Medicine Ball circuit training

Medicine Ball circuit training

hi guys this is naudi aguilar at functional patterns today I'm gonna be taking you guys through a medicine Bowl circuit now the medicine ball is one of my favourite pieces of equipment simply because it encompasses many of the dynamic movements that happen in reality I really like using it for a lot of explosive movements that are really applying to your functional training regimens first exercise we're going to cover is a lateral medicine ball throwing game we want to make sure we start with a good posture ball is going to be about about a foot away from us so you don't want to have it a too far out and too close to you otherwise you'll lose the effectiveness if you go too far out you made around your thoracic and you may lose effect out of it so you want to keep it right there at that midline from there you're going to rotate your body in the transverse plane and from there you're going to throw it at the wall so you rotate and check it over now it's really important that we get a nice pivot and rotation happening here so we can get a good we can get a good explosiveness happening at the hip here so this is going to lead the movement coming over as I throw the ball over after that my liquid is going to pivot over I follow the momentum and then I throw it towards the wall so we're gonna pivot give it the flip sides one thing to be very cautious of when doing this exercise you don't round your thoracic spine try keeping that scapula back all the way and it's sure that you have good posture but the commonality I'll find out of people is if they try and posture up they'll go here and start rotating like that this isn't necessarily going to be 100% horizontal when the force comes outward it's going to kindly come kind of come at a slight word downward angle so your body has to adjust for that as you come down so that when you come back you'll be able to have good balance and you catch it here you may just actually throw your spine off and you aren't going to get very much efficiency so again I'm going to kind of drop my shoulders down as I come across and again pivoting on those toes all right second exercise we're going to cover is an alternating rotational medicine ball throw so it's similar to the last one only we're making it a little more dynamic I'm going to go through the same mechanics to begin with rolling as I throw it I'm jumping to the other side back and forth so you see I'm making this as much of a flow as I can possibly get it to be if I kind of make it rigid and I kind of lose my lose my rhythm it may not look so clean so I can't just think about not muscling it over so much is you doing and you kind of just wait for it you notice how I bring my shoulders slightly down how my postures back don't forget that as it will be the essential all right third exercise we're going to cover is a sprawl to a medicine ball throw so I'm gonna go down and do a burpee in a push-up jump forward and then catch it okay when you come down be sure that you don't sway your back too far try keeping somewhere of a neutral spine as you come down that will ensure that your abdominals are stabilized and your spine also when you come down let's wear that pushup don't round your upper body if I'm coming back with the feet then I coming down with the chest come up do a sagittal point hop one forward catch and then repeat again alright guys let's do that bad boy in real time I'll get you good all right all right guys that was a little medicine ball circuit for you Oh repeat that bad boy about three times and you should be good to go he likes a little more about what I do go to or subscribe to my youtube channel and get the updates that you need you guys can also find me on Facebook feel free to message me give us some feedback let me know how I'm doing I like to really know take care you

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  1. Great video, looks way more fun too than a lot of the more typical exercises. As a middle aged person who's a beginner again, these are probably too advanced for me. I think I can maybe do the first one at a much slower pace than you… but after that I see a lot of face planting in my future if I tried most of these. They might be doable by my son though.

  2. Great stuff. I have a dividing wall in my backyard I can use for this. I do have a couple of questions if you have time. What brand of medicine ball in that and how heavy is it? I have tried different brands with mixed results. Also, I noticed you were training barefoot—?

  3. as a trainer myself,it is encouraging to find people in the "Wellness" industry who can really help others to be better every day. People such as yourself make training people enjoyable. Thanks for posting your videos and keep them coming.
    Aussie Fitness

  4. Diggin yout stuff Naudi. I like how employ footwork into your equipment to balance the exercise on both sides of the body. Keep bringing new stuff the table!

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