ME PLAYING HORSE RIDING TALES.( Look in the description)

ME PLAYING HORSE RIDING TALES.( Look in the description)

hey guys and welcome back to another one of my videos and in today's video we are doing a screen recording and not any screen recording we are going to play horse riding tails so today I'm going to show you how to get money and more sentences so first what I am going to do is I'm going to go and find anything so I'm gonna go buy it find anything that has this gold ring around it now I'm gonna use an all-purpose pick and you see that pick that's lighting up yes you're going to press that sorry you're gonna press that as many times as you can and you can see that blue gold bar and then the blue going higher and higher now that means how many times you have hit it yeah I'm about to break it all and now I get six plus of those blue things so I'm just going to mine all of these or pick at like use my pick to break these up because these actually gives me these blue orbs and I can catch horses with so this is wood this will help me with a different kind of orb but let me just do this now I'm going to do this one so the next step is if you see that this gray thing down in the bottom press that and you can do a tailing orb so I'm going to get a teeming orb what you do is if you if you broke um a lot of those dark brown wood pieces or like stumps press this craft button and it will give you taming orbs so now X ow and there should be a spot right over here that there's this one horse with a blue taming horn press that taming orb and it'll send you to your taming quest so I have 15 taming worms and he only wants to so I'll give him two now he's ready for me to come so if you see this circle right here and then that bar right above it if I go too fast there will become red on it and then up above where it says fear you will get a bunch of here so you have to watch pretty much both of the bars and go super slow to catch and tame their horse as much as you just want to run and grab him you can't that will get you nowhere so now I'm going to this is how you again in this video is how to make money in horse riding tails so I will send him to the pen which is this huge pen right up here in the front now if you see that horse you tap on the horse and then you press sell I know it's kind of sad of selling your horse right away after you catch him if you want to keep him you can build a stable or yeah builds Abel and then you can put a mint in it you know I will show you how to do that in just a second press check and you will be granted if you see those gold bars up above you will be granted however much money that that horse will give you so it pretty much depends on how a rare or something or whatever it is so after this I'm going to show you how to get a stable or a pen and put your horse in it so first I have to let's so first I'm going to get this horse to taming warms now slowly walk now see if you go fast there is you have to go back and there honestly will be a chance of you not getting that horse now it's okay if it still as fear so I'm going to send him to the pen as my mom okay I'll be right back kid okay sorry about that my brother just wants you to sleep over so you wanted to see if it was home yet so now that oh and also these plans will hope hope you get different orbs so now that I'm back let me go to one miss tables okay so one of my horses names is Kate –less and one of my horses named amethyst and then over here when my horse is named Sundance so um we know how to put your animal in a pen I'm just going to press this and then move to stable checkmark oh no I don't have a stable yet so what I will do is I will click this it will put common Bill disabled and it will cost you some money so hopefully you could the orbs would help you and then selling your horse hopefully that would help you gonna press that then I'm gonna try this again I've press my heart I move to stable yes now being here press that blue bar no no go into here and then you can put your new horse's name so my name is going to be blue moon there we go now I have blue moon Kahless amethyst and then also um Sundance is over by the cross country so you can wash your horses you can put new hand you can put your horseshoes now I still don't know how you get gems can somebody please tell me how you get gems I have no idea how to get gems and I only have wind him left so yeah I really need some gems but but also it's really hard to keep track of your animals and wash them on so I would recommend staying at a lower amount of animals cuz it's really hard to keep track of them like I already said but it's even more hard because you're spending a lot more money on all so don't think I yep but I have to wash Kayla's too so I hope you guys enjoyed this video like subscribe and hit that notification balls again no too I'd whenever I make a new video tell me what I should do next and yeah yes oh wait I should probably show you how to tame them again and get the orbs because that was kind of messy so I hope I watched amethyst okay so like I said you have to go and find that dark wood right over here that dark rock I believe so day-day I mean my lever mine mine mine mine I know it's not much okay now to find some more sometimes you can really find the jackpot if some areas you have to get higher levels so yeah these a lot of people are taking all of them okay well you can find one next oh please okay so I'm just gonna reminders so if you see the next local social quest in 17 minutes and 15 seconds that is when you should get gems so that's the only way I know how to get gems is a social class but other than that I have no idea how to get gems so that's kind of a problem but if you just have patience and you wait for the social quest you'll have funny but yeah so let's see if we can nope we can't get any more timing on we have to find more though so I'm gonna get blue moon and then I get a saddle on him and I'm gonna ride him because horses are way harder to ride but I am anyways oh my god I keep going into here ride and go over okay so now we have to well we were trying to find him all along find the this step can take a while cuz you need multiple so I'll pause and I'll be back once I have enough okay so after a long time of like 10 minutes trying to find them I finally got some so let's see he needs to slowly okay so like I said what you do is just walk slowly and comment down below if this works or not for you and if it doesn't tell me like what went wrong because I don't know any other horse riding tails so I don't really get why I wouldn't work but tell me if it doesn't want then you send it to his pen go over tap so yes and now I have money yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys know how to get gems please comment down below cuz I don't and it's frustrating me honestly only one and I can't like buy my horses apples or anything so tell me please please tell me so hope you guys enjoyed this video like subscribe wait to notifications about to get notified whenever I make a new video by

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  1. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why is the screen so tiny

    Also its iron not blue things/blue gold

    Its also taming horses not catching horses.

    The "gray thing" is an anvil, used for crafting

    This is also like basic stuff, it teaches you all this in the start of the game.


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