Minecraft: WHITE LUCKY BLOCK CHALLENGE | Shooting Range!

Minecraft: WHITE LUCKY BLOCK CHALLENGE | Shooting Range!

this one time my mom went to the gun range to shoot her guns and it was the scariest thing in the world my mom calls my bedroom begun range hey what's going on guys saw me here with a crater I'm just eating around noon this friggin won't Bend Sivan crater had the bright idea for this round to use white lucky black crater yeah do you even know what drops are in these white lucky blocks into it I just counted yo Lloyd you know hashtag Yolo swag yeah I'm sorry about that humanity am no you you should you should feel that I do man so so crater what are we doing this round what's what why do we have white lucky flaw what's going on tell me I think that we should oh yeah before we start anything I have a very lucky blog I have to help one of these for a while man don't freaking remind me okay you beat me yes I do okay so I'm guessing we're doing something with guns this round I wanted to bring back one of the most fun things we've ever done do you wish what's the sniper battle because I owe the sniper battle like is the 50 Cal in here is the 50k yes okay I'm ready crater well now I know what you're gonna go for you little dumb-dumb or am i or turn turn dad that's my traumatic music effect okay can you do that again dad one one more time dad good good I do so here we go time to open our lucky blocks and of course I got a very unlucky block because I lost last round Oh let's pray I'm not gonna I'm not gonna open my very unlucky block in our lucky spot I'm not gonna ruin that spot so let's go over here I guess I was doing next to Craner he's always doing it to me let's open our very unlucky blog next hey hey Craner hello friend how's it well that counts is negative five nether stars for me um I don't think crater has to count that for him but I don't know that's his call I typically count his whenever his lucky blocks kill me I typically count it so it's completely up to him okay hilarious okay we have 30 lucky blocks left I don't know what these white lucky blocks do what is it what is it on like a potion yes oh this is perfect for PvP okay 29 lucky blocks left what do we have here no oh I was freaking close okay well we have anvils now there we go let's grab these anvils and then let's open up this lucky block ISO there we go we have the anvils let's open up this lucky block come on what is it I can use these nether quartz for levels later on if I need experience levels to to enchant anything okay and I'll hang on to this quartz just in case okay 27 lucky blocks left come on what do we have uh a cake I see we have 26 lucky blocks left knee I have it I haven't used our dancers pull in a few episodes we got to do this okay lucky dancers pull let's do this okay give me something okay good gold tools I'll take these I can smelt these down for four more than others stars okay let's do it seriously all right zombie get out of here / okay 24 lucky blocks left let's do this go okay what is it okay perfect iron buckets so I can smell these down for nether stars okay 24 lucky blocks left let's keep going what is this up more more experienced levels okay from nether quartz okay let's keep going 23 left dancers pull you're doing good okay let's do this go water wait what that is awesome that right there if you guys know this death this is all lava down here with cobwebs up above it but apparently there was a water pocket right there oh that is freaking beautiful alright so here we go 22 lucky black slab lucky dancers pull don't do that crap again okay 22 left come on what do we have uh this is a lucky fishing rod oh good lord okay go go away that's what I want left will give us through this wood we have no more anvils oh oh my gosh we've gotten two of these so far what the heck is this lucky dancers pull you are failing me today alright so we have the anvils let's do this please don't freaking kill okay what is it oh yes a block of gold okay I'll take it I see we have 19 lucky blocks left alright so here we go 19 lucky blocks left give me something good okay what is it saddles good oh good actually yeah yeah better hang on to these saddles if I can get something oh this is gonna be sick okay 18 lucky blocks left here what do we have here good lord well we we have food Thank You Pig sauce I'm sorry you gotta give me food attics it's an money stealer get get get out of the floor I so 17 lucky blocks left let's do this okay what do we have stone tools I don't need those for anything okay sixteen lucky blocks left come on okay what do we have diamond tools I can't use those for anything okay 15 lucky blocks left all right here we go 15 left please give me something good okay go what is it oh no one of these what is lucky what is not hey then it's raining on my head oh good lord okay let's turn the rain off which one is lucky which one is not we got to go with the right one go what is it uh-huh is that a lucky bow power three infinity one I refuse to open you by 14 lucky blacks let's do this okay we got we got to get something good aunt sponge you've got to be kidding your I 30 left please give me something good uh it was just a lucky axe a lucky ass the only thing is since this is a sniper battle we can't use any melee weapon so but this is iron so I can smelt this down for up for another sighs okay let's keep going twelve left twelve lucky blocks left where we have here at a note block oh oh good lord I can listen to one of these this this is nice I like this this is good this is good anyways eleven lucky blocks left let's do this okay where we get oh yes okay we can smell down this golden iron horse armor okay this is perfect ten lucky blocks left come on give you something good what do we hit okay one of these again okay let's grab this gold and if you guys remember if I need any nether stars left for my strategy I'll come back for these lucky blocks all right here we go nine lucky blocks left please give me something good Oh potions okay anything good in here yeah so we got a strength potion and a fire resistance potion I don't know if this strength potion will work when we're using guns I don't know I'm gonna try it I'm gonna try to use it in the battle let's see if this works okay eight lucky blocks left please give me something good okay Oh another star IV that one another star no oh good lord okay happen out here alright well let's stay away from there seven lucky blocks left what is it no no okay follow the water yeah water yes another water pocket saved my life what the heck is my luck alright so here we go six lucky blocks left please give me something good oh yes one of these okay let me go ahead let as you guys know let's uh let's grab our iron alright so there we go we have the iron let's open up this lucky block please don't freak it kill me go get what is it Oh get the water get the walk I don't know why I thought getting in the water would work oh well there goes negative ten nether stars good gosh that sucked I saw five lucky blocks left let's do this okay uh an