Mini Vertical Crossbow! Hickory Creek Archery

Mini Vertical Crossbow! Hickory Creek Archery

hey thanks for tuning in at wagon bang nearly every single one of my most popular videos on this channel involves one thing and it's this bow right here it's the hickory creek inline crossbow it is a vertical cross boat as a bullpup design and it is one really really neat bow it's designer jerry golf has taken all the best features of this bow and made one that's even cooler it is this bow right here it is the mini and it's basically shrinking down much of what you see here into a bow that can shoot a 350 grain arrow at about 325 feet per second and the mini from Hickory Creek artery's was coming up next onto wagon bang the crossbow in this video is a pre-production hickory creek mini the production many will vary in many ways from what you see here especially cosmetically but the basic form and function should be the same the mini has a familiar lines of the original inline vertical cross boat it's a bullpup design with the rearward latch connected to the trigger by a long but smooth linkage this gives the mini a thirteen and a half inch power stroke in an overall length of only 27 inches weight including scope is just under six pounds and the mini can be set up for either right or left hand shooting with no additional parts the split limbs are available in several draw weights from ninety pounds all the way to 150 pounds you see here the production bow will throw a 350 grain arrow right around 325 feet per second which is faster than most vertical bow set at real-world draw lengths and hand weights the scope mount includes a Picatinny rail and can be adjusted for windage elevation and even eye relief to ensure you maximize the field of view of whatever optic you choose its offset to the right of the string about one and a quarter inches which I will cover in more detail later in the video the trigger is the same jewel-like mechanism that has made hickory creek famous like my original inline the minis trigger is one of the best I've used in all of archery the design minimizes parts by using the trigger to both release the latch and reset it before drawing the bow a simple swiveling bracket blocks the trigger one in the safe position and silently swings out of the way was zero chance of spooking game at the moment of truth the mini uses a string loop that automatically centers a string on a smooth gold latch every time a lever in front of the goal a events the bow from firing unless an arrow is in place though it's still up to the shooter to ensure the air was fully snapped onto the serving and setting in the middle of the arrow wrist a sliding cheek protector keeps the shooters face away from the string and latch shooters with long hair or jewelry should still be mindful to manage anything that could hang in the strings path the full capture arrow rest uses three v-shaped brushes to align the arrow the bracket is fully adjustable allowing you to tune the mini for your arrow and broadhead combination this contributes to the minis exceptional accuracy with field tips and fixed and mechanical broadheads alike the mini uses a much improved self centering insert to join the lightweight stock to the riser a flat face on a stud aligns the grips parallel to the riser when the lock wheel is tightened down the joint is as quick operation as it is simple in design showing why Jerry never stops tinkering to make his products better cocking the mini with 150 pound limbs can be a bit of a chore it's helpful to wear gloves because the the string can really bite into your hands after doing it for a while first thing you need to do is pull the trigger so you reset the latch put the safety into the safe position use those hands and just crank it on up there and make sure that the D loop gets on the latch then you're ready to load the arrow loading the arrow itself it's pretty easy all you to do is pop it in the brushes from the side make sure you use the back of the arrow to push the anti dry fire lever out of the way and snap the nock on the serving then close the cheap protector and you're ready to fire it's actually really easy as long as you pay attention every step of the way once cocked the mini rewards you with a very nice trigger pull and extremely smooth release the only crossbow I've ever fired with less vibration after the shot is the original inline crossbow and that's certainly helped by its larger size this is actually a pretty big deal to pull off for such a small bow with a relatively high velocity and it's one of the many reasons that people enjoy shooting hickory creek crossbows so much just like with the original inline crossbow the scope on two minis offset to the right by about an inch and a quarter it has to be to keep it out of the path of the string and that offset can create some really weird things when you compare your point of aim to your point of impact at different yardages I go over that in detail over a couple minutes of video in my review of the original inline crossbow and I'm not going to repeat everything here but I have put a link in the video description that takes you directly to that section so you don't have to watch the whole review watch that if you don't know how to use an offset scope make sure you understand the things that I say in that section of that video before committing to getting this crossbow that way you're not surprised when you start to shoot and see what you have to do in order to use it I don't have any problems with it I think it's great shooting a bow like this with an optic no problem long story short I sight my hickory creek crossbows a hit out an inch-and-a-quarter left on my point of aim so I don't have to worry about changing windage adjustments based upon target range here I'm aiming at the right edge of the yellow bullseye getting a fantastic group for shooting offhand at 20 yards for the last shot I do the full Kentucky windage you put the arrow right in the bullseye whether you're shooting targets or game animals you can count on the mini to put the arrows where you want them one of the really cool things about the mini is that you can hold it and shoot it with one hand really really easily a lot of people they get into crossbows because they lose the ability to use one of their arms and makes it very hard for them to draw a regular bow back and with the mini you could have you would have no problems no matter how much of a limit you had in one of your arms it can be set up right or left handed so so that doesn't matter but it just balances super easy and you can drill bull's-eyes just like that just with one hand that's really cool there are very few bows out there that that can do that and this might be the bow with the highest kinetic energy it is the ones that I know that you can actually pick up hold and shoot very comfortably with one hand whether you're up in a tree stand shooting from a blind or shooting from sitting on the ground the extra small size of the mini and the vertical limb orientation makes whatever shooting position you're in more compact in fact the vertical limbs give you shots at angles that will be very tough to pull off with a conventional crossbow shooting out of the tight corners of blinds or getting that deer that hangs up behind your tree stand won't be a problem for the mini I got a man I'm a big fan of Jerry I mean not just not just these bows but he's a great guy when you call customer service mom sometimes answers the phone Jerry smile answer the phone so you know you're going to get a good shake when you have any questions about a bow even before you purchase Jerry's going to take care of you and he keeps coming out with these great designs the many the package that you see here including a quiver and and arrows run $750 you had to keep in mine I mean they are a low-volume operation you're not going to get the same kind of prices that you're going to get from a really big company that pumps out tens of thousands of boats but that does put the many a couple hundred dollars less than the original which is still available for sale which I'm still a huge fan of this boat this is this is smoother because it's bigger it's quieter this is still a really really cool boat but this it's so small and it's not a toy it is a real deal crossbow shooting arrows as fast or faster than most vertical bows that are out there especially when you consider the fact that you can cock this and there are people that will never be able to draw back a vertical bow that can shoot 325 feet per second and then the fact that it it packs down so easily there's just nothing like it on the market if you want to learn more about the mini from Hickory Creek archery be sure to click the link in the video description below be sure to follow me on facebook @ FB com 4/20 banget that spelled out do tne t to see more pictures of the mini and videos of it in action and be sure to click right here to subscribe so you can catch my next videos on bows guns and other cool stuff I really appreciate you watching twine bang and hope see you next time

