Men in Black – At the shooting range

Men in Black – At the shooting range

Edwards what the hell happened hesitated may I ask why you felt little Tiffany deserve to die well she was the only one it actually seemed dangerous at the time sir how did you cover that conclusion well first I was gonna pop this guy hanging from the streetlight and then I realized you know he's just working out and how would I feel somebody come running in the gym bust me – while I'm on the treadmill then I saw this a snarling beast guy and I noticed he had a tissue in his hand I realized he's not snarling he's sneezing you know ain't no real threat there and I saw a little Tiffany I'm thinking you know eight year old white girl middle – ghetto a bunch of monsters this time of night with quantum physics books she's about to start some shit said she's about eight years old those books are way too advanced for her yes me I say she's up to something and to be honest I'd appreciate it if he eased up off my back about it or do I owe her an apology I was a good shot though right

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  1. The car and outfit
    Didn't match
    Clothes in the washer πŸŒ€
    Clothes in washer belongs to team leader.
    Those clothes way to advanced for him… Hehehe

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