Michele Decoys a Colorado Buck

Michele Decoys a Colorado Buck

we have been checking our stealth cameras and we had multiple deer walking right past a millennium tripod I had set up on one of our little two tracks on the farm there was an open gate there and the deer were using it Michelle was excited to go out and see if she could fill a tag but she decided to take her height bow see if she could put her dad's invention the Muzzy broad head to the test again see they brought on so they're definitely going around looking for DOS you could tell their scrapes all over and now we watched a buck yesterday go right up to the field looking for a hot dose oh we're gonna give him a hot dog Michelle was killed a lot of animals over Montana decoys and she was not gonna miss out an opportunity to try to bring one in close she like shots 30 yards and under and she was gonna try and use the Montana decoy and she was also gonna try and use some conquest scent to bring a white tail end coins multiple box hit the sent and spotted the decoy and swung in close but Michelle was not gonna shoot until she had the perfect opportunity when this buck came by and offered her a perfect opportunity Michele was not gonna pass it up it was an awesome shot and we got to relive the whole thing against wood I checked L camp cards and saw that we captured all the action on the camera perfect shot look at that fuzzy nocturnal not East an arrow oh man and this is my new red works smooth suiting our little ranch roads right there these are the fields that we plant they got a falfa and oats in them and then we have a little food pot at the end here that's not irrigated and they just pour into here we've got trail cam pictures of them coming through that that break in the in the fence and how flippin cool is that

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  1. It's refreshing to see that there's still people out there who aren't too proud to shoot a small buck and get excited about it. Well done.

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