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  1. and then the lord said, "Lets slap a trigger system on a compound bow to piss off all the bow elitists that basically do the same thing with string releases".

  2. Did you lose zero breaking it down like that? Or does it have metal pegs or something to index it so there's no shift?

  3. I'm thinking about the Gears of War series Torque bow right now, the way it looks positioned looks pretty awesome.

  4. Each time i see these videos my mind come up with greatfulness that i have no money tools nor materials ….becouse when i do have them ….i will create such a thing so astonishing that when there is an apolipsys of zoobies vs ovnies i will prevail

  5. This is the first vid I've seen by this guy but, as an (ex) U.S. army frontline (cb) sniper, I can tell you two things:
    1. He knows his shit.
    2. He hasn't sold his soul (trustworthy and MOST importantly), will admit any mistake/do follow up on any product that is warranted which, in this field, is becoming a rarity…I salute you.

  6. You better be mindful of the refex to put the other hand on the pistol grip! You would probably only do it once !

  7. Have you ever reviewed the Bowtech Stryker X ? I have had one since 2006-07 and at 410 fps with the built in cranking device , I think it is fantastic for disabled hunters like myself , as I can't bend over to hook up cocking rope..I would like to view your review if you have one… Thanks !

  8. What is the weight of arrow shafts without field points or broad heads  installed ? What weight broad head is recommended?

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