Men's Individual Sabre Gold Medal Match | Fencing | Baku 2015 European

Men's Individual Sabre Gold Medal Match | Fencing | Baku 2015 European

individual savor event the gold medal bout and to remind ourselves the differential and the saber from the waist up all the way to the risk not to the hand no contact with the head but that does include the head while it's not encouraged it is a contact area as there you see the seating number one in this tournament Timaru de lucha no and he number three in its world ranking they'll be taking on number three seed Andre you got gun who was also 17 CD overall that's his world ranking all of that however irrelevant we have seen a metal already awarded in this fencing competition in Baku and this the second one on offer this for the men the first chance for a men's discipline to win and it will be in the Sabre competition the Ukrainian versus the Romanian and the Romanians well they have already been successful they're going to be successful in the men's as well as final preparations for this concluding Battle of day number 11 of these European games and this day one of the entire fencing competition for both the men and the women we wait for the on guard position you got got the taller of the two athletes six foot five as opposed to the five foot ten ten frame no seconds elapsing even off the clock but the one point already recorded for Dulwich anyway and this an explosion of power and they are like a pair of rutting Rams just just absolutely pounding into one another but they are looking for that incisive strike they can strike with the side of the blade equal to the tip in saber you see a little bit of the wincing with the left hand you got cut kind of we made contact with that free left hand and he's just sort of just changing his fingers and just feeling them out and that knocking the saber right from the hand of the Romanian you'll need to adjust his apparatus that for the electronic scoring making certain that it's always in contact and conducting any contact that is made on their protective clothing to the score judge's table and there you see the electronic illumination still to the advantage of Dolcetto and quickly you see the Pumped left fist the formidable presence that is Andrei you got cut he just younger by a year but can't help but notice just that size differential and see it to maybe being a potential advantage with both of these athletes right-handed shikaka again starts to warm up his side of the scoreboard and he is a man possessed right now as he continues to score it's three unanswered points where he has been able just to lunge into an area and waste no time which to do so and his decision for a big man is immaculate and his footwork there looked to be as if he was hitching with that fact foot and uncertain if he wanted to retreat that was because well it all starts a pressure on them it's that decision as to when to stay and when to go now and right now it's doe lieutenant who is staying right there and not allowing this match to slip he acknowledging the official and requesting for the video review and an International Fencing language that means whip it whip it good and get to your man as quick as you can all the upper body is the exchange the edge of the sword equal to the tip the full extension of that back foot right now if we got good and you can sense that don't look Jenna knows that maybe he the bigger of the two not saying that he's not as nimble might not be as quick and Val you saw the movement of the wire actually coming kind of pulling up and look at you God cut he has doubled the score line in these early stages and he has wasted no time in doing so he makes that contact on the head apparatus on the face guard and it's almost a it's one of those things that whilst the point is still just one recorded it's an intimidating arrival when that sword is up around your head area and knowing that your opponent is not afraid in which to put it there always sort of brings about a different level of approach from any athlete and so important now the protective headgear is in the sport of fencing ever since the unfortunate smirnoff incident in 1982 out at the World Championships and continuing just to push the snapping arrival of the sabre sword and the high area up around the shoulders of the Ukrainian athlete and that is just a very deft little insert and a fifth point now for the Romanian and he has brought this thing back within range it's getting away from him and that is the second time we have seen just the overpowering in effect from the big Ukrainians just taking not only the space and proximity available to him in relation to his opponent but just just the angle really in a size and the leverage that he's able to establish coming down and he's forced that saber right out of the right hand and there he receives the benefit of the only point in that exchange that long extended right arm just for signal agenda just to have to assert himself and this is a on a point that in fact by the official he elects again because of the equipment his had to adjust that now a third time already in this match and you wonder a little bit whether that's by design or whether that's entirely by accident or potentially accidentally on purpose a six point now he is one adrift is the number one seat in this competition that is on paper this is on the piste for the gold medal match and two sevens we will go as we're at the turning point they've gone out and how will they come in to fifteen points and the removal of his protective headgear he at the end of that first period meeting quickly to draw his zipper open they're really whether it's out of breath or a little bit of pain being suffered by the Romanian village any is needing and in requirements of having a seat as the lanky tall drink of water that is the rope the Ukrainian Andre no God cut he's the type of athlete particularly how he has gone through the tournament so far today that you can see him being a real prototypical and equally should he go on and win this first ever European Games championship well a developing hero in his nation he looks back on 2011 the University ad where he wins a goal in that competition but he is he's a bronze medalist in 2012 in the European Championships and then the 2013 now as a Team Championships 2007 a gold medalist in the World Junior Championships so you're not really seeing the Olympic stage in his arsenal as yet for Andre you got got and this year the European games that would be a real feather in his cap of a silver medalist in London 2012 is the Romanian dolo chenyu and that well that could be comfortably said is the biggest stage that this planet for this sport has to offer two points now the advantage and remember we're dolo chen who was in those early phases up to the points of five there was a three-point advantage six three at one point and from