hello my friends how you doing Dan McDonald the life regenerator been trying to get to this one for a while give you guys a real easy rebounder workout I think what I'll try to do is start off with the beginning exercises and then I'll move into the more advanced how about that so here's the some people have problem with their feet and so what you do is you just this the health balance your feet don't even leave the your feet don't even leave the the net on this one so I know you guys can't see the rebounder but basically you just bounce a little bit so that you don't do any it's because some people have really problems with their feet or ankles so they got to start out real slow but you can still feel if you know that the the lymphatic system you can feel that moving especially in the upper thoracic area which is where the lymphatic system dumps into the aortic valve here back into the bloodstream so that it can be processed and eliminated the lymphatic system is where the white blood cells do their business of eliminating toxins and bacteria viruses so that they can be eliminated so they get pumped back into the bloodstream through the aorta valve and then back into the blood to be eliminated through the proper channels the kidneys and the feces and whatnot that's the beauty of rebounding is moving that limp because the limp surrounds the little cells in the interst interstitially and extracellular lee and then that goes down and pumps into little tiny smaller rivers or streams which actually flows into the river of the lymphatic system which eventually ends up in the lymph nodes where a lot more work can be processed to get rid of toxins and and metabolic wastes but people don't exercise enough and so the lymphatic system gets coagulated and then you get a lot of inflammation tightness tension between the shoulders headaches stiffness in the back you sit for a long periods of time you get stiff that's a sluggish lymphatic system so that's the beauty of why I wanted to stress the importance of getting lots of exercise and also when we're dealing with the healing which is what I focus on mostly here I'm not so much the day-to-day Health guy I want you all to know that that I'm more on the side of healing so there's a little bit different program on the day to day stuff not necessarily for the rebounding but the food and everything so anyways I work on the site of healing we're trying to alkalize and detoxify and regenerate human beings okay so if you want to move that you want to move the lymph no matter where there's a little bead right there on top of you guys that's cool haha so these are very real videos but this is the health bounce this is the simple stuff so move that limp with jogging bicycle riding swimming is great okay let's get into some more of these exercise mr. bee excuse me please thank you very much oh he's coming back anyways we'll do the health bounce here until mr. bee leaves but anyways so this is the beginning basic exercise right here next is just the simple bounce and I love that this is pretty much what what I spend at least half the time doing this one right here on the rebounder just bouncing just like this and it's so beautiful you can feel your the cells in your body getting healthier with every single bounce it makes you feel like a kid again it's got anti-gravity properties it starts moving the blood I mean it tightens if you put your hands here on your stomach and you feel while you guys de as it bounces down you can feel the ABS tightening you can feel all of the organs in this part of your body tightening and toning up and keeping you wanting you want everything dragging and sagging or do you want it to be tight and toned up that's right that's why the rebounding is awesome because anyone can do this you don't have to have a bike is that you don't have to pound the pavement with your feet all those things are fun but this rebounder just sits in your room and you just jump on it and then the recommended is to minutes minimum it takes 10 minutes to warm up and then about the next 10 minutes is really the therapeutic benefits that you get okay so that this is the simple bounce next this is my other favorite because this is where you start moving the limp in the upper thoracic area which is the shoulder blades and this is where the lymphatic system like I said before dumps into the bloodstream so this is really nice when you move your arms like this you're just doing like a limp pump and you want to pump that limp that's why swimming is so good for the lymphatic system too as well as yoga can you dig it I love this one I could sit here and do this all day it feels so good because sometimes I'll get tension and stress between my shoulder blades 20 minutes on the rebounder with this so this is my second favorite exercise so these are the beginning exercises okay these are the basic ones okay here's another a basic exercise it's like running in place okay this one will built start building the legs a little bit more building coordination takes a little bit more work it tightens the ABS as well okay boom tighten you can feel the tightness in the ABS as you lift the legs tighten it strengthens the psoas muscle here good stuff baby okay now we're going to do the Russian kick and I think that we're basically going to be moving into more of the intermediate techniques this one takes a little more coordination so just make sure you're ready to move on from the other simple exercises okay but this is the Russian kick this really begins to build the ABS and coordination you can feel the ABS tightening up you wouldn't really see this as an ab exercise but really this is one of the keys to me keeping a nice flat stomach that and lots and lots of fresh raw fruits and vegetables you can see why this is so much fun feels so good to exercise especially out in the Sun and the fresh air my friends this healing and health is is quite simple it can be a challenge in our modern world but if you can't do any other