Matt Stephens The Cafe Ride Episode 4 – Fabian Cancellara | Sigma Sports

Matt Stephens The Cafe Ride Episode 4 – Fabian Cancellara | Sigma Sports

guys I think we hurry up okay that's the way it will not get better okay well stab you nothing is he a good one as well just in case and as you're the TV mmm Italian facility so true both mean famine by are absolutely knackered very tired I slept on the way here probably asleep in the van did you sleep well last night I thought like a baby like a baby yeah maybe a little bit it's from right there was no sir love you know it wasn't the heat so and if you're heavy then eat mostly my onion nice not only must okay it's not anymore a six-pack it's not maybe a one pack small one a small one small one okay just shaking the legs what people to athletes do Thomas of your sport that really can help pet careful not to shame a little beer belly at the same time so we're in Fabian kind of garage shed it likes a bottle of wine Danny look at that for a collection you you a bit more sommelier no no okay I mean yeah we picked up the wrong place to come because like the chaos plays but this is just you know old bicycle from minnow ball you're not old just from last year also things has changed with BMC yeah but the wine is still the wine then it's a lot of new helmet then it's books and and stuff like this yes like just you know shoes I forgot I'm sure I left me shoes in one of the vans after yesterday's ride woke up this morning packing me stuff no shoes but luckily yeah look oh this is art from Bontrager old ones yeah so old ones just like rarely like you know to the front shoes prototype shoes I think this will be filled now we put ready okay otherwise we can take away one of your code yeah okay we can scary you want to take a bottle of wine how the rain stops yeah I stopped somehow starter set go well we got enough material there for maybe a Netflix series I didn't start riding because of Miguel Indurain yeah I started because my dad had a bicycle in his garage and I asked him to use it that wasn't what I was going to ask you that question how did you shows you that what it's a right I asked him to repeat to you this bicycle yeah an old one with cable you know yeah yeah yeah in football young kids see the famous gap in TV people talked about and then they start playing because of Ronaldo you play because of them or you play because you like yes that's the thing because if it comes to heart heart idols are important on a certain age yeah but to continue passion you must love it must need Muskies gonna be in your heart isn't it I think that was in fact being a different nothing yeah it's because it's so hard I mean football's hard but it's different in it it's hard in a different way a Zeiss writer loved playing football and I didn't want to be a pro footballer there's only when I went to the tour my dad was a cyclist that I was inspired to ride but Greg LeMond didn't he know where my idols heli but they're not after that it was about me loving doing it yeah that's it did so this ride that we're doing it's like you said we're straight with like one and a half kilometres we're straight into various countries so that's the city this is where the stadium lease from yesterday we're truly sweet finishes been okay and now that's why it's cool I can go really easily my daughter down here is doing the horses yeah even it's the highway so close yeah but I don't hear the highway and so now English in two minutes when we when we finished we're gonna be straight away like in more green you go to the mountains if you want you can go to the flat if you want you can go to the up and down if you want enough of the mountains for you from here if you wanted to ride it what do you mean what is for you Mountain now there's something like yesterday just quite a yeah meanwhile all right that's a long one but I can go by two hours I'm on 1,600 meters alright okay there we go in two hours two and half hours yeah by the way your shoes they're really good yeah I think those are extra watts as well this sphere is barren this is burned power Oh gran comes back a little bit now stopping it evening resilence so if we come out to the council our founding council our intercourse double Olympic gold medallist he gets his own bridge you don't get anything from winning the motorcycle count it small one but I believe if you've been reading the attention on a particular bridge look at that are they writing underneath time to our bridge with Cancellara pretty cool how did you find you know wouldn't when he first retired how did you find the day when you didn't have to race anymore road did you did you plant did you plan much or was it no it will happen all of a sudden it's like oh my god now I've got a I've got to work and I've got to do something else I've got to find a new kind of dirt I mean I need 16 it's to my last season that's on you yeah but I didn't know probably where I gonna stop by beginning of the year yeah but I did because I was focused on racing yeah and I said maybe you don't know if you win a classic or double or whatever maybe it means feels and it will feel right yeah I would say if I went probably if I will have won the fourth Flanders stop okay could be at that day would stop straightaway now finished right at the pinnacle right and this was always my dream and will to do it and and okay classic came but not I came but not like then I went to the Giro unfortunately I got sick so I had no chance even I could even the Giro with the yellow with the moly Rosa yeah to ride one day in Mali Rosa that's it especially would be also special I knew about the world's Lombardy but the world spin anyway too hard yeah yeah so Lombardy why not and as a last race as the last Monument having a storytelling ending did that year a part of the Olympic did you win one other race was a TT stages whistling TT I won with a national TT champion I want you rain or one I want you want a few yeah okay one oh man I think okay yeah I won the nice stage in Oman right now I have one I have had again pretty good season and I remember it's the absolute to sprint on the yeah here we go from a grand old man yeah I've been evolved it and Peter and the thing is with the Olympics is I said I want to go or I will go but not like AHA this is my main goal so I put the pressure low we knew that this is gonna hard circuit yeah and I went to the two but the datura wasn't really good but it was Ocean emotionally was was difficult from there because I have a lot with the tool but on the other hand I hated it too somehow we finished on on a really nice way and went to the Olympics but before I left first of all was this at home if I gonna get a medal now if I get the gold medal I stop okay look in this game because I was believing a medal as possible yeah but the gold you know it's like the pinnacle yeah yeah yeah and things came and yeah I said after the race straight to the Kalu cuts okay well why was John Burke let's call John Burke from Trek president it's over Fabien yeah no worries