once so scoot closer to each other on the count of three one two three go when I hear the word Donald sterling I get mixed emotions the man that gave me my first NBA job the man they gave me my first multi-year contract so I have a lot of gratitude towards them but still at the same time a lot of frustration having that you know come out before game 3 verse : state you know when there's already all the pressure in the world's on us it was just added distraction that wasn't needed and I think there was a lot of mixed emotions on our team not that what he said was it was wrong obviously but it really wasn't a big deal to me and I think when I tell people that it kind of shocks them but if they know my story and know what I've been through as far as the racism you know hearing someone you know saying black people or blacks or whatever you're saying is nothing to me he's not the only professional sports owner team I'd guarantee and he's not the only head of a company and thinks that way that looks at athletes per se is you know slaves or lesser I don't think we'll ever the ball of racism I think it's something that's was here before me it's gonna be here after me it's something we have to deal with you know you put a lot of onus on parents teaching their kids to write in wrong ways and to be open minded for not only all races but you know all preferences and I think that's great you know I think you should never have to hide who you really are and I think that's something that sometimes got me in trouble but I've never hid Who I am

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  1. If ppl get preach the GOSPEL of Christ and RECEIVE it. Their spirit wld be changed and that racism will perish. 2 Corinthians 5:17-therefore if any man be in Christ he!she is a New creature(has the nature of Christ) behold the old nature(nature of the devil) HAS passed away ALL things have become New!

  2. I wish black ppl wld do research on the Democratic party…they started kkk, for jim crowe laws & against civil rights! Smh!

  3. 5:42. SAY WHAT ? I mean….if I'm working on my shot , and my coach come to me like….why are you working on your shot? You're not gonna use it here. " I don't know what I would have done right after his last words .

  4. All these years I thought Matt was a trouble making jerk. Good to see his story from his mouth. Now I understand Matt a lot better than the picture the media and others have painted of him.

  5. Kind of similar thing happen to me in high school. Almost all white school. I was in biology class and a white kid called me a nigger. Well I scrubbed the floor with him and not only did they not believe me, it was recommended that I be expelled from school and never allowed to attend ANY public school in Columbus, Ohio. My parents fought the decision and I was only suspended for a few days. I was an honor student with no history of trouble and that was the response, they simply couldn't believe that this apple faced, all-American white kid would say something like that. So imagine what blacks go through in the criminal justice system.

  6. Matt Barnes is one tough dude! I never knew any of this about him and now I have much respect for this man. I always liked his game but that’s because I got to watch him from his UCLA days,but now I like the man too.

  7. I’m 36 years old and have interacted with every type of person in the world. He’s lying about a couple things. People aren’t as blatantly nasty like he says. I don’t believe that Mo Cheeks said that to him. No coach will ever say that to one of his players.

  8. I notice a lot of times the racists incidents are in CA, NY, Boston but not down south. I say this because blacks from those places always say the south is racist, like we just take shit off of white people down here, when they are the ones getting harrassed. I mean I never been called nigger by a white person. I went to a predominantly white middle school in Atlanta, Roswell to be exact. Just north of Atlanta. It was 86. No problems like he had in California later on in years. Ropes and jerseys hanging from trees. He was a star athlete. You know they love niggas like that in Highschool down here. They probably would have sent a white girl to set him up from a rival school. I can't say what they said behind my back, but nothing to my face. I'm no where big as Matt. I guess blacks in these cities think we are being harrassed down here, when they are the ones on the news getting beat or jumped on. They always say I wouldn't move down south them Crackers racist down there, I don't see it. Haven't seen it. Lol

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