ender egg or a dragon egg can't use that for anything let's keep going for left please don't kill me okay another one of these perfect let's grab this iron there we go please don't freakin blow me up okay go get away get away we actually got away this time and it's so stressful okay three lucky blocks left please don't kill me uh-oh iron okay I'll take this I can smelt this done if you guys remember when we do our PvP with the sniper rifles we don't you we can't use anything other than leather armor so I can't use this iron armor but I can smelt it down so that's good alright so here we go two lucky blacks left please don't forget kill me uh which is a lucky potion is it yes okay if you guys remember we can't use this for PvP but I can trade this in front of stars okay here we go one lucky block left but please don't freaking kill me a block of iron okay I'll take it over death that's perfect I let's head back home and let's start our trading all right so let's turn in our lucky potion right here 4:10 nether stars and then of course we we died twice so let's throw out our 10 nether stars there we go lucky potion gone now let's head over here to our smeltery and let's start smelting all of our stuff let's smell our horse armor our iron armor our other eye our horse armor let's smell our buckets and we'll smell our anvils we're gonna get so much iron from these anvils but yeah dudes real quick while this stuff is all smelting down I want to ask you guys something first of all I hope you guys are still enjoying this series and if you guys have any other ideas for like challenges that me and Craner can do inside this lucky block series let us know we're always reading the comments and we're looking for more ideas so let us know yeah look at all of this iron look at this a hundred and fifty eight ingots a hundred and sixty-one ingots that is insane from what to anvil or for anvils that's crazy I don't know how this round is going we didn't get any diamonds or emeralds let's turn in all of our gold oh oh good lord okay how many how many other stars a stackin not even a half okay let's turn in all of our iron oh my gosh this is painful oh oh okay we have two and a half stacks okay let's keep going please give me something okay more get give me more four stacks more oh did that work okay so we have four and a half stacks of nether stars hopefully I have enough for what I want to do let's buy our Barrett 50 Cal let's buy a good bit of armor let's buy two stacks of armor that should be good and then of course we're gonna buy a shotgun you dudes know I love my shotguns there we go we have our shotgun and then we need some ammo for that how much ammo should I actually get I'll get I'll get three stacks of ammo and what else should I get oh yeah let's also buy this m14 okay let's buy this and what this is this is a an assault rifle or a semi-automatic assault rifle show it so it shoots faster than the sniper rifle okay so again for you guys that no no no my strategy here this that my sniper rifle is for long range my m14 is for mid-range and my shotgun the W 1200 is for close range combat and if I feel like using my bow I'm gonna go buy some I'm gonna go buy some arrows right over here for my bow okay let's throw in all I need is one I just need one arrow since it has infinity on it okay so I have 60 I have 64 nether stars left over well 64 and 60 let me buy some food real quick from this guy yeah let's go ahead let's buy some food a crap ton of food just so I don't run out and let me think when I can use the rest of this on yeah I guess what I could do is I'll buy this leather chess piece and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put a level 30 enchant on this leather chess piece hopefully I can get enough levels isolettes buy some experience bottles there we go and then I'll let's hopefully we get 30 levels out of this please give me a crap ton of levels alright so here we go let's enchant this leather chest piece please give me something good come on okay level 30 on 11 you'd probably never see the day where somebody else would put a level 30 in chant on a leather tunic oh good lord okay what is this a protection for okay I'll take it I don't know if this will block against gunshots but at least it looks good right alright Suze I think we're ready we have all our ammo we have our unlucky potion you remember this we have our strength potion hopefully Craner wasn't too lucky let's get in the car with him hopefully we could frickin win hey Craner you very man how'd you do ready to shoot each other in the face oh so we made again in this sniper it okay we gotta go outside you are you outside are you outside you guys are you ready homie not ready man one round winner takes all what one round Toby winner takes all you're ready to do this I think so dude okay if three two one oh don't you shoot that 50 Cal at me I forgot that I don't zoom in on the right mouse button I don't know oh did I hit you patch it so much damage good oh stop jumping up and down yes oh holy crap man you're not even you see pepper using God if you see the ball no okay stops try to shoot me when I jump come on dude no no crater uh-huh where did you go where did you go you little cheater now dude a little kooky okay go go go go go we were you throw that up yes did I try to hit you with it look you okay go yes I hate you I hate you oh yeah you have a full set of leather armor of course we do do not no scrub oh you got so lucky were kinder Oh what happened you were so close to hit me dude was I yeah yes oh okay okay let's try this now no do it crater this is so stressful she right there just yeah I don't know why I'm doing this challenge thinking stressful did I hit you with my lucky potion oh you had one too yeah I really tried to hit you but I guess I didn't lucky for me I brought oh whoa whoa lucky for you I brought in two buckets of milk oh dang it you throw another one oh dear why you not dead yet come on the crater this is so freakin stressful to go through my god I throw my god no craters stay back stay back oh I hit you ow yes what you gonna hit you again shucks I do crater get away fries play so me yes this my – can you close a dying baby yeah crater stay back no I won't holy crap that was stressful dude that was intense homie G freaking that was a good game but anyways dude oh good we're gonna go ahead and end this here crater that's two in a row for you homie Oh freaking – anyways hope you guys have enjoyed this episode if you have show us some love hit that like button double it also hit that subscribe button if you're new to our channels and Craner next episode I am NOT gonna take it easy on you homie I'm gonna win next episode – I want to roll Oh me you can't stop nobody can stop me I'm coming back for vengeance

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  1. Good lord i remember watching all these videos and then logging onto my pc and playing some skywars and paintball and hunger games on minecon or whatever the server was omll

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