now enjoy it's really interesting talking because you'd like to talk don't you you're very nominee no no it's interesting yeah what you can talk about and talk everything but it's great it's everything you you have no problem you don't stop talking it's really great and ending anyway never fear it's great that you clearly you are so interested in lots of other things apart from and we've talked a bit about writing book just out on our ride yesterday and today you just you clearly have lots of ideas and lots of new challenges and you're kind of clearly very interested in the next phase of your life and it's nice nice and just to sit back and just listen to how enthusiastic you are it's great it's really really cool sometimes it doesn't I mean I I'm when I start to talk then I talk but it's also learning process to talk less I need to I mean when I do into use I remember as a rider they always had to come and stop me sorry but okay and this is gonna be a 45 15 minute documentary that's why I hardly ever need to say time out no but hey life is full of full of experiences and and the sport has given me so much and so hey I have to lot to talk and and I'm not scared to talk that's the thing I mean it's not about being dumb and not talk and be like this at school were you the kid that was always talking at school or is it something yeah what you eat quieter school just generally yeah no it's just I mean I don't have a problem to talk and I think it's not stupid stuff that comes out no no because if you talk with certain business people you cannot talk about Thousand Eyes about the Olympics they want to talk they want to hear from you about being the riders world and I want to hear how is the behind the world of their living area when you look at somebody as successful as you and not just relatively successful you know successful over a 1 like 10 years of remarkable success at the highest level two Olympic medals Roubaix Flanders and everything else it's the consistency and it's the mindset that a businessperson will be interested in but then you know so it's two-way isn't it there's so much that businesses learn or will or are learning from elite sport athletes and the discipline discipline routine structure they're all important things that are relevant in business as well when I look back of course I had that but not always right because if I will have it always I will explode oh yeah you need that I need to take that pressure but in business difficult sometimes yeah of course getting a break I mean look at now especially running your own business you can't just walk away for a few days can you you need to know but you need to was it to redo have your rest and an example like Peter cigar now he's just traveling he's just all over the world from mid-october until mid of November end of November my bicycle was really away yeah but now it's impossible now it's like it's yeah every when you rest from that world because that's why when you when you have just the whole entire year when you're resting when you're really resting from what you achieved what can have changed your life how things will change to reflect also to whole year and to how care to to deal of like to just let it go yeah and and this is also what what I think is really really important to let that go and and having that time I'm a guy I like multiple things they're learnings and as a pro athlete I turned in professional I didn't know what I gonna be climber I mean I said in all four I was wearing the first time or when I won the prologue in the Esch I want to win the Tour de France and was most biggest stupid thing ever I said because at that age and that situation I didn't knew but that just because of the yellow said I want to win this because I never won even have the most days wearing yellow jersey without being a winner feels nice but my road was time trial and then classics are not Grand Tour yeah so but I had to find that by the year so the first three four years been learning like a school like people go into school or or do certain jobs or learning for certain years or go to study here lose your son gonna study now this cybercrime yeah yeah so I'm socially but maybe after that he finds out damn I want to do something else quite quite likely he will yeah it's sad but he's doing his first step yeah so I did the first step as a cyclist now second step and this is this is normal I mean it's a learning process and being and sitting at home and looking when nice weather is coming for go for right that's not me yeah I can tell it's been fascinating before but before we before we go we're gonna go and have a look at your bridge oK we've ridden underneath having a great look and I'm gonna walk over the bridge as well but from that from the cafe I mean it's been an absolute pleasure thank you too it's been been fun well what wearing your shoes as well so I thought you know if there will your sea ice you could take them home thank you for their to a little bit bigger a little bit but we work on that we'll work on it maybe we can have another conversation but yeah but thanks very much me it's been a blast thank you a thank you well we got enough material there for maybe a Netflix series well we've been under I think a large bridge we're not going to go over it to complete what to complete the kind of options on offer in relation to bridge your smile is a small claim you say it is I'm not together I need to get the right gear in you have the right gear you've got the aerodynamic top tube thing going on please get a pic I need to get a selfie mate for this really cheesy did you ever come out just walk over it yeah just hang around well we want another picture here cuz it's just brilliant this is just gold I've got metal thank you better do it again we're doing any food oh yeah thing around again and then we can have like a proper proper one pack yeah okay a lot of people ask me when will the pain in my ass go away and I'm saying three weeks a month you need to persevere you

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  1. The great work continues! Interesting to see the human side of Cancellara, a guy whom I never really liked as a pro. I love that your café rides are much more café than ride! Keep it up, Matt!

  2. Matt is one of the reasons I now use Sigma Sport for my bits, I do use others but wouldn't have known about their excellent service without links to the vids that he's doing. Great content and the best sense of humour and comedy timing 🙂

  3. Stephens is the best. Hands down, even though he does look a bit like Armstrong when he's asleep at 0:32. Otherwise, top shelf Stephens!

  4. That was a great video Matt and a nice side to Fabian that we otherwise may not see. I did like to watch him race, now it's nice to watch him mess about….. 😁

  5. More, More, more. These keep getting better, I thought the one with Blythe was going to be unbeatable but Matt just has a way of making an interview feel like club run banter.

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