1. Hello Gary, some days ago Ifound your channel, and I love your archery videos very much . The last weeks ago I started after some years again with Archery, I love bows from my childhood on. My respect for your muscels , impressive backside.Hope to learn a few new tricks best wishes Edward from Germany

  2. Much respect, archer to archer, thank you for making this video! Inspiring us to keep on shooting as we're all gettin' older every day!

    I sometimes try shooting with my off-hand to balance out the muscular tension… of course I can't hit anything using my off-hand so I have to stand really close to target, but it is a fun experiment, try it folks! It's like using a sword with my left hand, I feel like a clumsy newbie fool but it also makes me pay closer attention to what I'm doing and I'm feeling all the different muscles engaging that aren't used to it.

  3. One of the main reasons medieval archers had bone deformations is because they practiced with heavy bows from a young age. Growing bones are very susceptible to this. You have asymmetrical muscle growth, which is common in asymmetrical sports. It's not quite the same thing.

  4. thank you for the lessons I didn't know about the Airhead tip that makes sense and the glue and I really didn't know about the 45 angle and that helped me a lot thank you sir very much

  5. Knowledge is useless without wisdom. I am fascinated by mid evil times and the neolithic period. History is amazing. Keep up the great content, it's a refreshing change from the usual youtube madness.

  6. Does being particularly more muscular on one side of the body result in any kind of draw back? Pain? Difficulty doing something in daily life?

  7. I know you won't see this Gary but I started Shooting three days ago going from your tips and advise and was hitting the target right off the bat. Thanks and shooting a bow is a great work out.

  8. Hello grandpa!!have you find any changes on your spine from the different powers that used on your body?? Like scoliosis or??

  9. @0:04 First thought, I just woke up and it's wayyyy too early for seeing grandpa dingus man. Second thought, just realized at some point I'm not gonna have a choice but to look at grandpa dingus first thing in the morning. Third thought, I wonder if there's a definitive moment in life when you go to take a leak and realize you own and operate a grandpa dingus.

  10. english archers were shit compared to swiss pikemen u got agincourt because it was muddy and were attacking a hill with stakes

  11. I've never shot a bow in my life and I also have the same shoulder and back.
    Maybe I've archer genes?

  12. I do not know whether there will be any interest or not, but a very large English yew tree has blown over in my customers garden in the UK. I have been given the job of cutting it and disposing of it. So i am going to take a bit of care and slice it up accordingly and try to get some really good staves out of it. The trunks are 18 inches in diameter. There are two trunks as the tree split into two growths as it was growing. They will need drying of course but it is an opportunity to obtain some good wood for future bows. It is going to be a few weeks yet but they will be under the title of "LONGBOW STAVES,ENGLISH YEW". I hope there are people interested and can be a bit patient with me.

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