exercise and you're having any kind of health issue this is the one baby because this will just enhance your immune system and like I said get that limp moving again so you can start to remove excess fatty deposits and starting to tone up and tighten up every cell okay so we're moving a little bit more into the intermediate so check this out this one is the leg strengthener right here if you just squat down and bounce this one builds power in the legs okay the lower you go the more strength you're building in your legs nice nice nice okay let's move on and see some more advanced exercises how about that okay this one's really fun and this one's more just to kind of keep me entertained and at the same time I found it to be very excellent for building coordination okay so this is like the half turn boom boom bounce boom boom BAM boom boom bounce hmm move bounce now isn't that fun of course at the very beginning you have to get used to that because you'll be falling off but pretty soon once you get it down and you have that coordination in your brain in your body you can just boom boom bounce boom boom bounce boom oh I got off see what I mean coordination now let's try that one more time this is one of my favorites hmm bounce boom boom bounce lift twist bounce with this bounce okay now I've never really – now you can do an easier version of that and do quarter turns like this bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce okay so let's try that again I'll give you the instruction of the corner quarter quarter quarter bounce quarter quarter quarter bounce and you can see it's really fun huh so now here's a super advanced exercise for you okay so check this out boom boom boom this will really stuck built-in power cardio and strength yes now of course there's a million other exercises you can do on a rebounder but the point is is just to get one if you can afford it there's $60 models at Walmart and I can't call them the ghetto balance anymore because I get in trouble everybody should calm down the ghetto you got to remember I slept in paper box for a month I lifting the old in abandoned buildings walked around the streets of Seattle for five years did everything under the Sun that they do in the ghetto so when I reference the ghetto it's very light hearted I'm not judging anyone I myself came from the place and it's no big deal I met some of the more real people in my life that had stories that were just like wow you really got screwed over you know and you know you did some just sometimes you never bounce back you know so I never really try to judge anybody with so there won't be any more ghetto blending or ghetto bouncing because people get really sensitive and you can't see anything on YouTube without offending somebody so it's I just keep going all in lightheartedness I don't have all the answers I'm not a religious freak I don't care what people eat I just care that I'm doing my best to help people to improve I'm particularly interested in the healing arts and I'm particularly focused on things like alkalizing the blood so the acid waste can be removed bouncing on the rebounder is a form of exercise getting of as much sunlight as you possibly can okay breathing as much fresh air as you possibly can you do not want to become oxygen deficient because you'll that's where a lot of the pain will come from in your life so I hope you enjoyed this little video and inspired you to bounce I probably bounced three to four days a week for therapeutic purposes at least once a day for 20 minutes for SuperDuper benefits you can do it two times for 20 minutes a day and if you really want to dump weight and you really want to eliminate that disease okay then you'll bounce three times twenty minutes a day for a total of an hour each and if you have to just start out slow just bounce for five minutes I go buy time now I usually go buy time which will be like twenty minutes or I'll just listen to about five songs songs are usually about four minutes each the average song so I'll just listen to five songs that's my way of doing it my kids actually count each bounce my daughter will do like six hundred bounces so that's her style everyone has a different style just to make sure you get your bouncing in this is a great form of exercise my friend you cannot lose I wish I could continue to hang out with you but I'm trying to keep these videos down so that we can continue to have a lot of views because if they're too long and people won't watch them so I hope you learned something today I love rebounding I feel a lot better now than I did when I started thank you so much move that limp however you do it alkalize the body with lots of fruits vegetables and particularly I am fond of leafy green vegetable juices not only for the healing process but also for just health maintenance also just to keep a lot of chlorophyll in the blood when you mix chlorophyll in the blood with sunshine you get a spark plug' nuclear reaction which creates energy at the level of the mitochondria and produce ATP which creates electricity and help within the human body thank you very much my friends if you don't have a rebounder you want to get one they'll definitely be a link down below I have the three hundred dollar model it has entrusted I've been through several of the $60 Walmart models and I was just bouncing on my kids the other day that I bought them a couple of years ago and one of the springs broke so I can no longer bounce from the $60 model we've had this 300 dollar model for two years and it's even been outside a lot there's no rust this one is called the I don't even know what this one is called hopefully all seller sizer so hopefully Krista will be able to put a link down below to the one that I've got but any high quality rebounder will last a long time and it's worth the investment and I really want to encourage you to bounce your way to good health thank you very much my friends Dan McDonald the life regenerator just here to help that's it peace


