Minecraft Soccer Stadium

Minecraft Soccer Stadium

hello everybody we are looking at our stadium right now that we've built and I'm showing you this because we will be taking it down soon and building a new one I don't know if you're familiar with you may day stadium this right here is where we're measuring out for the new stadium see this is block 100 chatting with Fox zero yeah beginning are really just block one but if you are familiar at the may day stadium it is the stadium in North Korea built by Kim Jong Il's father to the song and it is supposedly the largest stadium in the world it houses 150,000 people and that is what we will be building after this actually where you will have to scale it down a little bit only because minecraft doesn't allow you to see beyond I believe it's 300 blocks so we will be scaling it down but I wanted to go ahead and make a video of this before we go ahead and tear down virtual I'll believe you pretty soon we've been clearing the land for the new one this is our current stadium kind of sad to tear down it was the one of the first things we built on this server we have some pretty awesome things but 80 diameter bio dome with our base in it down here was where I was going to do the locker rooms but once we realized that we were going to go ahead and go bigger I'll didn't finish them we have two tiers wraparound seating the steps going off the light flying away and back here is just where we were going to do all the hot dog stands for your stands things like that so and i want to show you it at night if it's not too dark just because i think it looks better at night illuminated than during the day I was hoping the day would come soon but not here yet so this will have to miss out on that thanks for watching I hope you liked it and you're interested I'll post updates for the may day stadium as you do it over here is where we're beginning to clear the land let's see that way it's to go we have pigs azure soccer players right now I built this one kind of modeling after Goodison Stadium which is in Liverpool England I'm a big fan of the football team or soccer team everton but really doesn't look much like it at all so that was the inspiration and you can see we're clearing the land here expand upon it it's going to be massive hopefully it'll be the biggest stadium that anyone's ever seen that's our goal so I'm sure it'll take months thanks for watching and have a good day

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  1. Yes, but i think everybody should respect that the americans call it soccer. Besides, is it even something to argue about ? Like everybody understands what soccer means anyway! Lets the americans say soccer, we understand it anyway!

  2. @MesieurAsshole
    Im not english, of course on youtube i use english language, but im from poland 🙂 I hate when someone say soccer so you know

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