six three there has been a 6-1 landslide and that is why he is sitting a top of the rankings coming in that whoever is just a projection a preview a looking eye into what's expected maybe his execution right now is superb and his gamesmanship is it's all about doing it in the moment on the big stage he keeps calm he's assertive and as that lettuce ism is barking right up you got good streak almost looks a little bit like a the smaller of the two men just a little more aggressive go as far as referring to OMSA a real flurry maybe even the Tasmanian Devil a character of a fictional variety but look at this exchange right now and the Colossus that is you got gum in his formidable size as in fact it started to formulate that and convert that into points on the board and he is within touching distance of getting this first gold medal ever for a men's fencer at these European games this is the men's Sabre competition the individual and yet God cave right now is breathing down the neck of putting his teeth on a gold medal and checking it for its purity the one-point disadvantage to Dolcetto now the swipe across is measured and this is a effectively as both players just with the opportunity and there's twice now been that real need for Dolcetto in these moments of rest bite whether he's struggling with an injury whether there's a level of exhaustion they're coming up to double digits in bouts just today so that in itself the intensity of it the focus of it mentally exhausting let alone the physical aspect that it demands from these athletes that awkward in its nature but it's not about whether it's pretty at this stage it's about whether it's effective and you see Dolcetto just conferring and wanting to see if how the points were allotted as this is not Halloween where fairness is applied to each visitor at the door it is all about achievement in merit and the two points now – you got cut he is a man that is perched and poised and he could almost feel the weight of that gold medal around his neck he will not be thinking of it it's simply another contest to him another one that he intends to win 13 points attend the advantage and there is a scream of pure elation you would expect him now it almost seems inevitable the arrival to it the contact point that guard is up and you will not see conceding at this point from dildo Chen you but you've got cut he also won't concede he feels as though this is in his entitlement he has been able to in fact see it through and you've got cuff the Ukrainian athlete towering over his Romanian counterpart in this dual medal match has in fact step forward in this European games and he is the first men's medalist he is the gold medalist he has come here and he has delivered the goods for his nation what a proud performance what a very steady and stoic appearance he has maintained throughout the entirety of this match today all the matches he is the gold medal winner yet God cut is a champion the first ever at the European games for the men's fencing competition this has been the individual Sabre and the first seed Tiberi de la Chen who is defeated and he will be the silver medalist and that the ultimate point the climax is he climbs the mountain that is these European gates so from crystal hall they are quickly gathering there is the review that the gold medal boat Andre you got good you will have seen it there and laid witness to the first-ever gold medal being awarded that coming up in the medal ceremony the silver will go to Tim root doula Jenna and it was a match of gargantuan proportions and particularly the size of the Ukrainian athlete was in fact transferred into the size of his margin five points he wins by over the number one seed ladies and gentlemen the Germany for the 2015 European games and now for the men this the presentation of all of the medals the two bronze medals and the silver and the gold to now be presented and awarded accordingly for the men's Sabre individual in crystal hall tree where we have been the entirety of today in de Levin of these European games in Baku and the fencing competition in both the women and the men's has been top rate so you see the alignment of the athletes in preparation for receiving their medals and gifts really to represent as if I yawn and there the secretary of anna-lena Olympic Committee who will present the medals and presents as well as the president of the European Federation front a second yonder so they double duties both the women and the men as far as the dignitaries to present in these respective medal ceremonies for the bronze medalist the two athletes the Italians who competed in these semi-finals there is no bronze medal match at the first athlete to be presented it's the 8th seat it's Luigi Morocco ooh so valiant in that semi-final but there were all very worthy adversaries in opposition in both of those semies that ultimately Luigi Morocco with the bronze medal and his countrymen also to be awarded Alberto Pellegrini the acknowledged not only by his teammate by this crowd in this purpose-built venue for the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2012 and it has worked tremendously well not only for the fencing but a number of other sports also taking place inside this venue right effectively in the Caspian Sea is a pier that is right out into the water where these facilities sit and now the Romanian athlete Tiberio dhola Chanu is the silver medalist and he the number one seat and just like his country woman they are on the podium and the Romanians having a great show for their nation in the sport of fencing in the women's epee individual and this the men's Sabre individual and their your silver medalists but this young man he was well deserving and again he is the calm steel they smile finally across his face and why wouldn't you he is the first ever male to win a fencing gold medal at these European games the first ever European games and hosted here in the capital city this is Airy nation in back of Ukrainian athlete Andre got well he was as close to God like really in this men's Sabre as you will find in this competition and he towers atop from that gold medal position as we will now pause for the playing of the Ukrainian and national anthem you so moments of pure elation some moments in day one of a fencing competition of some real frustration for these athletes but that is how the men's Sabre individual contest will complete itself atop is the gold medal winner Andre you got the silver medalist Timaru Dolcetto and the bronze medals handed out to the Italians Alberto Pellegrini and Luigi Morocco but ultimately this entire day of fencing has been glorious sport at these European games in Baku Azerbaijan this for the conclusion of the first day from crystal Hall for us we will be back again in day 12 but for now it is good night from Baku

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