  1. Extremely well made.⌯⌯⌯  Only had to screw in the legs and start rebounding. Absolutely love the soft feel of the bounce. Not as stiff as the ones with springs. I first bought the Cellerciser, which costs twice as much as this one, and had to return it because the bounce was so stiff it was killing my back. Almost gave up completely on getting another one after the Cellerciser but decided to try this bungee cord one. So glad I did.

  2. Terrific instructional video, thank you sir. You made it look wonderful, I will start off with five minutes and go up gradually.

  3. i have a fractured shoulder that i can avoid surgery for.   i have a rebounders and can't find a video re how to help healing speed .. i'm assuming say 10-15 mins of gentle up and down will work .. feet not leaving mat?

  4. "There's a little bee there on top of you guys, that's cool haha!" Dan, that cracked me up, you're so awesome!!!

  5. Fantastic information about the Lymph. system . Thank you. Just jumping on my little trampoline at home and listening to all the great advice made me feel I was doing something great for myself. Hopefully I will make good food choices during the rest of the day.

  6. … as far as seeing your feet is concerned, I wonder why people can´t use their imagination. I know what feet look like, even jumping feet – 'I find your half-body video totally complete. If I saw feet, I´d miss the person, so face, upper body, personality, character, voice, fun jumping excercises. Very organic style of video-making. PERFECT to me. Thank YOU!

  7. Thank You for this inspiration – just ordered a rebounder and will start jumping around on my balcony – this brings back childhood memories and unleashes the inner child – healing on so many levels : )

  8. Enjoyed your video. I read about the NASA stuff and got a rebounder (a nice one cuz it has to last), and your exercisers look do-able and fun. Thanks a bunch!

  9. i was just wondering on all these youtube videos about rebounding people comment they have it and they work out but i cant find nobody that actualy saying they lost weight and how much.hopefully somebody can share their story

  10. I like your video, but the most important thing is to see your feet with the rebounder, cause we're missing the point!

  11. My $40 rebounder is squeaking really badly and doesn't have much give in the bounce. I've just ordered one for $250 on Amazon, i'll be near salt water and not near a gym for the summer so I need a quality exercise apparatus.

  12. i have a cellerciser too! best on the market! if you just take a lil oil around where the springs connect, every 6 months or so, that squeaking will be gone, totally silent! Great video!

  13. Mini Trampoline aka rebounding is the best exercise out there with the most value. There is a 'new' filming coming out titled "GoRebound" –  www  GoRebound dot com …You can view the film for free!

  14. Thank you! I know what you mean about the ghetto, never mind naysayers! you really helped me! keep up the good work!

  15. Just got my ghetto rebounder and hope to make it a daily part of my day.  I've got 20 lbs or so to get rid of and my health to improve. Thanks for all you share!

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