Mitch Bergsma Wakeboarding 2009 | MicBergsma

Mitch Bergsma Wakeboarding 2009 | MicBergsma

34 Replies to “Mitch Bergsma Wakeboarding 2009 | MicBergsma”

  1. Hay Mitch is vid rocks bro. Like the way you set it up totally awesome. Saw your other vid u look very upset don't worry about what people say they r just jealous.

  2. Hey mic i have a problem with my GoPro
    When i record a video at 17:35 minute it atomaticly starts a new one
    Is that a problem
    if yes please help

  3. oh okay,but can you do a tip from the goPro remote and the gopro Hero3 underwater with the go pole original(60cm)???I want to go diving with it…does it work?

  4. I will try to get more videos of my riding, it's hard to let someone film with my Canon 7D, too picky, not everyone can film really good :-/

  5. What a shitty editing… Everything was done in order to prevent people from seeing what actually is happening. All this weird colours, blur and flashes makes me sick and I stopped caring what's on the screen half way through the video.

  6. dude mitch i just uploaded my first wakeboard video. its kinda crappy but if u got time and could give me some pointers thatd be sick. keeep wakeoboarding dude u should be pro!!!!

  7. @micbergsma you don't need a hard cut you just need to be sure that your edging all the way through the top of the wake. I went to a wakeboard camp with shaun murray and he tought me a lot of stuff. an edge through the top creates lift cus no mater how hard you edge if you let off before the top you lose all your momentum.

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