Miu Hirano – New Trends In Table Tennis (Part 3)

Miu Hirano – New Trends In Table Tennis (Part 3)

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  1. Can you please stop cut and paste other videos and research materials? and use your own research for your own theory?

  2. This is not a new "Style". She just hits the ball earlier, thus reducing the effective time of the opponent to react properly. It's really that simple.
    The plastic ball changed table tennis from a spin game to a speed game.

  3. I think any player can win if he or she is good at his/her own style and quickly adapts to opponent's style.

  4. good video! taking the ball earlier off the bounce seems tough at first but once you get used to it, its very rewarding. much faster rallying and also don't need to worry as much about the type of spin on the coming ball than if you were waiting to take the ball right after the peak

  5. Dear sir you compares ancient ball with with poly ball, but I observe difference with the new ABS ball vs polly ball , what do you think about it?
    and what happend with the brands to respect?
    DHS world vs Xu SHao fa, Yinhe , palio etc
    the feeling si not the same and the spin is no equal between Poly and ABS…

  6. Hi EmRatThich, I was wondering how you felt about the place of penholders in the new trend. You lose the advantage you gained by having a more flexible wrist since spin isn't quite as important. I could see players developing a more punch like forehand that hits the ball flat with a straight arm, similar to a boxer. What about the backhand?

  7. I am very surprised you made no mention of Mima Ito, for now, she is the new queen. As for Miu, after her gold in 2017, she has been losing to every top Chinese player.

  8. Where is liu shiwen? I think miu is far quicker and faster compared to shiwen… and liu shiwen has a smaller stature which fit more on the so called "new trend". I guess liu shiwen will dominate the world of table tennis again…

  9. Mima Ito seems to be more equipped to play with a lot of variety, off the bounce, and playing flat with speed.

  10. Thanks emratich for this video
    Im 13 and last week started to change little bit my playing style and because the new trend it's a new playing style 3 days After i win a tournement where the players have +200 than me and i win 3-0 in semi final against double long pimples player and i win 3-0 in final to . Thanks for all of your videos 🏓🏓💪

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