Mk Archery L2 Limbs Unboxing and First Thoughts

Mk Archery L2 Limbs Unboxing and First Thoughts

hello everybody welcome to short shot archery Anthony here and today I'm going to be unboxing the MK archery L two limbs this is an intermediate limb and we're gonna see what you get in the box so that way if you're purchasing these you can have a good idea what's gonna come beforehand you know do you get a bag for the limbs do they come with any other accessories how are they packaged you know how does MK present their product to you and we're gonna get right into that if you do want to check out pricing or more information I'll have links to MK social media like their Facebook their Instagram and their website MK archery you know korea comm that will all be there so you can check that out see where you can pick these limbs up at and get pricing for them also if you're in the United States and you're looking for a price on this set of limbs I will have a link to the email for the distributor for MK in North America and you can contact him and get a you know a price on on these here we go all right nice standard opening for this box and AHA or set of limbs so we're gonna close this up alright let's just get rid of the box we have our limbs and they come in limb bags which is really great especially since most or a lot of intermediate limbs and you know just you know the lower or medium end you know price range of limbs don't usually come inland bags most companies only give you those for their very high-end products are very expensive products not that these limbs are bad at all they're gonna be great you know for a new Archer or an archer that has you know a budget for their shooting this is gonna be a good limb for that the plus side is they come with protection a limb bag so let's open this up and see what else goes on whew alright they even wrap them in plastic it looks like let's check out the second one just to be sure yes they both come wrapped in plastic very nice top and bottom limbs are both different on of you know both sides of them as we remove the bottom limb here out of the bag as you can see it has all the information m'kay Korea L – limb for a 25 inch handle or riser should this will be a 70 inch bow and you get 44 pounds 23 inch handle 68 inch bow 46 pounds all that information is there the barcode from MK is there made in Korea really great I find this to be important having the markings on the limbs that way you don't have to guess and it's just quick and easy to install them every time other than that they look real nice I like this this nice sleek back black background here and then the MK logo and the L – logo really pop on this white background in the front a really classy looking you know intermediate limb with a nice intermediate price but I definitely feel like you're getting a you know there's a definite premium you know feel to this still I am very impressed another thing these limbs come with is a little rubber protector to protect the little knob that is spring-loaded that helps click the limbs into your riser that's pretty standard amongst limb companies but it is good that they provide that you know it's just another nice touch to the limbs they want you to be able to get these in one piece you know the way they shipped them from the factory and you know I can appreciate that a lot I definitely can't wait to test out these limbs they look really cool and I'm sure they're going to function beautifully of course we will see and will be videos covering that in the future so stay tuned and again if you have any questions definitely check out MK arteries website or you can contact them on their other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and other than that hopefully you enjoyed this unboxing I really enjoyed sharing it with you stay tuned for more videos on this product and is always happy shooting

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  1. Looks like a good upgrade for my PSE theory limbs, been shooting 3 months and was looking for a good mid range price limb.

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